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Sex Education 101… Teacher Almighty God through one who understands the TRUTH about Satan’s plan to destroy God’s people and why those who hate Jesus like pagan sodomite and pedophile Bill Bunting rages against me with LIES which I take as a complement for each and every Satan inspired fabrication about me is in fact the TRUTH about who he is in spirit, word and deed!

Mystery of the Iniquity


GOD is revealing many secrets which have been kept for thousands of years, and not just HIS but dirty little secrets which the dark side does not want you to know.

There’s been so much media over the gay marriage issue that I think this is imperative to the time we live in, and events being staged. Yes, staged. Satan wants rights over everything you see, touch, hear, taste and feel!


Not only is there a global agenda to to change us…but to change us right down to the very core of our DNA.
Yes, this article is going to be about sex, and hopefully we’re all adults here. There’s no such thing as “just sex”!
Marriage is a covenant of GOD.


Within the perfect union of marriage exists love. Love is of GOD, by GOD and for GOD…and meant for us. Marriage does not exist without it.

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