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Native American Woman Targeted For Murder By AVISTA’s “Friend” STCU President Tom Johnson!


UPDATED: 2/29/17 If anything happens to this woman by those who murdered Rueben McMichael and have attempted to murder Suzanne Dupree and her husband…and because the FBI has protected the same…I personally with those of my “brothers” will terminate all directly involved trying to murder her and husband…starting with Don R. Dickey, Chris Dickey and Kent Duane Greves.

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FBI protected drug dealer Don Dickey’s quote to Belva Schuldt:
Don’t you all realize at this point, with this amount of exposure globally….you some how are going to succeed???




Avista Director since 2009






Minneconjou Lakota Native American Belva Schuldt is a resident of Kettle Falls Stevens County Washington State where Free Masonic-KKK “Indian Hating Racism” is alive and well as revealed in this story! The WHITE Satanic followers of this State and County trying to kill Belva Shuldt are proof that for them…”The Only Good Indian Is A DEAD INDIAN” as documented in what is shared below!

FOREWORD: Email from Belva Schuldt establishing MOTIVE FOR HER MURDER and ID’ing PERPS and If anything happens to Belva Schult and Husband Arnie Wade…KNOW THAT IT WAS NOT AN “ACCIDENT” !

“Pretty nifty deal for Don R Dickey, he gets paid off & Montgomery Law Firm/Chris Montgomery of Colville Washington by preparing for Dickey a FULL Reconveyance document dated Jan 22, 2014 giving the house and property back to Dickey’s with the Spokane Teachers Credit Union being paid off by us and this was done by Chris Montgomery of the Montgomery Law Firm Document thus allowing Dickey to still own the property which is why Dickey is using the to Avista Smart meter/Transformer dirty electricity to kill me and the Dickey’s never lose this property!”


Here is a short overview of what has been done “illegally” and by who and therefore why the Schuldts have been targeted for murder!
Filed 1//22/2014 by Stevens County Title Company…Tim Gray Auditor filed a “Full Reconveyence” to the affect stating that The Undersigned as Trustee under certain Deed of Trust 3/6/2013 in which Arnold Wade and Belva June Suzanne Wade…husband and wife are “grantors” and Donald and Marilyn J. Dickey are beneficiaries recorded on 3/21/2013 under auditor file # 201300023714 records of Stevens County Washington having received from “Beneficiaries” under said Deed of Trust a written request of “Reconveyance” reciting that the obligation secured by the Deed of Trust has been fully satisfied does hereby re-convey without warrantee to the persons Donald and Marilyn J. Dickey who are now entitled thereto all of the rights, title, interest now held by said trustee in and to the property described in said deed of trust situated in Stevens County Washington Parcel Number 1540020 file # 8531
After this was recorded by Stevens County Auditor this document went back to Montgomery Law Firm and Chris Montegomery changed the original file to 20140000455 giving the paid for Schuldt property back to the Dickey’s.
In other words the Dickey’s never lost ownership of the property even though SPCU was paid and they paid the Dickeys who still hold the Statutory Warrantee Deed of Trust in THEIR NAME as it was never transferred to the Schuldts which is why they have never received it. Also…there are NO signatures on any of this by the Schuldts! “

This is WHY Native American Woman Belva Schuldt / “Looking Back Woman” and husband Arnie  of Kettle Falls Washington have been targeted by FBI protected racist Indian Hating Don Dickey and his Avista Corporation “friends.employees” and others for murder who are working with Dickey so that he can keep the Schuldts property.

Chris Montgomery of Montgomery Law Firm in Coleville made Don Dickey “beneficiary” to the property they bought from him and upon their DEATH Dickey is “legally” the holder of the DEED OF TRUST for their property!

To actualize this plan…Dickey and Avista employees…using “Avista Smart Technology ” or their “Smart Meter”has allowed/allows for Dickey to have direct access to and control of AVISTA ELECTRIC POWER over her home targeting her and husband with “lethal dirty electricity” to kill them off overtly and covertly as described below.

Belva Schuldt has experienced overt Avista power surges including in the last 3 days which have destroyed her new refrigerator and stove.

This lethal dirty “AVISTA HIGH VOLTAGE TRANSIENTS” have caused Schuldt to experience the following and LETHAL BODY DESTROYING EFFECTS…say PREMEDITATED MURDER by Dickey to finalize ownership of their property using Avista “smart meter” technology controlled by Dickey and his Avista employees buddies.

Neurological: Headaches, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating, memory loss, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, weakness, tremors, muscle spasms, numbness, tingling, altered reflexes, muscle and joint paint, leg/foot pain, “flu-like” symptoms, fever. More severe reactions can include seizures, paralysis, psychosis, and stroke.

Cardiac: Palpitations, arrhythmias, pain or pressure in the chest, low or high blood pressure, slow or fast heart rate, shortness of breath.

Respiratory: Sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.

Dermatological: Skin rash, itching, burning, facial flushing.

Ophthalmologic: Pain or burning in the eyes, pressure in/behind the eyes, deteriorating vision, floaters, cataracts.

Other: Digestive problems, abdominal pain, enlarged thyroid, testicular/ovarian pain, dryness of lips, tongue, mouth, eyes, great thirst, dehydration, nosebleeds, internal bleeding, altered sugar metabolism, immune abnormalities, redistribution of metals within the body, hair loss, pain in the teeth, deteriorating fillings, impaired sense of smell, ringing in the ears.

I call it “Final Kinder Gentler Final Solution” to his plan to murder Belva Schuldt and husband Arnie Wade.

Below is a short abridged history of the attempts on Belva and Arnies lives sent to me and their dealings with Avista employees in collusion with Don Dickey as well as THE DOCUMENTED MURDER OF HER FRIEND AND PROTECTOR Ruben Mc Michael by Dickey’s buddy and covered up by the Stevens County Sheriff and friend of Dickey Kendall Allen.

Avista Victim Impact Statement.pdf


AttachmentsFeb 8


This was sent to BB/Avista Corp/Centurylink-Quest Corp etc about leaking 1984 Avista Transformer identified as emitting ipower influence affecting our phone/old party line
Centurylink repair Jim Bolling/Mick Yarroll/Jerry Linquest of Colville was aware Don Dickey/Kent Duane Greve was using besides wiretap to monitor our telephone conversation…why Yarroll disabled phone Oct.1, 2013 so I had no dial tone to call out when Chris Dickey & his drug cartel crew came in early the following morning Oct 2nd, 2013 2:am to BREAK IN & murder me.

Finding Reubens truck parked out of site changed the plan of attack & instead broke into my Dodge truck opening hood & pulled brake fluid reservoir lid off, to murder me when brakes failed on our mountainous roads going to town for supplies/groceries. Have photos of footprints going to & from Dickeys residence just over the bank. REUBEN & I never moved truck or got inside, we waited for AW to get home from camp & just luck I heard Dickey & crew shut hood & had AW check truck before driving to town & he discovered brake fluid reservoir lid off.

He put it back on & immediately went to Stevens County Sheriff for fingerprints to be taken to I’d the perp(s), after keeping AW waiting for a very long time, they refused to take prints or even give him a file # so there was a record of the attempt on my life.

Yarroll/Centurylink-Quest did not restore phone service for 18 hrs, &had AW & REUBEN McMichael waiting for him when he came wanting to know why when he said he was going down to Dickeys to check the phone line there after saying he would be right back & never returned & I was left w/o phone service Yarroll looked like a deer in the headlights. He did nothing but apologise for leaving me SETUP to be murdered by Chris Dickey & his cowardly crew. Thank God for REUBEN coming when my phone rang & rang with no answer or they would have broken in & murdered me…no question in my mind.

Next attempt came Dec 12, 2013 with Border Patrol/Avista sending a power surge that was so powerful had I not turned off the main, would have blow up my house & Dickeys got the Insurance MONEY!

Watched Border Patrol go up Orient Cutoff Rd, park at the top & wait for Avista boom truck, half hr later..the surge occurred, I called our electrician he came immediately checking the electrical panel all was fine..he said it was not the problem, that came from an outside source, the only outside source was Border Patrol/Avista power surge. Electrician said if it were not for my quick thinking turning off main, the electrical panel would have blown along with the whole house.

The Avista boom truck did not come back down the county rd until the following morning 9:22 am.

When we mentioned this to Douglas Kyle June 8th when Avista finally arrived after months after calling to say there was a problem Yarroll identified in early Feb 2015 while still playing ignorant about old party line of Dickey/Greve…Kyle blew it off.
When asked about the transformer leaking he said it posed no danger…just oil, not PCBs.

Avista came & put new transformer on pole, not the one agreed upon with Avista senior legal council Bret Better Browning via Our att. Barry Bachrach & left the leaking one up, left abruptly saying they feared for their safety….BB grilled BB Browning, but she refused a response.

Finally in mid September Avista came 5 vehicles, one contamination containment truck, worked in hazardous waste clothing & removed transformer without AW being home with me alone…called neighbor which formerly worked as a linesman for an electrical co. & he witnessed the whole procedure.

He said Avista with the threat, lying about the transformers safety while horses were directly under it, AW I fixing fences etc…Avista who never apologize for any of it, while I continued to pay the overcharged bill, by his experiences with something like this it’s millions in a settlement from Avista to us.

Both local Centurylink & Avista Corps are friends of Dickeys & Avista repair moves the drugs for the cartel info verified from inside source. On regular basis Avista boom truck would go down our access rd to Crack Shack Stanley’s to pick up drugs this & all else written here photographed & thoroughly documented.

Proving motive, intent, access and opportunity with alot of help from Dickeys drug cartel/pedofile ring to murder me…collateral damage AW & our animals…

The worst was their murdering our REUBEN for protecting me while AW was away, I tried to warn him…no rules of engagement no mercy from the perps, he would always say they would not dare…Dan Bryant would kill them, too late REUBEN realized it was the man he loved like a son, Dan Bryant who murdered him!

Belva Schuldt/SUZANNE DUPREE/Looking Back Woman
Feb 8, 2016


Power coursing through house, driving everything out of walls….bugs, spiders, mice etc.

Here are the #’s of people I spoke to, major players Avista/Centurylink-Quest:

Avista Supervisor who threatened me, got # from Douglas Kyle:

Melanie Hayes Avista Supervisor Spokane:

Avista Telecom John Chagan

Avista…Chagan’s boss Mike Busby
1(509)495-2541 no call back

*Centurylink-Quest Shane Riley operations manager no # we could find
These # over Threat by Avista Supervisor- local
Avista senior legal council Bret B. Browning/Spokane

*Centurylink-Quest Legal Dept Denver, Co/Patricia Penner
Main # (303)992-1400

All # on my Centurylink bill invoice, called them all, except Shane Riley….
No response
Called ATTORNEY General Wash. State…no response
Called Allen Reichman DOE/Assistant ATTORNEY General Wash. State
County Commissioner SC Wes McCart
On & on no response or help.


Don’t EVER threaten me!

Posted on by
Washington State Utilities, Colville Avista Supervisor – never threaten me or threaten me with the Stevens County Sheriffs Office since I have been waiting for months to have the leaky transformer moved and replaced.Screenshot 2015-06-17 09.32.11Been waiting since Clint came out on May 12th 2015 and said the work would be done within 2 weeks. Douglas Kyle, Customer Projects Coordinator said, when you finally did show up after repeated calls to the Colville office and Avista head office, that he assured me the leaky transformer posed no risk.


In other words…Avista employees working with Dickey have made overt attempts to murder Schuldt as well as a continuing and active “dirty energy” format 24/7 as documented over and over to destroy her body.

To add to this is the Century Link representative and friend of Dickey Jerry Rhenquist implemented a “party line patch” to Schuldts phone direct to Dickey and any and all involved including Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen, the FBI, Border Patrol and DHS friends of Dickey. All in the family collusion and complicity in wanting this Native American woman and husband DEAD given all they know.

Here is a Avista link showing how Avista “Smart Technology” works and its application and what the Schuldts are experiencing.

Because of the non-compliant wiring in the house that Dickey and Avista employees are aware of…they have knowingly and continually unleashed a LETHAL POWER SURGES into her home with the premeditated goal to ARC the NO GROUND WIRING that would cause a fire that would BURN SCHULDTS TO DEATH as well as destroying her home with the evidence of their crimes at the same time. This why ALL THE POWER SURGES have been released on their home!

Click HERE to read how Vista and Dickey’s DIRTY ENERGY through Vista’s “Smart Meter”  destroys/kill Belva Schuldt!




Also…private investigators informed Schuldt that through the portable phones of Dickey and friends…that Century Link allowed for Dickey and his co-conspirators to be keyed into the Schuldts phones allowing them to hear and record all conversations while at the same time ADT had made sure ONLY the Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen would “take care of business” if their was an “emergency 911” call with Allen being a FRIEND OF DICKEY as well as a supporter and monetary beneficiary and protector of the drug and pedophile activities in Stevens County Washington.

Again it is important to remind the reader that Attorney Chris Montgomery of Montgomery Law Firm was a MAJOR LEGAL PERP and ENABLER in working direct with Dickey’s attorney and Stevens County Title with those below for one reason…to allow for Dickey to own the Schuldt’s property after they were MURDERED by making them the “Legal Owners” of their property upon their DEATH…property fully paid off and this with Stevens County Title working hand in hand with this premeditated plan of MURDER!

Here is the list of those embedded in the portable phone as well as being complicit with Dickey in the attempt to murder her ARE…

McGrane Schuermann “Attorneys for Dickey”

Prosecuting attorney “Tim Rassmussen”

Chase Bank “Chris Wright”

Stevens County Title “Summer Stall”

Century 21 “Denny Blair” realtor

Dan Bryant “Murdered Ruben Eugene McMichael”

Stevens County Sheriff “Kendall Allen”


Other organizations involved in what is happening include DHS, Border Patrol, and Department of Ecology.

Here is a GOOGLE SEARCH LINK on “Stevens County Corruption” which underscores the above in many cases naming officials involved and their protectors leading right up to the Governors office no less!

This information is going to share far and wide!


Since Dickey would take possession of property upon our deaths, contents & all….
Just for the record:

He would be in here immediately & the Teton artifacts, including Calf Pipe would be gone immediately, & the US Govt would have what they need for ARVOL Looking HORSE/AIM fraud, & have wanted for IT’s power from Wakan Tanka…not realizing It is only allowed to be in the hands of who Wakan Tanka chooses.

Immediate consequences from Him for even touching It for those of evil intent.

Will provisions will make you, Richard Red Eagle Boyden Caretaker of Calf Pipe/Protector/Executor to return All Teton Artifacts, Calf Pipe,(Be very diligent with this decision, it will affect AW & I in afterlife) photos, books, my writings, journals, any & all “material wealth” back to my “Good Teton People in need” like saddles, tack, boot/cowboy hat collection, horses, jewelry, Ceremonial items, medicine bundles, pipe & tobacco bags, medicine stones, and other 7 Cannunpas…etc.

Book Royalties will fund Richard Red Eagle Boyden, my website/blogs, removing all now employed, paying any invoices due, & solely managing any & all above….

Funds from proceeds shall also fund Teton Educational Dupree/Wade Foundation for Teton’s education, which you Richard Boyden shall determine by individuals core values, honesty, integrity etc & commitment to their Teton People & community by characteristics honored by Tetons for centuries, Emerson Elk can be in an advisory position to aide Richard Boyden in this, but ultimately is Richard Boyden’s decision who is funded, if they/individuals screw up, low grades etc…gone, no more funding are made by him, running a tight ship on this.

Dickey/US Govt have no entitlement to these Wade/Dupree Estate items, if Dickey & crew were to succeed at any point with their nefarious plan of murder, Dickey & crew would take everything he & they could, as spoils of war, picking our bones clean…. at our last breath, bodies still warm!

Our bodies are not to be touched by Stevens County Officials, Sheriff, corner, our bodies… since we are both Canadians need to go back to Canada, will finalize plan with AW, or Dupree Cemetery, side by side with My Mom’s ashes accompanying us there.

If Wills are not completed in time, this shall represent our last wishes, as our last will & testament.

Under the circumstances of the possibility of our murder by Dickey & fellow conspirators, it will be recorded this day, July 4, 2016 as recorded, preceeding any or all previous wills by Belva June SUZANNE Schuldt-Wade and Arnold Wade.

Signed by Belva Schuldt and Arnold Wade
witnessed by Richard Boyden
Emerson Elk


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    • Rodney Stich
      Rodney StichInvestigator and corruption-fighter. at Hardcore-corruption-fighting whistleblower
      Montana Drug Smuggling and FBI Complicity
      September 1, 2014 • 0 Likes • 0 Comments

      The following information is excerpts from a chapter in the book, America’s Corrupt War on Drugs–and the People, by Captain Rodney Stich. This is one of over 20 books in the Defrauding America book series.

      Montana Drug Smuggling
      And FBI Complicity

      There was more to the Top Gun Ranch than Matthews realized. The ranch had been owned by a major drug trafficker and aide to drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. It was in an isolated area close to the Canadian border. Further, Canada has a less hostile attitude toward drugs than the United States.

      The mainstream media has given virtually no publicity to the drugs coming from Canada into the Montana area, despite many reports of these activities and the duplicity of local and state law-enforcement personnel, political figures, and U.S. agencies.

      Montana had been the home of some well-known crime figures, including Alfred J. Luciano, Sr., a nephew to crime-figure “Lucky” Luciano and Joseph Bonano.

      Canadian Border Problems

      Surveillance by U.S. agencies along the Canadian border is a fraction of what exists along the southern borders. Less than 300 Border Patrol agents are assigned to the Canadian border that is over 3000 miles long. In contrast, the United States reportedly has over 7,000 agents assigned to the U.S.-Mexico border (Seattle Times March 18, 1999). Deputy Chief Border Patrol Agent Eugene David, testifying in March 1999 before a House Subcommittee on Immigration, stated, “Over the last 10 years, we have experienced large increases in organized crime along the border.” (The Border Patrol is a division of the Immigration and Naturalization Service that is under the Department of Justice.)

      Montana‘s Version of Arkansas

      In the 1980s, hundreds of reports were made by local residents about drug trafficking at Mena Airport in Arkansas, followed by state and federal “law enforcement” cover-ups. Many non-government investigative reports have been made about the drug trafficking from Canada into Montana, the criminal involvement of local and state law enforcement personnel and politicians, and the cover-ups by state and federal officials. This chapter focuses briefly on these matters in Montana.

      The greatest number of reports of Montana drug trafficking came from an area known as the Hi-Line where the Burlington Northern Railroad runs parallel to the Montana-Canadian border. People reported planes landing at small airstrips, drugs being off-loaded, and the involvement of government personnel in the criminal activities.

      People who made reports of drug trafficking activities to county, state, or federal law enforcement offices found their reports were either ignored, or, they became the subjects of government retaliation. As in Arkansas, many people who sought to expose the political involvement in drugs ended up dead, often falsely reported as suicides.

      Carry Drugs for County Attorney or Suffer the Consequences

      During an interview by private investigator Darby Hinz with Clinton Mullen, owner of Mullen Trucking Company, Mullen stated that County Attorney Phillip Carter in Sidney, Montana wanted to use his trucking company to haul drugs. When Mullen refused, the local bank, First United Bank, withdrew funding for his operation, and his credit rating in town deteriorated.

      A Few Courageous People Spoke Out

      Several courageous people attempted to expose the involvement of Montana personnel in the drug trafficking. One was James Douglas Alexander, a respected Montana attorney. Alexander helped found the Rutherford Institute of Montana; he was active in Republican politics, and he was Pat Buchanan’s 1992-campaign chairman in Montana.

      Alexander discovered drug trafficking connected to local and state personnel in 1989 while defending another attorney from Sidney, Thomas Halvorson. Halvorson had been accused of wiretapping the county attorney’s office—during which time he recorded telephone conversations showing drug trafficking activities involving county and police personnel. After the wiretaps were discovered, the Commission on Legal Practices sought to revoke Halvorson’s license to practice law in Montana.

      While defending Halvorson, Alexander discovered additional evidence that the deputy county attorney in Sidney and a police detective were involved in drug trafficking. In the August 1996 edition of Strategic Investment Jack Wheeler wrote:

      Mena in Montana ? The Republicans may have their own drug smuggling scandal, similar to Bill Clinton‘s in Mena, Arkansas. Due to all the bad publicity, the drug cartels moving coke from Mexico through Mena may have relocated a substantial part of their operation to Montana, bringing the stuff in from Canada. Corruption among state officials is reported to be widespread, reaching right into the governor’s office. DEA sources have hinted that Governor Marc Racicot or some of his tope aides might be indicted. Trouble for the Republicans is that Racicot is one of them.

      Infamous Barry Seal Operating in Montana

      Information obtained by Alexander and other investigators indicated that Barry Seal, famous for his Arkansas drug trafficking as part of covert government operations, was setting up a drug smuggling operation from Canada into Montana. One reason was that Arkansas and other areas along the southern coast of the United States were becoming so highly patrolled that it was difficult to bring drugs into the United States. Information obtained by Alexander, investigator Daniel Hopsicker and others indicate that Seal was flying drugs into Montana from Canada in 1985. One of Seal’s government handlers was reportedly DEA agent Ernst Jacobson.

      Alexander wrote that it is believed former U.S. Attorney Pete Dunbar was involved with the government-associated drug trafficking that included Barry Seal. (Dunbar now has a private investigation firm in Billings, Montana.) Alexander said that while he was providing information to the FBI about the County Prosecutor Phillip Carter, Carter was fraudulent stating to Alexander’s law clients that Alexander was a convicted felon.

      Journalist Describing His
      Findings of Montana Drug Trafficking

      Adding to Alexander’s knowledge of drug trafficking and political involvement was journalist Mike Perry of Chinook who started telling Alexander in 1992 of the political involvement in drug trafficking that he had uncovered. Perry told Alexander of drug aircraft landing at Montana airstrips near Havre, Chinook, and Glasgow, which Alexander explained:

      I began communicating with a journalist in Chinook named Mike Perry. Perry gave a whole litany of similar, parallel events that were occurring: airplanes coming in, people unloading cocaine from airplanes, people getting beat up or killed. It always led back to members of law enforcement. In Chinook, four police officers had lost their jobs because they had tracked airplanes coming into the airport, or other drug-related corruption involving the county attorney and other individuals in Chinook. I began to work with Mike Perry at that point and we’ve worked together, with other journalists, to this day.

      Mike Roe, a high-profile investigator, started working with us. He is a private investigator from Phoenix with a good reputation. He was very well known, a high-profile investigator. We felt like it was better to bring in someone from out-of-state to help us. We hoped, through his contacts with the FBI in Salt Lake City and with other federal agencies in Phoenix, we could get something done. By the time he came in, in 1992, we began to realize that the drugs were a very large-scale operation. Roe began to get in contact with residents in Chinook and Sidney, and there was a whole flood of people coming forward, asking for something to be done, begging us to look into the drugs and murders that appeared to trail back, again, to law enforcement personnel.

      Pressure and threats from local police and sheriff department personnel, and political pressures, forced Perry to give up the battle and leave the state.

      A written report dated February 2, 1994 was prepared by respected private investigator Michael W. Roe of Roe Investigations in Phoenix, Arizona. His 12-page report named people and places involved in Montana drug trafficking, the many murders of people threatening to expose the relationship between drug crimes and city and county personnel, including law-enforcement people, and the names of the many witnesses providing key information.

      Under “general allegations,” the Roe report stated:

      Bill Larson, president of the Chinook Branch of the Bank of Montana, was allegedly involved in laundering of drug money through that branch of the Bank of Montana; that he was involved in the transportation of narcotics; that he was involved in a conspiracy relating to the murder of two people in Chinook (Richard Cowen and Bernadette Doiron, on or about January 21, 1987) in which two people were convicted: Lloyd James Wilson and Robert Henry Bone.

      Don Ranstrom, Blaine County Attorney, was reportedly involved in the importation, use and sale of narcotics, in the murders of Cowen and Doiron, and there is a belief that he ordered the murders.

      The firing of Chinook police chief Bernie Brost by the mayor after Brost started investigating alleged drug activities by Bank of Montana banker Bill Larson, Blaine County Attorney Dan Ranstrom, Chinook police officer Alan Delk, and others.

      Former county attorney and now city attorney Phillip Carter was involved in drug trafficking, threats against people who would not cooperate in hauling drugs, including trucking firm owner Clint Mullen. After Mullen refused Carter’s reported request to haul drugs, Mullen started receiving retaliation from law enforcement personnel, and the local bank—whose attorney was Carter—suddenly disrupted Mullen’s financial activities, and he was physically beaten by friends of the city attorney.

      Destroying Anyone Who Exposes Their Corruption

      The Roe report referred to former Circle city attorney Arnie Hove who sought to expose the political involvement in drug trafficking and then was subjected to political harassment and physical violence. The report said, “Mr. Hove became very concerned for his personal safety and feared for his and his children’s lives. Mr. Hove expressed growing fear for his safety.”

      Hove was formerly attorney for the city of Circle, Montana, served as appeals court judge at the Fort Peck Reservation, and was prosecutor for McCone. He was a rising player in Republican politics in Eastern Montana. But when he started exposing political involvement in drug trafficking, state and federal retaliation followed. Alexander described what Hove went through in retaliation for exposing the FBI involvement in Montana drug matters:

      Hove came under heavy attack during this period of time—from the fall of 1996 to early 1999. Law enforcement was everywhere investigating Hove for all kinds of criminal activity. It was horrible how they did him, but it was also similar to what they did to me [as a standard practice done to many other government personnel, including me]. Only Hinz has videotapes of witnesses who were offered money to testify falsely against Hove!

      Charges were filed against Hove, and he underwent a period of intense harassment. In a not uncommon tactic to discredit anyone exposing government misconduct the charges were followed by an order committing him to Warm Springs State Hospital. He was forcibly injected with drugs which caused substantial brain damage. This effectively silenced another of the very few people with sufficient backbone and character to speak out when outrage is required.

      Convenient Death of Key Witnesses

      The Roe report, and information obtained from Alexander, described the “convenient” deaths of key people. These included banker Bob Kropp of Farmer’s State Bank in Conrad, who was killed shortly before he was to testify about drug money laundering. The vice president of Whitefish Mountain Bank at White Fish, John Ochenrider, died March 31, 1983, two weeks before he was to testify in a money laundering trial with codefendant Alfred Luciano.

      Ochenrider’ s death was reportedly due to a fall suffered while mountain climbing—an activity that the banker had never done before. Montana Highway Patrolman Michael Remz was killed as he started investigating aircraft landing on small airstrips near the towns of Libby and Eureka. A journalist who was investigating Luciano‘s drug smuggling activities died in a fire in Eureka. Many others were killed who had information about the drug trafficking.

      Whitefish Mountain Bank Drug-Money-Laundering

      The Mountain Bank of Whitefish, in Whitefish, Montana, close to the Top Gun Ranch, was reportedly involved in money laundering. One of its directors, Alfred Luciano, a nephew of Lucky Luciano, was indicted in 1993 at Missoula, Montana, for money laundering, along with his son, Frank. Charges were dropped against Al Luciano, and his son Frank fled the United States while waiting for trial and is reportedly living in the Caribbean area. After Al Luciano complained of being under 24-hour surveillance by the FBI, he was killed in a suspicious car crash.

      The Whitefish Mountain Bank had been a money-laundering center for the drug operation. Its former president, Werner Schreiber, was sent to prison along with four other bank officers. Alexander Martin confirmed this to Chinook Opinions editor Mike Perry. Whitefish Bank was a money-laundering center for Iran-Contra folks. Buster Schreiber was an attorney and friend of Marc Racicot, the governor.

      Before indictments were handed down, one of the grand jury members, Walter Hammermeister, heard testimony from FINCEN audit specialist “that $150 million had been laundered through the tiny bank.” Schreiber and five other bank officers were charged with embezzling over $6 million from the bank (which was their fee for handling the drug money). Hammermeister was a Pondera County Sheriff who had been trained at the FBI academy, and considered very reputable.

      Pleading Guilty to Bank Fraud Under Suspicious Conditions

      In December 1989, John Earl Petersen pled guilty to bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy charges stemming from the financial collapse of Whitefish Mountain Bank. District Judge Fred Van Sickle sentenced Peterson to 12 years in federal prison. Federal prosecutors were suspiciously protective of Peterson, going overboard in referring to Peterson’s cooperation (no other charges were filed, and no other resulting cooperation could be seen). AUSA John Griffith of Washington, D.C. said a motion would be shortly filed to reduce Petersen’s sentence. This sequence suggested that Petersen pled guilty to keep sensitive information from leaking out, and told that he would be released after attention was diverted from his case. That is the way it usually works.

      Report Corruption in Government—
      Suffer the Consequences!

      Alexander said that nearly everyone who came forward with information on drug trafficking experienced harassment from police or other government agencies. Alexander said county prosecutor Phillip Carter started filing false charges against some of the witnesses, or threatened to do so. These threats against witnesses were federal crimes for which the FBI has responsibility to prosecute.

      Explaining the Latest Drug Routes Into the United States

      Chip Tatum, formerly undercover government operative involved in the Montana operations, explained the flight plan for drugs going from Colombia into Montana via Canada:

      An aircraft departs Colombia, flies to the Bahamas to rest and refuel, and then, when a weather window opens, continue the flight to Nova Scotia or Quebec. Again, rest and refuel. Then continue to a US-Canadian border landing strip. An associate of Huxtable owned a ranch south of Wayburn, Canada, which provided a perfect landing zone. From Wayburn, the cocaine could easily be flown into Montana or North Dakota via small aircraft.

      Tatum further explained the involvement of FBI Special Agent Terry Nelson and U.S.-Canadian contract undercover operative Mike Huxtable :

      Nelson not only recruits the law enforcement officials and politicians he needs, he can also supply data from the law enforcement arena such as the DEA NADDIS computer, Customs TECS II, EPIC, FBI, and others involved in ongoing investigations. Nelson then provides this intelligence to his drug contacts. This helps obstruct any investigation and diffuse potential problems. Terry Nelson, a senior agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, continues to provide his valuable services to drug cartels and others who will pay his fee, out of his FBI office in southern Florida. [Tatum said that Huxtable was a Canadian smuggler who did undercover work for U.S. and Canadian agencies and organized crime groups.]

      Tatum said that the same far offshore northern route along the east coast of the United States to Canada is also done along the west coast of the United States, entering Canada in British Columbia. He also advised that drug-laden planes from Canada were also landing in North Dakota and Wyoming.

      Colombian Radar Warns Drug Pilots of Plane Intercepts

      Tatum described how Colombian drug cartels installed radar on Swan Island in the Caribbean that monitors aircraft movements to avoid interdiction of their aircraft heading for the United States. He gave an example: A drug pilot flying drugs for the cartels is monitored on radar controlled by the drug cartels as it proceeds from Colombia northward. If radar shows their plane was being followed, the pilot is advised by radio to immediately return, thereby avoiding interdiction by U.S. aircraft.

      Obstruction of Justice by Montana Crime Agency and Governor

      Alexander said that he and a group of other concerned people provided the Montana Crime Investigation Bureau (MCIB) with several dozen witness statements showing official involvement in drug trafficking, and that the bureau engaged in a cover-up.

      These statements included witnesses seeing planes landing and drugs being unloaded, people who were at gatherings where drugs were present. Despite this evidence, the state agency, under control of attorney general and then governor Marc Racicot, came back and said they could find no criminal conduct. People reported drug planes landing at small airstrips, at the Glasgow Air Force Base, and on the Fort Peck and Fort Belknap Indian reservations.

      FBI Avoiding Evidence from Witnesses

      Despite the fact that Alexander and others provided the FBI with dozens of witness statements showing government involvement in drug trafficking, none of the witnesses were contacted by the FBI to determine the accuracy of their information. Alexander explained that he obtained over 70 witness statements in the Sidney, Montana, area from 1990 to 1995 from people who had observed the drugs being unloaded from aircraft and who observed or knew about the political involvement of city, county and state personnel in the drug trafficking.

      Justice Department Obstruction of Justice Tactics

      Alexander explained that by 1993-1994, the FBI had shifted the investigation to its Glasgow, Montana office and assigned it to FBI Special Agent Scott Cruse. He said: “Cruse apparently did almost no investigation at all. Certainly he did not talk to anyone in Chinook. There were bank employees in Chinook who were ready to come forward and provide documentation and testimony about money laundering there, and other things related to the drug operation. These witnesses were ignored.”

      Other Evidence of Major Crimes Ignored by Justice Department

      A February 2, 1994 letter to the FBI at Great Falls, Montana, by Michael W. Roe of ROE Investigations listed 12 pages of details about drug trafficking involving state and local police and prosecutors. The FBI did not act on this report. Justice Department and other government agents and informants fabricate charges against the men and women of the United States while they simultaneously protect major drug traffickers, protect local, state and federal government personnel involved in drug trafficking.

      FBI Offering Favors to Witnesses

      An article in the Billings Outpost (July 29, 1998) was titled, “FBI Accused of Offering Favors to Witnesses.” The article stated in part:

      In one instance, Mr. Parker said after the arraignment, a juvenile has given a videotaped statement that he was offered his release from jail and his GED if he would testify against Mr. Hove. (Hove was an attorney exposing official involvement in Montana drug trafficking. He was charged by DOJ prosecutors with sexual offense upon a woman who continued to call him after the charges were filed.)

      Justice Department Tactics to Silence Alexander

      Alexander explained how Justice Department prosecutors sought to silence him, using his humanitarian efforts relating to adoption of war orphans to retaliate and halt his exposure of government-involved drug trafficking. He explained:

      I went to Europe in January of 1990 with a former AP writer from Helena, Garry Moes. I went over there and began to do some of the first adoptions in Romania by U.S. Citizens. I also helped coordinate humanitarian efforts over there. I became good friends with members of the new leadership that emerged after the revolution. I began to do business over there, and had a very successful international adoption practice. I did the first Romanian adoptions after the revolution. I helped a state senator in Romania to establish the Romanian adoption laws. I worked with the leadership of the state government there. What we did was transfer the approval from Bucharest to the state governments in Transylvania and to the other state governments so they could approve adoptions.

      I was charged with wire fraud related to some adoptions, which I later did in Macedonia. The family back in the states was denied an adoption there because they had falsified their mental health records. They had a history of mental illness. They got over there and disclosed that, and they were rejected. They came back to the United States and said adoptions could not be done in Macedonia.

      By that time, the political forces in Montana zeroed in on me and used these false allegations to take my license. They have continued to use this to discredit me, and have brought federal felony charges against me. They are claiming that adoptions were not allowed in Macedonia. But we have reports from the State Department showing that there were 12 adoptions that year, and we were the first to attempt to do it. Obviously the state has no case, and as this thing unwinds, I think the answers to why I was targeted and this was done to me, and why Arnie Hove was arrested, are going to become quite apparent.

      Alexander explained how he learned about Montana drug trafficking and heavy involvement of local, state, and federal personnel. In a March 13, 1999, letter Alexander wrote:

      We began to gather reports involving drug smuggling into Sidney-Chinook-Havre in the early ‘90s. We had more than 70 statements involving witnesses to local law enforcement and prosecutors being involved in drug dealings. There are dozens and dozens and dozens of affidavits! When I came out publicly against the drugs, the attacks on me began in earnest. I was driven out of the practice of law and Montana. After I left the state, I was contacted by Orlin Grabbe, then others who I’ve since been advised were linked to NSA and others.

      Mike Roe met with FBI agents in Great Falls for seven hours at one time. I was interviewed in Helena in 1994 for four hours. Neither meeting resulted in 302’s [FBI report of witness statements]. The agent who was assigned to my case, Scott Cruse, also was assigned to investigate the drug allegations. Chip Tatum identified Cruse as one of the Montana FBI agents involved in drug trafficking with the Nelson operation. Cruse later gave false testimony to the Great Falls grand jury to get me indicted on the wire fraud charges. By amazing coincidence, another investigator, Walter Hammermeister was on the grand jury and was able to confront Cruse. He was then booted off the grand jury! The attorney prosecuting the case was Carl Rostad.

      [Reported Canadian Indictment of FBI Agent]

      FBI Agent Terry Nelson was indicted in Regina, Saskatchewan Provincial Court. Blain County Sheriff Pete Paulsen; journalist Paul Richardson, then of Indian County Today, and myself, confirmed this from the RCMP in Regina. The investigator I spoke to there was Detective Leach. Tatum released more details of the flights and identified the pilots, the articles were later published under pseudonyms “Spook Houses in Glasgow,” and “Donna Does Glasgow,” by Hi-Line Mary. The investigator also identified Mike Huxtable, a Canadian National, as one of the persons indicted.

      [U.S. Pressuring Canadians to Cover up Drug Smuggling]

      The U.S. government pressured the Canadians to seal the file and it is sealed at present. Nelson is a dual citizen: Canadian-US and has a fancy home in Montreal. The smuggling operation also involved Chapeau Airstrip in Quebec.

      Further explaining political involvement in drugs, Alexander wrote in an April 1, 1999, letter:

      I came to realize that Sidney attorney, Phillip Carter, was involved in drug trafficking while acting as an investigator for Maurice Colbey, an investigator for the Montana Commission On Practice appointed in the Halvorson matter. I came upon documents indicating that then Montana Attorney General Marc Racicot and FBI Special Agent Scott Cruse were actively deflecting drug allegations against Philip Carter.

      Sidney attorney Tom Halvorson had allegedly wire tapped the Richland County Attorney’s office and had obtained tape recordings of drug conversations involving then Deputy County Attorney Carter and a police detective, David Schetting discussing a large scale drug operation.

      I was approached by Maurice Colbey to obtain affidavits from witnesses and did do so. The affidavits of Jeff Curry confirmed that Halvorson had solicited him to use a parabolic microphone to obtain tape-recorded conversations from the office of Phillip Carter.

      The FBI via agent Cruse immediately focused on Halvorson. I still have the letter from Carter to Scott Cruse, which stated that Marc Racicot approved of the investigation! Halvorson was sanctioned by the Montana Supreme Court, but the complaint regarding the wire-taping allegation was dropped. Arnie Hove testified against attorney Halvorson in that proceeding, saying that Halvorson was making statements concerning Carter dealing drugs! Years later, Hove himself was targeted for saying the same thing.

      It was only later, after I was forced out of Montana, that I found [Montana Governor] Marc Racicot was involved in the drug scheme. There are wire-fund-transfers from Banque Suisse to the Norwest Bank of Helena branch accounts directly to Marc Racicot, his family, and assistants. Those funds came from the Fabio Ochoa operation! Darby Hinz had confirmed from an independent source flights into Montana for the Fabio Ochoa organization.

      Substituting One Sham Charge for Another Sham Charge

      Charges arising out of Alexander’s adoption activities were dropped, and then other sham charges were filed against him on August 25, 1998, by U.S. Attorney Carl Rostad in Great Falls, Montana. Rostad fraudulently charged Alexander with obstruction of justice and interstate communication of threats or violence.

      Walter Hammermeister, a grand jury member, charged that Rostad and FBI Special Agent Cruse gave perjured testimony to the grand jury in order to obtain the indictment. Alexander had raised as one of his defenses that the charges filed against him were due to his reporting of state and local government involvement in drug trafficking. His attorney, Mark Werner of the law firm, Public Defenders of Montana, undermined Alexander’s defenses by telling the grand jurors that Alexander’s charges about drug trafficking were delusional. (Alexander repeatedly tried to dismiss Werner whose conduct was aiding and abetting the drug traffickers and undermining his client’s defenses.)

      The Department of Justice filed an in Limine motion on February 22, 1999, seeking a court order barring Alexander from raising that defense, which would keep any information concerning the Montana drug trafficking and government involvement out of the record. The Justice Department’s motion stated in part:

      For example, the obstruction count of the indictment itself is predicated on evidence that proves the defendant attempted to have his then counsel, Mark Werner, pursue an unsubstantiated claim that his prosecution was politically motivated and retaliatory to his efforts to reveal drug trafficking in the Sidney, Montana area.

      This was bizarre. The Department of Justice attorneys were calling Alexander’s attempts to report the drug trafficking an obstruction of justice. Something like this was done to me by U.S. Attorney David Levi in Sacramento, California, when I sought to report high-level criminal activities. Levi and federal judges held me in criminal contempt of court for trying to report to a federal judge (under Title 18 USC Section 4) the criminal misconduct that I and several government agents and deep-cover agents discovered. It was one of hundreds of examples of DOJ attorneys covering up and obstructing justice while simultaneously filing sham charges against those courageous individuals who sought to report the criminal activities! (Further details are found in the third editions of Unfriendly Skies and Defrauding America.)

      Charging U.S. Attorney Seycora with Criminal Acts

      A September 18, 1997, letter by private investigator Darby Hinz charged Assistant U.S. Attorney Seykora with making serious false statements and omissions in Seykora’s September 15, 1997, internal memorandum. The Hinz letter charged Seykora with “a sophisticated attempt to suppress witnesses in Sidney and Chinook who may have information related to official misconduct.” The Hinz letter referred to an investigation that began in the spring of 1991. It referred to an alleged request by County Attorney Phillip Carter to Mullen, requesting Mullen to haul drugs from Canada into Montana and other points in the United States, and the misuse of prosecutor power to retaliate against Mullen when he refused to engage in the criminal activities.

      Private Investigator Reveals Official Involvement in Drugs

      In an April 18, 1999, motion titled “Ex Parte Motion To File Under Seal,” Alexander filed a motion with an attached affidavit by private investigator Darby Hinz. The affidavit was filed under Title 18 USC Section 4, and addressed the matters of “drug corruption in eastern Montana.” That motion and affidavit stated in part that U.S. Attorney Carl Rostad gave false testimony to a federal grand jury; that Rostad continued to seek an indictment against Alexander after receiving uncontroverted information indicating his innocence; that FBI agents gave false testimony, and refused to contact witnesses willing to give evidence of official involvement in drug trafficking.

      He affidavit continued, stating that former Deputy County attorney in Sidney, Phillip N. Carter, had asked Mullen to use his trucking company to haul drugs for Carter ; that an individual residing in Richland County, Montana, purchased illegal drugs from Sidney Detective David Schettine during 1994/1995; that’s attorney Mark Werner stated—contrary to the evidence and while attorney of record for Alexander —that “there was no evidence to support prosecutorial misconduct, police misconduct, malicious prosecution or other issues material to Mr. Alexander’s case.”

      Werner, protective of the heavy government involvement in drug trafficking, reportedly stated to a federal grand jury, “Mr. Alexander was delusional based on Mr. Alexander’s concerns expressed to him regarding the allegations of drug trafficking.” Not only was this attorney obstructing justice relating to the widespread drug trafficking, but he was undermining his own client and encouraging the grand jurors to indict his client! (Thirty years of dealing with attorneys makes this arrogant misconduct no surprise.) Werner’s law firm had several conflicts of interest in representing Alexander, one of which was its desire to protect involvement in drug trafficking by county and state personnel.

      The affidavit continued, stating that FBI Agent Scott Cruse was under Department of Justice investigation for drug related misconduct; that the investigation targeted Scott Cruse in a Canada to Montana smuggling operation involving Mike Huxtable of Canada, and Miami, Florida FBI Agent Terry Nelson.

      Drug Money to Montana Governor Racicot ?

      In another section of the affidavit, it stated, “funds were paid into an account at a financial institution in Switzerland, Banque Suisse, by the conspirators to current Montana Governor, Marc Racicot. The payments were made to allow the drug shipments through Montana.” Another section of the affidavit said:

      A statement from … pilot J.J. Smith [concerning] drug flights from Canada into northern Montana. The statement corroborates the accounts of Chip Tatum … in part. Smith is currently a federal prisoner having been convicted of participation in a drug smuggling conspiracy, which according to official documents involved the smuggling of 20 tons of cocaine into the United States from Colombia and Venezuela.

      Referring to FBI attempts to have witnesses give perjured testimony, the affidavit stated:

      Although not presented at trial, three videotape statements from witnesses who claim that FBI agents solicited them to give false information … the solicitation of witnesses to give false testimony by FBI agents is part of a scheme to harass or discredit attorney Arnie Hove. The harassment may be directly linked to Mr. Hove’s cooperation with the internal investigation conducted by the Department of Justice referenced herein.

      Controlling the Grand Jury

      The affidavit referred to the request of AUSA Carl Rostad to the judge for removal from the grand jury of a juror who was aware of the Justice Department misconduct. (Removal of non-cooperating jurors is another tactic used by Justice Department attorneys to make grand juries rubber-stamps for DOJ indictments.) The affidavit said that attorney Phillip N. Carter of Sidney, Montana, and Donald Ranstrom of Chinook, Montana, were also implicated in the investigation of the smuggling operation.

      Hinz ended the motion and affidavit stating: “Based on information and belief, I allege that sealed criminal indictments may now exist in Regina, Saskatchewan Provincial Courts as to individuals Terry Nelson and Mike Huxtable. Such indictments have been confirmed to Montana law enforcement personnel as well as journalists who inquired with the RCMP [Royal Canadian Mounted Police ] in Regina [Canada].”

      Explaining the Sudden Disappearance of Chip Tatum

      In other pages, and in my third edition of Defrauding America, I describe Chip Tatum‘s government-related drug smuggling activities and his sudden disappearance. Alexander explained in an April 3, 1999 letter that in one of the last of over 150 telephone conversations with Tatum, why Tatum was no longer available:

      During the last months before Tatum left the United States, he was approached by [FBI Special Agent] Terry Nelson and offered $750,000 to back off the story. Eventually Tatum reached a settlement with the “government” and an agreement to clear up his record. The person who approached Tatum with the $750,000 offer was Nelson’s brother-in-law, Mr. Olson.

      Large Numbers of State and Federal Officials Implicated

      Montana will surely be more in the news as this drug-smuggling frontier is addressed by more of the media that is willing to report these matters. The heavy involvement of state and federal personnel in obstructing justice in drug-related matters in Montana is one more example of these criminal and subversive activities.

      Another Insider With Suspicious Ties To the Drug Problem
      Selected by President Bush for a Key Government Position

      Evidence surfacing in the Iran-Contra investigation by Independent Counsel Lawrence E. Walsh showed that the senior George Bush was in the loop with drug smugglers. Young George Bush, after becoming president of the United States, appointed Marc Racicot to head the Republican National Committee. He was one of several with questionable ties to the drug problem that was favored by the young George Bush upon becoming president.

      Washington Weekly Exposure of Montana Drug Activities

      Wesley Phelan’s articles in the Washington Weekly documented interviews with numerous people who reported the Canada-to-Montana drug trafficking and the involvement of key politicians and law enforcement personnel. Phelan interviewed over 20 people who had information about the Canadian-Montana drug operation. In a March 2, 1998, article, Phelan described his contacts with Ron Gold, a former special agent for Army Intelligence, who did numerous interviews confirming what Phelan wrote in his earlier article. Phelan also reported what he learned from other investigators.

      In his March 2 article, Phelan described his interview with Legal Advocate Melissa Buckles for the Assiniboine-Sioux tribe on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana. During this interview, she described the many drug airplanes and helicopters landing at night at the remote Indian reservation, the many drug-related killings occurring on the reservation, and her charge that FBI agents in the Glasgow, Montana office were involved with protecting the drug operations. She described the cover-ups by the Billings Bureau of Indian Affairs office, and similar drug activities at other Montana Indian reservations including Fort Belknap. She described a letter Gold sent to FBI Director Louis Freeh on December 15, 1997, and never answered. That letter stated in part:

      1. South Florida FBI Agent Terry Nelson is a target of an internal agency investigation involving the drug operation….The drug smuggling operation occurred in flight routes to Nova Scotia and Chapeau Airfield in Quebec; then over to Weyburn, Saskatchewan and down into North Dakota and Montana. The major shipping zones in Montana were Sidney, Chinook, Havre and clandestine airstrips on the Fort Peck Tribal Lands. Alternative routes into Eureka, Libby, Whitefish, and Shelby may also have been used.

      3. Corrupt Montana authorities in Chinook, Sidney and the Fort Peck tribal lands coordinated protection of the smuggling operations. A prominent Montana state official received payments into accounts in the Helena Norwest Bank branch in conjunction with the multi-ton shipments of Colombian Cali-cartel heroin and cocaine.

      6. FBI agents operating out of the Glasgow office assisted the Nelson smuggling operations and involved Fort Peck tribal police as well as other tribal members in illicit activities.

      10. Two Glasgow FBI agents involved in the drug operation likely compromised dozens of investigations on the Fort Peck and Fort Belknap tribal lands. Witnesses are available and have information directly linking the Glasgow FBI agents and other officials to drug related activities and violent civil rights abuses.

      In other parts of her letter, she described the many murders of people exposing the drug-related activities, including forty people murdered on one reservation alone. She added, “There are people in Montana who are clearly scared and are begging for help.” Freeh never responded to her letter and none of the witnesses were contacted.

      FBI Director Cover-up: What Else Is New!

      Buckles wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, making reference to Gold’s letter to Freeh, the failure of the FBI Director to respond, and then gave details of the serious drug smuggling problems and the involvement of Montana and FBI agents in the trafficking. She never received a response.

      Coast Guard Intelligence Officer Supported the Findings

      Another person interviewed by Washington Weekly investigator Phelan was David Hume, a former police officer and former intelligence officer with the U.S. Coast Guard from 1978 to 1991. Hume confirmed the southbound flow of drugs from Canada into Montana, adding, the drugs from Colombia “go out as far east as Bermuda and then go up to Nova Scotia. Then they would come south and be able to off-load their drugs.” Hume talked about the minimal or lack of radar coverage that permits aircraft to fly undetected from Canada into Montana. He confirmed Weyburn, Saskatchewan, as being a key drug transshipment point. He wrote:

      My sources all agree that many state and local officials in Montana, and many agents of the federal government, are involved in one way or another with smuggling drugs into the state. These claims are not new, nor are my sources the only ones making them.

      Further provocative information is provided by the following letter:



      Dennis Hansen
      350 N. Last Chance Gulch
      Helene, MT 59601

      Phone (406) 447-2000 ext. 2026 Sent via US Mail
      Re: Wire Transfer Funds/Norwest Bank of Helena

      Dear Mr. Hansen:

      I have received information concerning the electronic transfer of funds to the Norwest Bank of Helena from offshore accounts. The funds originate in the Swiss financial institution Banque Swisse and are traced to your branch. My information indicates that the fund may be linked to international drug smuggling and laundering from Canada by a Colombian group linked to Cali/Medellin cartel member Fabio Ochoa. Additionally, the funds may have been illegally in Swiss account/accounts without proper declaration and identification for U.S. tax purposes.

      My major source is concerned because of the sensitivity of the matter, and the safety of several of the witnesses could be jeopardized and requests that the matter be referred to federal authorities or investigators outside the State of Montana. My source is prepared to co-operate with the authorities and co-ordinate efforts with other witnesses, provided that they are recognized and protected according to law. It is my understanding that wire fraud transfer records exist which substantiates these claims.

      I am prepared to meet with investigators or the appropriate federal agency immediately in regards to the above.

      Very Truly yours,

      Darby Hinz


      Note: Much more was later discovered about the drug smuggling operation, including the direct involvement of FBI agent Terry Nelson. This information will eventually be added.

      For credibility:

      Captain Rodney Stich bio.
      Sampling of commendations given to Stich over his lifetime.
      Evidence of Stich’s credibility.
      Life-and-death assignment.
      Letters/faxes to author/activist Rodney Stich.
      Books reviews.Supreme Court Justice Bryon White unprecedented apology to the corruption-fighting whistleblower, Captain Rodney Stich.
      Stich’s last Navy assignment as Patrol Plane Commander.
      Life-and-death official assignment, indicating the confidence in his ability and capability to take on powerful forces, with life and death consequences.
      Corruption fighter seeking to halt the series of deadly consequences.

      Written by
      Rodney Stich
      Rodney StichInvestigator and corruption-fighter. at Hardcore-corruption-fighting whistleblower



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    Say guilty parties hacking or censorship….


  3. Conspirators, colluders in premeditated murder &(murder attempts previously), why keep making the same desperate mistakes/actions over & over again hoping for a different outcome?
    You failed in your scam, slander…two dumb Canadians, one Crazy Indian…Dickey’s quote:
    Don’t you all realize at this point, with this amount of exposure globally….you some how are going to succeed???
    You are deranged, demented Fools to believe someone would not stop you at some point…. from continuing harming innocent victims, we know Crime does pay because you all been at it for so long!
    You cannot take it with you, & being in prison will not be pleasant for a group of Pedofiles, with your history…hey Rasmussen, you might run into someone honest you sent away, or Don harassed at the Border…or, or, or???
    The possibilities are endless for you all, captured, exposed…. revealed for what you really are, & you are done.


  4. No wonder CERA/CERF Anti- Indian hate group moved from Wisconsin to Montana, eh?
    Perfect fit with this going on & the Tetons Traditional Territorial lands they/CERA/CERF want to undermine Tribal Sovereignty, WATER RIGHTS, fishing rights, and, Tribes sense of well-being!
    Montana is Assiniboine Teton Tribal territory…
    Then, you have Avista Top Executives with connections to the Black Hills.
    Coincidence’s, nah…
    What is happening with us here, is Exposed for what it is….
    An attack, well orchestrated by those who do not want to be exposed for exactly what they are…
    You are what you are, & I am whom I am!


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    “Don’t you all realize at this point, with this amount of exposure globally….you some how are going to succeed???”

    MARC F. RACICOT Avista Director since 2009




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    6 yrs paying for a private line, eh?
    Perps got to keep Don Dickey knowing what his victims are trying to do to save themselves from him & his cartel, eh?


  7. Correct name for CORRUPT former Customs Agent-Border Guard Port of Entry Laurier, Washington manager-director, seller of our property we purchased May 21, 2010, 3285 Orient Cutoff Rd, Orient, Washington is DON R DICKEY.
    Guilty of crimes (felonies), Corruption, racketeering, money laundering, REAL ESTATE FRAUD-THEFT, drug manufacturing/distribution-w/Greve-Wilder (Keith Allen Wilder convicted felon), child porn-human trafficking-peofillia, illegal phone-electronic devices taps/hacking, home breakins, illegal trespass, harassment, threats, stalking, monitoring 24/7, animal cruelity-EMF terror device abuse-injuries, & attempted murder…all done to us by Dickey’$/Greve, 7Day Adventist Church members NE Washington State chapter after we purchased this property May 21, 2010 with Homestead 1st use WATER RIGHTS Dickey needed for the other property owners, even though he & Greves each have 1/3 each of spring-creek/Year Around Stream, & why Don R. Dickey & wife Marlyn J Dickey lied on sales disclosure that there WERE NO WATER RIGHTS associated with this property, Henderson’s 1910 Homestead, 2nd Homestead on this mountain.
    Dickey lied about everything & has a string of victims like ourselves, & needs the death penalty along with Greve & their co-conspiritors, like Avista, Centurylink-Quest-Jerry Lindquist/Kan DHO Electric/Chewelah Washington, Fogle Pump-Dave Pehl, Stevens County Auditor/Recording-Tim Grey, Chase Bank-Chris Wright, Century21-Denny Blair, Remax-Ken Barcus, Chris Montgomery, McGrane/Schuermann, Stevens County Title-Summer Stahl, Hughes Network-House of Music, Stevens County Corrupt Sheriff, elected officials, & local/State politicians, Dept of Ecology, FBI, DEA, Dept of Justice, just to name a few of the murderous, drug dealing, pedofile co-conspiritors exposed in this pattern of systemic criminality…
    Showing beyond any doubt racial profiling, discrimination & targeting of a 1st Nations Woman…myself & my White husband, our friends, animals, vehicles etc & showing concisely these co-conspiritors motive, intent, access & opportunity with immunity to murder.
    Belva Schuldt, Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree/HakiktaWin
    Aug 31, 2016
    3:46 am PST


  8. Gotcha Good Ol’Boyz…
    Who is gonna RAT OUT Everyone first, hummmm?
    Looks like maybe Faggot landstealing Chris Montgomery, patsey for the Colville Status Quo, Politicians & co-conspiritors!
    Getting all this STCU/Witt-Wada?
    Who’s Washington Law License suspension is NEXT?
    An apology immediately is in order, plus settlement & you are bound now by association to FIX This mess you got yourselves into, remember we are the victims, along with many others these Demons in the Flesh targeted, used for their own enrichment, & took advantage of!
    We ARE the Punishers of the Perpetrators Crimes, there is NO DEFENCE FOR ANY CO-CONSPIRITORS!


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