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The Fake Hollyweird Indian



All the AIMsters NO FULL BLOOD American Indians but FAKES clothed in the BLOOD OF THOSE THEY RAPED AND MURDERED! Hired as Government secret operatives with a MISSION to spiritually MURDER all things Indigenous with their spawned by Satan agenda of rape, murder, and fraudulent spiritually ceremonies as IF Wakan Tanka the Creator…Jesus Christ would allow for these “devils in the flesh” to REPRESENT HIM!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog


This just in from a lady, she used to set up funds for impoverished Indians and worked with Russell Means, Dennis Banks, and Floyd Hand Jr, all white haters, she says.

Threatened to kill her if they didn’t turn over the money….in her own words!!! 

 I recently had a very nasty exchange of messages with Russell, when I commented upon one of his UTube videos in which he perorated about matriarchy and the raising of children among Lakota people.

I remarked that he had neglected his children all his life (I know a great deal about that, including this past month ) and abused all the women around him, (wives, girlfriends and others) and that therefore he had no business admonishing others about such matters.  His response, in private, was virulent , even indecent.

I finally let him have it , (also in a private message)  and in answer to…

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