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Pedophile Protectors for State/County Mental Health


Pedophile Pimps using Indian Children in the name of ICWA with “closet pedophile” PreTendians preparing the way, Read and learn about Satan’s hidden genocidal agenda to destroy in the realms of time Indian Country by MURDERING the children!

Influenced to Death

More on Obama’s Dream Team for Health Reform

Hint: 1st step for protecting children


in place of sending the child to their room telling them to stay SILENT, leading the THE CHILD TO BELIEVE something is wrong with their spirit/soul.


blackhawk and franken

U.S Senate of Indian Affairs – Senator Al Franken &  Juanita Blackhawk

Below in my msg. box this a.m from Juanita Blackhawk , part of the working team that is littered with pedophile protection agenda’s, who are pushing to harvest more children to be USED and ABUSED through “their” new proposed ICWA regulations, who are being entrusted to assist with setting policy and administration of sickness for the continuance of self-genocide social scripts in play. Those same who holler about sex trafficking, MMW, etc …

yep, tied all the way to the current judge at Spirit Lake and and beyond…

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