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Racial Profiling, Discrimination Targeting HakiktaWin/Suzanne Dupree by Free Mason/KKK Devils Water Rights Ending In Murder!



FOREWORD: Here is another overview history that connects the dots of what has been done to Belva Schuldt / Suzanne Dupree and by who and why in her own words. Previous blogs by her and myself have documented their CRIMES as inspired by their “god” Lucifer…even Satan! Read and learn.

Racial Profiling, Discrimination Targeting HakiktaWin by KKK Perps Over Water Rights Ending In Murder! by Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree – Belva Schuldt

Stevens County Sheriff Deputy, Paul Murray took early retirement for his part it appears in the Dickey/Greve & co-conspiritors in premeditated murder attempts on my life, & FBI “June Mail” tactics, electronic surveillance, phone tap (old partyline/split amplified line courtesy of local Centurylink-Quest buddies, Mick Yarroll, Jim Bolling, Jerry Linquest), mail theft-opening, & home breakins by Don Dickey himself numerous times, just lives over the bank from us on the Kettle River, now occupied by son, Chris…(who never works), & not much of a farmer.
Dickey “sold” the property to Chris March 2014 for 303,000 holding the “contract,” & the deal was Chris was suppose to get rid of me (the perps problem), didn’t work even with all the help Chris got from his Centurylink-Quest & Avista school chum/buddies, now all fully exposed in their collusion.
Deputy Murray commented in 2010 when I reported the BREAKIN by Don Dickey to take documentation from prior owners, the Fishers of their real estate FRAUD experiences with Teflon Don Dickey, along with the invoice receipt from Fogle Pump purification System Dickey said he knew nothing about, but purchased.
Lie, lie, lie, cover-up, cover-up…the truth wouldn’t come out of Dickey’s mouth if his life depended on it.
He & his co-conspiritors, including Prosecuting ATTORNEY, Rasmussen, who *ProtectingPeoplesRights* WordPress covered his corruption letting the repeat drug/pedofile OFFENDERS off, along with bought District Court Judge Gina Tivit…shows the reader what honest, hardworking people here in this area, & honestly the whole State of Washington, with many supporting CERA/CERF anti Indian hate group agenda to bring Tribes down in Washington State by any means possible, are up against not to be fleeced of their entire estate & money, but their very lives while the perps are protected from any accountability.
Coupled with the child sex abusing, CYBER stalking, Monitoring everything we do for he & Dickey, Kent Duane Greve 7th Day Adventist Church Elder drug cartel computer genius hacking Dish, Sat signals, Security Cams, tablets & Sat phone…you can obviously can see I have been racially profiles, targeted, discriminated against by the perps who are definitely well protected, but now VERY exposed….all beginning over Dickey lying on his Sales Contact disclosure there were no water rights with this property, same Dickey sales contract disclosure with Fishers sale…all on a private contract written by the now City ATTORNEYS/McGrane-Schuerman @ 7.5% interest private contract, that Stevens County Title collected for Dickey, Stevens County Auditor, Tim Grey recorded over & over again for Dickey & his buddies & they laughted at their victims all the way to their Corrupt bankers to deposit their ill gotten gains.
Then you have all Don/Chris Dickey buddies locally from Avista…like the Colville Avista Supervisor who threatened me with Stevens County Sheriff’s Office never gave his name, but he has a SCSO file # 1505021 & his phone number is (509)-675-2144. File # given by SCSO Deputy Hoover.
It is called in legal verse…
*Motive, intent, access & opportunity for murder,* when someone like me…a 1st Nations Woman stands up to the Status Quo & proves their corruption, money laundering, real estate FRAUD, drug manufacturing/distribution child pedofile global cartel rings, attempted murder (4 or more on my life), and the successful murder of REUBEN Eugene McMichael, our friend, my protector who knew about it all, had copied documents, mailed docs & most of all taught me how to handle the guns to protect myself when he was gone, as if he knew by helping me…they would do something to him!
It never stopped REUBEN from doing the right thing, his only mistake was believing Dan Bryant would protect him, instead REUBEN realized too late, it was Dan & his wife behind his death….
There is not much of a pension from driving the Orient school bus, eh Dan?
He told me, it is not if they will come to kill you it is when, otherwise SUZANNE when the dust settles, you’ll own Liberty Mountain & most of Colville!
When they come, do not hesitate, drop that 20 gage shot gun, AIM for the belt buckle & shoot, & know they are really cowards, they won’t be alone.
REUBEN said the same to our friend & guest/investigator, JH.
And, I will defend & protect at all cost, my animals & our home with Reuben’s heartfelt advise!
Hoka Hey, Good Ol’Boys now we be getting down to the real nitty gritty…
Me or you!
*****And, Dan Bryant…thank-you for the Dickey/Wilder Intel about their “arrangement of their drug cartel ring, after Wilder got out of prison for drug manufacturing/distribution,” & the information Greve/Dickey can hear & see whatever we do here via the phone/electrical lines.
I know you only told me that to divert attention from yourselves & what you did, but none the less it vetted out with our FBI “friends,” not all are Corrupt.
And, these two CRIMINAL activities have both vetted out & are now in the hands of the “Widow Maker,” & those who hold taking their Oath to SERVE & protect very seriously, I am & we & the animals Are VERY protected from all involved, including you!
Never again park in front of our house & Woodman, our HORSE on the county Rd, or the Oath Keepers will make sure you NEVER, EVER do it again (yesterday late afternoon April 29, 2016).
You made your bed!
BTW, Centurylink-Quest this post applies to you too!
By the way Avista….can you say Saudia Arabia & the Middle East/Flouer Daniels Corporation?
Manhattan Project?
All the main countries/Players that control their GOD…
& the World….
Gold, Oil & Diamonds were checking it out today….
No one wants to partner with another Corporation that EXPOSES so much to so many…which costs partners in crime billions & billions $$$$, isn’t that “what’s it all about?”
Money, power, control…Secrecy?
A special handshake, a wink & a nod?
Remember, if I do not get my Deed, all the co-conspiritors of Dickey/Greve/Avista/Centurylink-Quest & the Corrupt local Hicks, pedofile, drug dealing perps off my skinny RED Behind…will suffer….We want to enjoy the fruits of our labors & blessings from Jesus Christ….


The obvious trickle down effect will leave you not only breathless, but lifeless…the Big Boys play for keeps!
And, I nor Boyden did this to you….
You did this to yourselves getting sloppy, through your arrogance, greed, & serving Satan did it to you!
No one else to blame!
Bureaucratic BS/Repercussions/Accountability runs down hill, Avista….
Centurylink-Quest, Montgomery, Stevens County Title, Stevens County Sheriff, McGrane/Schumann, Denny Blair, Ken Barcus, Fogle Pump/Dave Pehl….want to call me honey now, jerk?
I have all your names, excuse me if I forgot you here, because your names are in the case file Boyden & WSJ…and, many many others have, with photo documentation no less!
P.S. July 13, 2016
Stevens County Sheriff Duputy Schwimm ignores drug trafficing and pickups & deliveries on unoccupied parcel across from us/Guarded by “LJ” – warrant for his arrest 2014!
This unoccupied parcel is a drug pickup destination….
Sani Cans up to 3 times a week in & out!
Motorhomes, boats, kyaks/canoes on top of SUV’s
Septic tanks full of drugs produced here around me, picked up for distribution for the “Protected” drug cartels & Lucifarian Pedofile Global Drug Mafias/Shadow Govts.
Just 5 minutes ago, Huge U-Haul up Orient Cutoff Rd, like a few days ago “as big as a house” FedX moving van, came down two whole days later…
Definitely not tourists!
UPS & FedX continues pickups like clock work daily, far into the night!
Small planes flying in…
Trains to & from Canada day & night running constantly!
Port of Entry 395 open 8:am to 8:pm….who is letting everything through?
Avista boom trucks doing pickups/Deliveries photographed Crack Shack Stanley’s & for Kettle Falls 5, retired California Cops in Colville & Grand Forks, BC.
Motive for murder…intent, access, opportunity using dirty electricity Avista/Dickey’s/Greve & co-conspiritors!

Stevens// via @HakiktaWin Warhoop mode, make my day…MF!
Never ever make me angry…but you have!

Never threaten, or in collusion & conspiracy with others try to murder me using Avista Smart technology, set up by Avista at Don R Dickey so he is at the helm of power surges, Electro Magnetic Frequency controlled remotely from 3295 Orient Cutoff Rd, because I refused to have Avista install it here.

Avista being sued by numerous customers for being charged for power controlled by their Avista smart technologies.
Neat trick boys & girls, just another nail in your Multi million dollar lawsuit coffin, which you will loses local Avista (Colville) perps, because Pedofile Rasmussen won’t be able to protect you…the big boys are on it now…so you can kiss your Corrupt thieving, lying butts bye bye!
Run, I own this Liberty Mountain, you…though need your expiration by Christ….bumped up now!
You just go through the motions of being a human being!
Next Avista Dick at my gate at 2 am…for Dickey & crew, got a lead sandwich for your lying hole!

Reveals the truth about the Kingdom of God…even Zion…the Judgment of God … even His anger and wrath upon this land in the visions shown by God to those on this page…and the evils of the Secret Combinations of Darkness…even Free Masonry/Illuminati and as found both in the Bible and the Word of God found in the anti-Mormon Doctrine Book of Mormon.


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