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So I Am What? Did What? Convicted of? Oh Really?



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Inquiring minds need to know… how all of a sudden someone is capable of hiding their personal history of lies about being in the military, not feeding the Lakota in documented trips of 23 years, with letters of acknowledgement from those fed and clothed that I “made up”, that I am a closet or open “child molester” and “pedophile  among those I lived among for 2 years and delivered food for 23 years and HID THAT while doing unspeakable things to the children I was with daily and the very community, family, parents, and other children don’t see, don’t tell that me a full blooded WHITE man is capable of being and doing evil things to children.

And to think those photo’s on the Operation Morning Star page I just all of a sudden “made up”…no wait…they weren’t mine and I forged a letter from Tribal Chairman John Steele and made up all the letters thanking me for the over 500 tons of food and clothing I “didn’t deliver” to Pine Ridge, Rosebud, Cheyenne River Reservations and the $100,000 in wood burning stoves delivered never really happened…

BUT WAIT…hold on everyone…here comes the “Batman” William R. Bunting…the “Latter Day Sherlock HomoHolmes” who is in the know and has access to any and all records and evidence that NO ONE ELSE has but him! That of all human beings on this earth…only HomoBill has discovered, figured out, and is now revealing what NO OTHER HUMAN BEING HAS BEEN ABLE TO DO! WOW…WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…

I fooled the VA, molested children right under the eyes of the Lakota Dakota Oyate, stole from them, and am on every child molesting list available to man…I mean I should say…just “BatMAN”!

I don’t know about YOU but I am impressed that this filthy vile incarnation of “Mother Earth” intelligence is soooooooooooo gifted to know all, tell all, and even DOCUMENT all that he states about me…BUT WAIT AGAIN…does he? Really?

Any proof document wise, witnesses, valid verifiable sources LAW WISE, COURT WISE, LAW ENFORCEMENT WISE? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. ONE WITNESS or DOCUMENT to ONE THING he states? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… n o p e ! 🙂 Anyone from the REZ…any REZ…including those I was “banished from”? Hmmmm…which ones please…anyone know…any paper work. I guess someone could call the Tribal offices…and IF I was…shouldn’t there be a PUBLIC RECORD? Hmmmm…oh well…

Anything from the Veterans Administration? Hmmmm…just what I posted…but of course…Batman says any and all documents I POST while he has NONE other then what he fabricates…are not to be believed…right? Because they are “false” while his are true even though they “don’t exist”.

ANYONE who promotes the raping of women and saying they can be raped by REAL MEN like Bunting any time they WANT is just the kind of man any and all should believe…right? Any Lakota Dakota women say that I raped them or children? LIE DETECTOR TEST PLEASE! 🙂 Not for me…BUT for “Batman” Bill… after all…he states he has the PROOF…then let’s do a live “show and tell” ya think?

And then there is the American Indian Movement documented to be REAL RAPING PEDOPHILE MURDERING BEASTS who Bunting stats” God Protects”…and claims them as “his BROTHERS”  and who “jacketed with lies” to protect their FED ASSES…a true Warrior Woman named Annie Mae Aquash who they RAPED AND MURDERED because according to Bunting…Annie Mae deserved to be RAPED AND MURDERED.

Yes…this is the kind of man that has “Mother Earth” credibility…call’s himself a “Natural Man”…like his BROTHER “John Trudell”…who said…”sin…guilt…shame…it’s all BULLSHIT”… and that he was a “Natural Man”…but more then that…Trudell was AIM Chairman and it was under his leadership Annie Mae was murdered, Black man Perry Ray Robinson was murdered at Wounded Knee with 10 others including 3 Viet Nam serving nurses who witnessed Robinson’s murder…but NOT before they were “gang raped” because according to Bunting…THEY DESERVED IT.

I call AIMsters “Natural Born Killers” and have talked with those WHEN LIVING on Pine Ridge about AIM…who were and are evil murdering raping animals DOCUMENTED and including Russell Means…gang rapist of Doris Respects Nothing sister.

A 12 year girl was also RAPED at Wounded Knee by Bunting’s brotherhood…by a REAL PEDOPHILE even…DOCUMENTED! No documentation on me though of raping any child or woman but Batman say’s otherwise so therefore he is to be believed…right ? 🙂

So any questions anyone…want MY DOCUMENTS and phone numbers to the VA to talk to? Tribal Chairmen past and present about me being banished let alone being guilty of ANY crime against children and women? Want to talk to Bob Perry..>FBI special agent in charge in Rapid City? He will quickly set the record straight about what I am guilty of or not?

Otherwise….please believe Batman Bill…who has threatened me with death thanks to my lying adulterous xxx wife who loves to be sodomized by this REAL MAN…

Sent me one text after another and which I am going to POST EACH ONE for all of you to read because….

WHAT A MAN THINKETH…SO IS HE! I now all of you will enjoy his “imagination” and it’s XXX content!

As for the death threats… you should ALL know by now…that this emasculated “he/she” fake Confederate will never come to Missouri to threaten me to my face…nope…no way…”cluck cluck”! After all when one remembers “Batman”… it was evident by what he wore and who he had as his “side/back door’ partner was just what kind of “man” he was! 🙂



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  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Keep digging yourself into a hole, Bunting…
    You are there, & it is a hole of no return!
    You will be paying Richard for defamation of character, SLANDER & libel, & not even a fancy bought ATTORNEY, let alone someone you lied to, to represent your sorry butt, will be able to get you out of the mess you put yourself in…by your own actions & trash chirping.
    With no real job, doing your Goddesses dishes, & cleaning for HER, won’t pay what Boyden can & will get for damages from your constant provoking of him, but the reward for Boyden will be winning, there is no if about it with what you texted him, emailed him…& threatened him with…
    You do know there’s a “debtors prison term” for those who don’t pay their debts, check it out…few ever get out, eh?
    You will be paying one way, or another!


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