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Bill Bunting Calls Native American Woman a “C—t”, Deserved To Be Raped And Deserves To Be Murdered!


Suzanne Dupree…”Looking Back Woman” has been attacked on her BLOG by Nazi Sodomite hater of “Prairie Niggers” Bill Bunting who he calls all Native Americans other then the “Cherokee” which he says he is one…yea…A WHITE CHEROKEE! πŸ™‚

Asked her on her BLOG how she liked being “FUCKED” by Russell Means when he RAPED HER and “How did he taste” and “YOU WHORE YOU DESERVE TO BURN”!

Calls the Lakota and Cheyenne “Prairie Niggers” who’s women and children DESERVED to be raped and murdered by WHITE OWNED BY SATAN DEVILS LIKE HIM!

Get ready for all his texts as I pick the BEST ONES from this ADMITTED SODOMITE WHO STATES HE LOVES SODOMIZING HIS NEW WIFE…Karen Sue Andras….

AND he gave me the number to his mother for me to send all his texts to and said DO IT..thinking I was going to send her my blogs because “She has read them all”! Dumb as a rock ya think?

Have a nice day.,.oh…and you his friends who believe this animated by SATAN CONFESSED SODOMITE who could win a Nobel Prize for sending me CHILD PORN LITERATURE…you want verifiable documentation I served…email me at and while you are at it…send me all the documentation about everything Mr. Depends says about me because so far…

NOTHING! Figures when you are a pathological devil in the flesh…all talk and NO PROOF!

23 years in Indian Country and among the Lakota and I am what???????????? And I refrain responding to charges about me NOT being in NAM etc etc…kind of a throwback when HomoHippies like “Mr. Depends” said what they did to us when returning and hind site…we should of taken out their punk asses and only GOD stopped me with some of them. YEP…I have documents…EMAIL ME or I will give you phone number of THE VFW office in St. Louis WHO WILL VERIFY MY SERVICE IN NAM AS A GRUNT AND A MARINE!

Otherwise…just keep believing this maggot infested pile of feces in human form…because his “wife” does! πŸ™‚

So when you read his texts…anyone please…tell me he is a CONFEDERATE while working for the FEDS as a MOLE while pretending to be a MILITIA BOY! Yep…Bunting is a member for that reason and because the founder and him have something in common…oral sex and sodomy! Google Morris Dee’s DIVORCE PAPERS!


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