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Mission Impossible-Transssssssssssssssgender Bender



“TransGenderSatanicIdentity” 101 Obama and Michael! No wonder he is pushing this agenda. Bill Bunting is a “Trans” Pagan Practicing BiSexual SODOMITE and was raised up to be who he is by his mother Jule Bunting! Family of are supporters “MORALLY and FINANCIALLY” of the SPLC/ Southern Poverty Law Center aka “Sodomite Pedophile Legalization Center”. Mother is a “Sunday School Teacher that justifies SODOMY to children and her son is a SODOMITE! Say “church owned and operated by the Devil” using the name of Jesus no less!

Read and learn about OBAMA and the Illuminati’s agenda for America using this “Sodom and Gomorrah Template” called “TRANSGENDER” or to become like Satan SEXUALLY!

Mystery of the Iniquity


The very fabric of our existence is being challenged…

Even the name reminds me of Ssssssatan! So, before we go any further I want you to know that I consider the stigimatization of this disorder to be his fault. I will explain.

This will get some dirty remarks, replies, comments, all of which will most likely call me names for not being sensitive to this agenda. But, I’m taking a stand. I do have the NERVE to stand on my principles. The Laws of GOD. GOD tells us all darkness will come to light!

Transgender is an umbrella term, and that makes perfect sense considering it’s about our image, sex, and identity. Another term is “Gender Dysphoria”…that one sounds like it holds stigmas attached to it too. Dysphoria means distress…a psycho-analytical term. What do I think of this? I hold true to the prevailing diagnosis that everything wrong with us…

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