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Did John Trudell Really Die Of Terminal Cancer? Me Thinks NO! Say AIDS!


I have come to the conclusion that there might be another reason why “family and friends” of John Trudell waited so LONG to share about his impending death was because he was NOT suffering from “terminal cancer”.

EVERY “celebrity” I know of with cancer has made that public their demise including one of Trudell’s “companions”. Why not him? Why NEVER mentioned on his FB page or elsewhere? Even his photo’s…IF they are “real”…depict a condition of physical deterioration that to me hints of “AIDS”. No mention of chemo…radiation…NADA in ANY family or FB page post by anyone!

Of course I realize that Trudell was a “Pagan Satanist” LIAR and MURDERER in his complicity direct in the murder of Annie Mae Aquash as well as the cover up of the rapes and murders of other innocents at Wounded Knee in 1973 by his “Brotherhood” of raping murdering pedophiles known among men as the American Indian Movement.  So why not lie about his physical condition due to his “Coyote Logic” lifestyle of “Intelligence”?

The only other thought that comes to mind is that…John Trudell is really NOT dead and all of this was “staged”. After all…lots of “Government Workers” who were used to destroy Indian Country and this country as “High Profile Operatives” have been known to have “staged deaths”…given a new identity and “rat lined” to another country. The Nazi’s and Catholic Church had this down to a fine science and remember that the CIA was in the beginning made up of Nazi SS officers…AND the CIA has worked direct to make sure that the TRUTH about the American Indian Movement is and forever will be buried…except that is…on this blog.

IF Trudell is really “gone”…then say HELL is where he is at now. But those words “my ride is here” just doesn’t ring true to me from someone who is taking his last breath but rather the actor speaking in the movie “Thuderheart” or better yet…”Smoke Signals”!


  1. Peji Trudell says:

    Who wrote this piece ? Its both ignorant and embarassing … I’m going to pray for you as its obvious it needs to be done … and if your going to throw this out there as facts then please make sure its actual fact and not your opinionated fictional nonsense … this is my father your disrespecting his memory you are trying to tarnish and its appalling …


    • Your father was complicit in the murder of Annie Mae…documented…and a liar and complicit in the cover-up of ALL the AIM murders at Wounded Knee. Live in your fantasy world of delusion and denial all you want. Believe AIM lies and remain STUPID…nothing new with your family and those deceived by this government spawned organization. But I don’t expect you to even begin to examine ANY testimonies or documents…nope…being a liar and supporting one who is “family” is a DNA trait!


  2. Justice littlefire Britton says:

    Why write a piece consisting of such hatred and blatant disregard for a human life? I mean even in death this great man can’t find peace. All this individual has done is perpetuate a goddamn sadistic cycle of bashing beliefs different from your own, that this country has become all too familiar with. Now whether you wish to simply regurgitate the lies that continue to slander a movement of people trying to renew tribal faith and spirituality that would otherwise have been destroyed, given the imperialistic mentality of the U.S government since the dawn of this country, fine. You’re entitled to your opinion, but do not use this facet of free speech to state a derogative message of your own hate and close mindedness to any individuals that would be blind or ignorant enough to believe it. Despite my objection to your filth leaden writing. Keep in mind that this man is survived ed by by his daughters and grandchildren. So maybe have a conscience and an iota of respect, because no matter what perspective your looking through a family is in mourning.


  3. Charles Janis says:

    Richard Boyden You’re so full of Crap, Your Paranoia of the American Indian, Is blinding You, Through the Freedom Of Information Act, Dig Through the FBI Files, Before you Write Something You Know Nothing About.


  4. Siliconboy says:

    Richard…. you are a slandering liar… prove he had AIDS…. yoi can’t…. all hatred and speculation in your part……
    Go slowly die somewhere….. you useless turd.


    • Prove he didn’t! Never made an announcement he had cancer or that he was sick or dying did he? NOPE! Why not? In most cases of big name murderers like Russell Means…announcement of cancer came out.

      Why not Trudell? Or would it be shameful to tell the truth? So…say nothing. Speculation maybe. Usually when cancer if “there”…prayers are asked for. Especially among Real Indians but that leaves that MURDERER TRUDELL out of that category.

      No matter…he is in HELL!


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