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Proof Chris Montgomery Of Montgomery Law Firm Is Complicit In Don Dickey’s/AVISTA’S Attempts To Murder Belva Schuldt And Husband


Chris A. Montgomery


FOREWORD: Email to me from Belva Schuldt/Suzanne Dupree

Pretty nifty deal for Don R Dickey, he gets paid off & Montgomery Law Firm/Chris Montgomery does a FULl Reconveyance Jan 22, 2014 back to Dickey’s, so they got paid off by STCU & still owned the property! Nice try Boyz, investigators, legal council has it all including the tie in to Avista Smart meter/Transformer used to make sure through dirty electricity…we would be dead, & Dickey’s never lost this property! This is how & why it went down…put in file asap, my only protection!

Reveille Dirt Bags!

Time to get your Indian hating KKK Free Masonic White racist lying fraudulent drug using-dealing murdering anus rectums out of bed!

Good Morning Chris…. of Montgomery Law Firm! Did you get my phone messages when you came to work? Nothing like being given a “wake up call” ya think? I mean a fine upstanding citizen and attorney who knowingly worked with Don “The Drug Dealer Protected by the FBI” Dickey who has worked soooooooooooo hard over the last 6 years with his Scott Morris-Avista employees and others in Stevens County Washington including Sheriff Kendall Allen to try to murder Belva Schuldt and Arnie Wade Avista so that Dickey can take over their home when she is dead because YOU and Stevens County Title made sure from the very beginning that Schuldt and Wade’s names would NEVER be on the DEED of ownership (Dickey’s still is!) of the property they paid Spokane Teachers Credit Union (with their full knowledge even!).  I am really impressed you know that? And so will everyone else when this is done and over with. How does it feel to be complicit in acts of attempted murder? Do you go to church? Or the “lodge”? Hmmmmm…

So everyone…lets look at “legal work” paid for by Schuldts and Wade done by Chris Montgomery of Montgomery Law Firm “reconveyance” document which would make Don Dickey the owner of the property he is STILL OWNER OF AS I TYPE! Yes…this document YOU made up for your best drug dealing friend Don Dickey…ok? ‘

For all “reading this eyes” for your critical examination is a worded overview by Belva Schuldt explaining in detail what Montgomery did for his DRUG DEALING MURDERING BUDDY Don Dickey knowing of course that the Washington Bar Association and any and all media, lawyers etc. in the State of Washington will be reading this and including…can’t leave them out…the national media as well as every congressional legislator in the State of Washington!

Had your coffee yet Chris?

Belva Schuldt

Attachments12:52 AM (9 hours ago)

to me
———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Jul 7, 2016 10:37 PM
Subject: Side by side…..Statutory Warranty deed Fulfilment March 26, 2013, signed by Dickey’$ June 21, 2010 recorded March 26, 2013..this “deed” is given in Fulfilment of that certain real estate contract dated June 24, 2010, recorded June 24, 2010! Auditors file # 2010 0004550, & conditioned for the conveyance of the above described property, & the convenants of Warranty herein contained shall NOT apply to any title, interest, or encumbrances arising by, our through the Purchaser in said Contract, & shall not apply to any taxes, assessments, or other charges levied, assessed, or becoming due subsequent to the dated of said Contract ei: “deed of trust never left Stevens County, Beneficiaries/Dickeys Full reconveyance recorded on March 26, 2013″…. deed of trust received by beneficiaries Dickeys, deed of trust has been fully satisfied recorded 1/21/2014 by Montgomery…both docs were recorded at the request of Stevens County Title….here is were property lines changed from original sale to three yrs later STCU paying off Dickey with two different surveys 2006 Fishers/May 10, 2010 us….from we originally bought property 2010!
To: richard boyden <>, Belva Schuldt <>
Then there are fraudulent PDF files/documents which leads Schuldt and Wade to “falsely believe” the property they paid Spokane Teachers Credit Union was theirs! Right Jeff Mularski of Spokane Teachers Credit Union? Right Stevens County Title? You who knew from the beginning what was being done to Schuldt and Wade because the TRUTH IS…the DEED OF TRUST HAS NEVER HAD THE NAME OF DON DICKEY REMOVED has it Stevens County Title and Chris Morrison???
Now you know why Dickey wants this family dead using AVISTA and CENTURY TELL/A|QUEST using Montgomery among others who will be named, tagged and bagged!
That’s it for now with more to come for your reading pleasure….
PSSSSST…ya reading Scott Morrison….Mr. AVISTA?
Just know who you can thank for me putting you and your company on the map…Don Dickey and your working with him AVISTA employees and with the knowing complicity of the FBI, BORDER PATROL, AND DHS with another reminder that by “DEFAULT” if ANYTHING happens to Belva Schuldt and Arnie Wade for ANY REASON that you MORRISON AND AVISTA will be known in the public domain of being COMPLICIT IN THEIR MURDER!
And THIS IS FOR YOU Don Dickey as a real life reminder if ANYTHING HAPPENS TO SUZANNE AND ARNIE no matter what it is “labelled as being”…AND…
UNLESS YOU IMMEDIATELY STOP THE CONSTANT AVISTA DIRTY ELECTRIC SMART METER ATTACK  day and night and which is destroying her body as I type…. read my lips BITCH….this will be stopped NOW or you have my promise from this Marine to you a “Satan Inspired/owned DOMESTIC MURDERING ENEMY”….you will be dealt with because she is a REAL AMERICAN you are nothing but a animated by the Devil demon in the flesh.


  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Yes we can, have & will serve the Will of God, exposing Wickedness in Highest of Places!
    Notice: Don Dickey, co-conspiritors, Avista, Centurylink-Quest, Montgomery, McGrane-Schuermann, Stevens County Title, SC Sheriff’s Office, Denny Blair, Ken Barcus & all involved with Don Dickey: Take note: Your notice has been served!
    I want my Deed now, & I want Acosta’s Dirty Electricity OFF us now!
    No exit, no loop or rat hole for your escape.
    Busted by the Big Leagues/Legion of the Righteous!


  2. Love the link for Dickey & co-conspiritors, Scalp Shirt Men of the Protectorate of “Caretaker” & Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin ARE here!
    Pilamayaye yelo, Wakan Tanka/Jesus Christ!
    Hoka Hey!



    FYI: Since you know perps, & co-conspiritors I made no call for this “Protection,” & you all refuse to give my Deed, turn off Avista dirty electricity on us & leave us alone & quit with the distribution of your “product” through the middle of our property re:access Rd to & from Greve, Malmede, Stanley’s “Andrea Stanley quote,”…. C__t, you’ll NEVER make it out of Orient (Washington) alive!” & Ed & Loraine Johnson’s access Rd ingress/egress, we will see which Rat is left standing…
    And, I will still be here, when you all are gone along with your gang stalking co-conspiritors!
    You made your decision long ago to be what & who you are, long before my arrival!
    You only have yourselves to blame!
    Not me!


  4. Right on, every word!
    These perps thought they had every base covered to destroy their victims….
    Well, not this time!
    These cowards have zero moral ethics/conscience…Satan owned thru & thru…
    This is like the Hunger Games movie here/Reality TV…with every single thing we do here, “captured” for these spiritually evil vampires pleasure!
    This Reality now is “Catching Fire, ” sequel 2….
    These evildoers, servants of Satan will not be the Victor’s, not this go around…with the audience, The World Stage!
    If we burn, you burn too Status Quo & up the drug/porn food chain….all the way to the Top of the Heap of Corruption!
    This Mockingjay….knows how the World works & Is!
    My protector is the TRUTH & Jesus Christ….there is no down side for me if I am called home to Him…I will rejoice!
    But, you all will be going too…
    And, it will NOT to be with Jesus Christ, my Lord God…maker of all things.
    You will be going to whom you serve so well, until me!
    Perdition & Hells Fire is reserved especially for the 10% & you…Status Quo Boyz….
    Not a real man among any of you…Zipola!
    He Wicasa Sni Yelo!
    Hoka Hey…let’s get to the finale, eh?


  5. Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:

    Hey DIM WITT…how does it feel to be LIED TO…PLAYED like a whore on Castro Street? Reading your “credentials…I was amazed that you “appeared to be o competent”… UNLESS THAT IS…You and Wada were hired to partake of and be complicit in any and all things done to Suzanne Dupree and that is a very good possibility… i.e. attempted murder, real estate fraud and being directly connected to the drug and pedophile activities on the part of Don Dickey and Greves and with FED protection… AKA Border Patrol, DEA, FBI, CIA and the local bitches under Sheriff Kendall Allens protection… House of Music and all working with and using Avista, Century Link and Hughes Net…yep…the more I type this the more I think it was THOSE who sent you to target this Native American woman…you being Satan Sent representing those GUILTY and covering up their crimes by trying to JACKET HER AS THE CRIMINAL!



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