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Dennis Banks (Clyde Bellecourt) Need A .32 Bullet In Their Heads For Co-Ordering Annie Mae Aquash’s Murder!

Yep…you read right! Banks knew full well what happened to Annie Mae Aquash at the hands of those “ordered” to murder her! Add to his name…Clyde Bellecourt and Dick Marshall. Marshall because he gave the shooters the the .32 caliber pistol used to shoot Annie. It was given to him by John Trudell when Trudell visited the Pine Ridge or when Trudell gave it first to Theda Clark…either or but I firmly believe that gun came from Trudell given he used a .32 to shoot a hole in the roof of house. Think about THAT not to mention he was trusted by Annie when she spilled her guts about the REAL informers and Trudell shared this with AIM’s “Syrian Sioux Handler” Senator James Abourezk, Banks, and the Bellecourts and Rusell Means. They ALL agreed…she needed to be “offed”!

Add a couple of other names with one MAJOR one being Trudell’s synagogue of SATAN JEW attorney…Bruce Ellison who worked with the FBI to make sure AIM leaders were not implicated in her murder. Trudell visited with him on his way to Marshall’s home on Pine Ridge. Ellison was his personal friend/attorney and was in constant communication with Ellison. They agreed for Ellison to magnify the FBI snitch jacketing of Annie when in his office in Rapid City and was finalized in Ellison’s office with Annie there and from there…to Rosebud.

Whoops…forgot Bill Means…where Annie was taken on the Rosebud Rez and then to Wanblee on Pine Ridge to be shot by John Grahm after being BEATEN AND GANG RAPED BY ALL IN MEANS HOUSE INCLUDING CHARLIE ABOUREZK…son of JAMES.

Whoops again…have to include Maddona Thunder Hawk and Loreli DeCora and THE FBI…as they knew ALL OF THIS which why the book written by FBI agent in charge during Wounded Knee…Joseph Trimbach and his son John…”American Indian Mafia”…is good only for “Pine Ridge Toilet Paper”!

What I find TROUBLING is that NO ONE from Annies people…not ONE WARRIOR…has done what should been done a long time ago on her behalf…NOT ONE.

And what about ALL THE OTHER RAPED AND MURDERED AT WOUNDED KNEE by Banks and the “brotherhood of Satan” known as the American Indian Movement? Perry Ray Robinson Jr….and at least 12 total buried there. NO ONE CARES IN THE LEAST but the this bowell movement sex collective is upheld as “gods” by those spiritually complicit in their vile diabolical acts against innocent human beings in the name of being “American Indian”!

What do you think about that DANIEL PAUL!?

Dennis Banks condemns
Anna’s cousin…

December 7, 1999

That AIM National provides the below advice to all who are accountable to them is an indicator that someone is starting to get scared.

That Robert Branscome , cousin to Anna, is so condemned is the grandest possible underwriting that he could receive. For, by so condemning him, his actions are sanctioned as truth.

I made a promise to Anna Mae along time ago and that promise will be completed. I sometimes wish some of you knew me better, but you can count on one thing, if I say it, I will do it, It will get done. Today, I just renew what I have already said. Today, is the anniversary of Anna Mae’s death. There is not a day that I don’t feel what she might have felt in those last moments. I also believe in the position she was found, she also had a few more moments to think about it. Maybe this is a day for all of us to remember. A Hero, a Warrior, a Mother, a Cousin and a Friend went down. No one did anything to stop it, they closed their eyes and walked away. Well, today nobody walks, this could have been resolved as soon as March of 76. It is sad, we as a Nation, have taken so long, fear is no longer an excuse, the only excuse now is guilt. And that don’t cut it. The door to the Grand Jury is still open and my advice is get there and do it. I have always said, “I will stand for those who speak with TRUTH,” that doesn’t mean I am going to like it, but I will. Most of us know what took place and that has to be explained. It is not going away and everyday I just become more dedicated. There is only one way I will go down, and to be honest, they are not that good. I will close with this, just take a moment of silence, think about it and say a prayer if your inclined, Annie deserves it.

In the Spirit of my Cousin, Anna Mae
Robert A. Pictou-Branscombe

The 12th of December 75 comes from witiness testimony, one of the killers. I believe it to be true.

As has been noted elsewhere, four years ago there was virtually nothing on the Net regarding Anna. It was this lack of information that prompted me to provide a spot that highlighted Her. Now, advice re Anna is all over the place “precisely” because of the efforts of Robert Branscombe.

Anna Mae was Dennis Bank’s lover. Does anyone seriously believe he did not make an attempt to find those who assassinated her?

Russell Means played basketball the day of her funeral…just a short distance from where the funeral was held.

No ranking AIM leader attended the funeral.

No one within the formal AIM structure has prompted the search for Justice For Anna…no one.

AIM leadership had to know what went on. Whether any of them were directly involved in Anna’s assassination will out in the end…It is my hope that they were not.

I say to Robert, Bravo!, keep at it…someone is now on the run.

From: “Vernon Bellecourt “MEMO TO: Vernon Bellecourt, AIMGGC, Clyde Bellecourt, AIMGGC, Michael Haney, NCRSM, All AIM Chapters and Supporters

FROM: Dennis Banks, AIM National Field Director

DATE: December 7, 1999

SUBJECT: Robert Branscombe

During the last three (3) weeks, a considerable amount of press activity has been generated surrounding the death of Anna Mae Aquash. This activity is being generated by a man claiming to be a relative of Anna Mae, as well as a close confidante of Leonard Peltier. His name is Robert Branscombe.

I have met this man twice. Both times in Phoenix, Arizona during the Peltier tour. This man is recklessly accusing the leadership of having first-hand knowledge of Anna Mae’s death. He further is stating that, not only did AIM’s leadership know of the death, but also allegedly ordered her death. Moreover, he has taken this information, as wrong as it is, to a grand jury through his operative, Russell Means.

His whole appearance, demeanor and behavior is reminiscent of the FBI informant, Doug Durham. Therefore, I am advising all chapters and support groups to be aware and cautious of this man. All chapters, support groups, and their members are to look upon this man with scrutiny, and to refuse him admittance to any AIM meeting, function, or ceremony.

All leadership must refrain from talking to this informant else he distort any information to fit his version of the facts.

Robert Branscombe must be viewed as a general informant who is very reckless in his actions, and does not care who he accuses of wrongdoing.

Shubenacadie (Indian Brook) Band

Council of Shubenacadie Band
General Delivery
Micmac Post Office, Hants Co., NS
B0N 1W0

Phone: (902) 758-2049
Fax: (902) 758-2017

History: Mi’kmaq

Province: Nova Scotia

Chief: Rufus Copage


Thomas Maloney
Jim Nevin
Jerry Sack
Earl Sack
Ronnie Augustine
Michael Sack
Keith Julian
Doreen Knockwood
Michelle Glasgow
Alexander Mcdonald
Colleen Knockwood
Thomas Howe

Androgynous “He/She” Fecal Sex Sodomite Satanist Bill Bunting Says “I Didn’t Serve”!

Anyone who brags about sodomizing Karen Sue Andras (Bunting’s pagan witch anti-christ demon owned “whore”…his words and which she likes being called…by Aleister Crowley wife) and who glorifies the rape of women by “real men like Bill Cosby” saying they should “ask for more” when being raped and especially the raping of Native American women by his hero and serial rapist George Custer and calls ALL Native Americans other then the diluted to almost “no blood” non existence with White blood Cherokee….like the Lakota, Cheyenne, Black Feet and others… “PRAIRIE NIGGERS” as I have documented about Bunting in my blogs….is just the kind of perverted lying filthy beast to believe…right? 🙂

Bunting states in a VIDEO I never served…I was never in the USMC…never NAM….amazing with no documentation even. PSSSST I have documentation and so does the VA because they give me a $3300 bucks a month for 100% disability for AGENT ORANGE SYSTEMIC HEART DISEASE from being in VIETNAM from 1966-68.

As if they don’t do their homework…finding each and every document of PROOF while Bunting does his best to fabricate between “DIAPER CHANGES” because he loves it when Karen straps on a “dildo” and sodomizes him! He actually even texted me and said the demon Aleister Crowley sodomized him and this is right in line with Crowley appearing to Andras as a child, channeling in her when she wanted to experience with Crowley IN HER…sadomasochistic filthy evil and wicked perverted sex…as well as sleeping under her bed in Oberlin Ohio as witnessed by son and daughter in law Norman Shelton Jr. and Liz…all 3 hearing Crowley BREATH there! Add to that Crowley marking Andras with “scratches” and what you have here  is a “tag team of Satan owned LIARS” doing their best to lie about me…using “voice fabrications” and “text copies” made up just for yours truly.

With that said…I joined at 17…mother signed me in…Portland with best buddy Ron Longanecker. He ended up 3d Recon and I a 0311 “grunt”…1-1…Bobby Lane CO and Battalion commander Van Bell.

I enlisted for 4 years. In Nam I extended 6 months…allowing me to come home for 30 days and that was when Lane stepped on a mine and the race hating of me Black dead. I went back for my 6 months and month 5 I was asked if I wanted to leave 30 days early and take a boat home…like I hesitated….NOT.

There were a number of stories on Ron’s death. I chose to believe the POW one told me by someone who served with him in spite of “eye witness” and “official versions” and why? Because the Government NEVER has admitted we had troops that were POW’S even though there is documentation to the contrary.

Technically a tour was 13 months but by extension of 6 got me home a month early and when I went back I was there 5 rather then 6 because of the early ship ride offer. Good thing because right after I left my company ended up in Hue for the “Tet offensive” in 68 which took a toll on them big time.

Just sharing given the sodomite Bunting has done his best to LIE and like I said…THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION DOES NOT GIVE AWAY FREE MONEY! 🙂 And if I was THAT GOOD IN LYING TO THEM…I would of been found out and IN JAIL! 🙂

So there ya go folks… just another lie about me by a SATAN LED BEAST AND HIS WHORE Karen Sue Bunting and THE SHELTON FAMILY OF SATAN LED HARLOTS AND WHOREMONGERS!

IF anyone wants to contact the office of the VFW who processed my claim and ran it through…let me know. God the number and the documents from them and the VA. All my time in Nam and where including where I was exposed to AGENT ORANGE…remembering it in my food when in the DMZ area etc. etc. etc.

Oh…can’t forget the death threats from Bunting too as well as Andras who is in full in complicity with him and her working with AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT MURDERER JOHN TRUDELL to have me offed by that group of raping murdering pedophiles.

For the records sake BUNTING…since you have threatened me one to many times…I if I ever see you…out of self defense…YOU ARE A DEAD MAN!

The Dark History of John Trudell and The American Indian Movement

Added some BLOG LINKS to add important information BLOGS PAST to assist in compiling the “AIM HISTORY OF MURDERS ETC.” and this because of WP and GOOGLE censoring.

What You Never Wanted To Know About The American Indian Movement And Would Never Ask! Murderers, Rapists, Pedophiles, Drug Dealers, and Thieves Who Have Blasphemed The Creator and Desecrated All Th…

Source: The Dark History of John Trudell and The American Indian Movement

Spirituality is not found by mentors who are murderers, liars, thieves & rapists!

Aim LEADERS and their “spiritually complicit” in their cold blooded murders, rapes, pedophile activities, drugs will get their “Spiritual Reality Check” when they DIE and enter the “spirit world of HELL”!


James and Charlie Absourezk, Dennis Banks, Clyde Bellecourt, Leonard Peltier, Richard Marshall, Means family still alive, Richard “MR. FBI” Two Elk, Dino Butler, David Hill, Synagogue of JEW Attorney, FBI liars Joseph and John Trimbach authors of American Indian Mafia which is FULL OF LIES, Black Judge and friend of AIM Michael Davis, ALL JEW ATTORNEYS working to cover up AIM’s crimes, FBI, BIA, Eccoffey, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Lorelei DeCora Means who let Black man Perry Ray Robinson bleed to death after being shot by AIM at Wounded Knee.

And of course OBAMA who knows everything about AIM because his “Oral Office Middle East Advisor and Mentor” was the “Syrian Sioux” Senator James Absourezk!

And all those who know and knew the truth and have kept silent to this day as if that will help them when they come before Wakan Tanka even Jesus Christ.

The blood of those murdered cries out from the ground to this day and be assured the Justice and Judgement of Almighty God will claim YOU THE GUILTY and send you to a place custom made and prepared for all those who are the spiritual progeny of “The Liar and Murderer From The Beginning” where YOU will be with HIM YOUR GOD IN ETERNITY!

Even so AMEN!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Recently I have had numerous interviews, events, speaking engagements by the American Indian Movement (AIM) sent to me to keep me aware of the propaganda activities that are occuring to offset the bad press of the recent conviction & sentencing to life in prison of John Boy Graham Patton in the murder of beloved Anna Mae Aquash in 1975 on the orders of AIM hiarchy leadership.

The hijacking of Lakota spirituality by AIM & Arvol Looking Horse, has continued before & since the true Ceremonial-Traditional Lakota Elders & others who knew the truth crossed over to the otherside camp, has been allowed to run rampent by academia, the media, & Hollyweird without any substancial evidence or proof of AIM or ALHs claims of true core Traditional Lakota values, their right to do so, or the false explaination of Native self-determination.

One must understand Lakota protocols to understand the hypocracy of what has happened to people truly seeking acurate &…

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Hillary “KKK” Clinton And Whoremonger Hubby Rip Off Black Americans In Hundreds of Millions!

Hillary Clinton is a “Daughter of Perdition” AKA… Liar and Murderer and especially when it comes to Blacks and Jews…not to mention ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR. She upholds RACIAL GENOCIDE OF PEOPLE OF COLOR per Margaret Sanger…NAZI WHORE FOR SATAN who promoted the EXTERMINATION OF BLACKS AND ALL PEOPLE OF COLOR PLUS JEWS AND CHRISTIANS!

A vote for Clinton is a vote for SATAN!

Wake up STUPID BLACK FOLK! You actually think this daughter of Satan has ANY interest in your quality of life and freedoms? Has your “House Nigger” representatives ever question why Bil…

Source: Hillary “KKK” Clinton And Whoremonger Hubby Rip Off Black Americans In Hundreds of Millions!

Interview With Full Blood Lakota About Rape and Punishment

EVERY Aim founder / leader is GUILTY OF RAPE… Means, Banks, Bellecourts, Trudell, and of course James and Charlie Abourezk and other famous names such as Floyd Hand Sr. Dino Butler, David Hill…ALL OF THEM…according to Lakota Traditional Law WOULD BE SENTENCED TO DEATH!

Listen to a Full Blood Lakota Headman Emerson Elk and realize AIM and followers are a spiritual and temporal desecration to any and all things LAKOTA and Wakan Tanka and if Crazy Horse were here now…he would make sure the murdering raping pedophile AIMsters would be sent to the “Spirit World”!

But…that not being the case now…I can assure you and those still alive in AIM…that HE WILL BE ONE OF YOUR JUDGES to dispatch you to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone even as he has already for Means and Trudell and V. Bellecourt!


Click>>> Interview  with Full Blood Head Man Lakota Emerson Elk from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

His words speak on behalf of the Creator on this subject. Lakota Law states that those who rape their own women and girls according to the teachings of Traditional Full Bloods were punished with death. The guilty were brought before the Chief and Headman. They were then given a sharpened knife wrapped in leather and told go and kill themselves. Those that did not…tried to run…were found. They then were wrapped in wet leather…tied down on the ground and left to be devoured by the animals, insects etc.

By Traditional Lakota Law then…most ALL members of the American Indian Movement should be punished with death according to the Creator. This Traditional Law then would also include all AIMster WannaBe “NiggaNative” thugs who rape their own girls and women today all over “Indian Country”!

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The Washington “Redskins” Should Be The Washington “Niggers”!

Think THIS… A football team owned by a “KIKE” who’s majority players are “NIGGERS” and then read the history and the real life definition of what was a  “REDSKIN” and apply THE NON INDIAN RACE HATE LOGIC OF AMERICAN INDIANS!

As for the “Washington JEW Post” who’s surveyed “Native Americans”…most if not all were NOT living on a RESERVATION nor were they even close to “Full Bloods” but rather “Wannabe NO BLOODS” who have a “Cherokee Princes” in their family tree….kind of like that FAKE INDIAN Warren!

Go to Pine Ridge any “KIKE” or “NIGGER” and call them “REDSKIN” and see how long you stay standing on your feet!


I blogged this and then removed it and now I am restoring it for your historical pleasure. Richard Boyden Genocidal History of The Word “REDSKIN” (Worse then the word “NIGGER̶…

Source: The Washington “Redskins” Should Be The Washington “Niggers”!

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