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Sex Education 101… Teacher Almighty God through one who understands the TRUTH about Satan’s plan to destroy God’s people and why those who hate Jesus like pagan sodomite and pedophile Bill Bunting rages against me with LIES which I take as a complement for each and every Satan inspired fabrication about me is in fact the TRUTH about who he is in spirit, word and deed!

Satan’s works exposed ! Read and learn from all 3 “Parts”!

Mystery of the Iniquity


So in part one, we addressed how sex outside the covenant of marriage, (GOD’S Holy Union) can allow portals for demons, and in part two, was the origin of Baphomet. Now, we will connect the pieces of this puzzle and how it ties into the homosexual/lesbian/transgender lifestyle.


The root of feminism works in cooperation with the homosexual community to “liberate” society from traditional gender roles. To be specific, male and female roles are considered passe’ as pop stars and other celebrities hail and laud the homosexual/lesbian/transgender lifestyle.
The common rule?
To make gender roles obsolete.
If you remember we touched on the subject of a goat..and Pan. And how it all connects to modern sexuality, the male/female composition. And also how that connects to the Holy Union of marriage. Take note of some of the names and terms below:

There is no one definition on Neutrois…

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