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Britain’s Opium War Against The United States With Obama’s Approval!


by Konstandinos Kalimtgis, David Goldman, Jeffrey Steinberg
from Archive Website


Part I: History

  1. Britain’s First Opium Wars

  2. Palmerston’s Fifth Column, USA

  3. Britain’s “Noble Experiment”

  4. Notes

Part II: How the Drug Empire Works

  1. Banking and the World’s Biggest Business

  2. From Opium to Dirty Money

  3. How the Drug Trade is Financed

  4. Britain’s Gold and Dirty Diamond Operations

  5. Hong Kong – The World’s Drug Capital

  6. The Peking Connection

  1. How the Royal Institute of International Affairs Runs Drugs and Dirty Money

  2. Canada – North America’s Hong Kong

  3. All in the Family – The Real Syndicate

  4. Notes

Part III: Organized Crime

  1. The Bronfman Gang

  2. The Kennedys – Organized Crime in the Government

  3. Britain’s Assassination Bureau – Permindex

  4. Permindex Unveiled – Resorts International Intertel

  5. The Jacobs Family’s Emprise – Sports and Crime

  6. The Philadelphia Story

  7. Notes

Part IV: Creating the Market – The British Origins of the Counterculture

Part V:  The Drug Lobby – The Criminals Come Out in the Open



  1. Wow!
    You were not kidding I’d be amazed with the most recent WP posts!


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    The hurricane of Intel has arrived!
    Thank-you Richard Boyden, you snail it all!


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