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Did John Trudell Really Die Of Terminal Cancer? Me Thinks NO! Say AIDS!

I have come to the conclusion that there might be another reason why “family and friends” of John Trudell waited so LONG to share about his impending death was because he was NOT suffering from “terminal cancer”.

EVERY “celebrity” I know of with cancer has made that public their demise including one of Trudell’s “companions”. Why not him? Why NEVER mentioned on his FB page or elsewhere? Even his photo’s…IF they are “real”…depict a condition of physical deterioration that to me hints of “AIDS”. No mention of chemo…radiation…NADA in ANY family or FB page post by anyone!

Of course I realize that Trudell was a “Pagan Satanist” LIAR and MURDERER in his complicity direct in the murder of Annie Mae Aquash as well as the cover up of the rapes and murders of other innocents at Wounded Knee in 1973 by his “Brotherhood” of raping murdering pedophiles known among men as the American Indian Movement.  So why not lie about his physical condition due to his “Coyote Logic” lifestyle of “Intelligence”?

The only other thought that comes to mind is that…John Trudell is really NOT dead and all of this was “staged”. After all…lots of “Government Workers” who were used to destroy Indian Country and this country as “High Profile Operatives” have been known to have “staged deaths”…given a new identity and “rat lined” to another country. The Nazi’s and Catholic Church had this down to a fine science and remember that the CIA was in the beginning made up of Nazi SS officers…AND the CIA has worked direct to make sure that the TRUTH about the American Indian Movement is and forever will be buried…except that is…on this blog.

IF Trudell is really “gone”…then say HELL is where he is at now. But those words “my ride is here” just doesn’t ring true to me from someone who is taking his last breath but rather the actor speaking in the movie “Thuderheart” or better yet…”Smoke Signals”!

Phone Number of Satanist, Sodomite, And Free Masonic Crowley Clone And Sadomasochist



I am assuming the emails sent by the “wiccagoddessforever” were read because all of a sudden…the stream of “texts” stopped…which I don’t waste my time reading knowing the filthy inspired by Satan son of sends me for his entertainment only.

Those emails I sent were NOT for the purpose of hoping my xxx wife would return to me but rather for her to repent  ONLY!

Neither were they “threats” to her personally or have I ever threatened her  as implied and which I am lied about and jacketed with by a Bill Bunting, Karen Sue Andras or anyone else. Neither am I “stalking” her but rather exposing that TRUTH countering the LIES shared about me…my past…etc. as well as what happened compliments of DEMONIC forces and those that either listen to or our owned by who admit just that in what they have done to me to this day..


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The Consequence of Rejecting God And Inhereting The Generational Sins of Your Mother

Amanda Shelton Shunned God and The Result

Amanda Shelton is the daughter of my “xxx” porno fixated demon owned wife…aka…Karen Sue Andras. She continues to follow her mother’s example “sin wise”.

Amanda Shelton is a whore for feral black men who she allows to use her as the stupid White woman she is. She is drawn to the Satanic sexual perversion they offer her while being a “trophy” for each one that she bed’s down with.

The result is that she is now suffering the obvious consequence of  the “sins / lifestyle” of adultery and fornication that her mother has chosen in her life. Say “Like mother…like daughter”.

Add to that the total and complete rejection of Jesus Christ by her mother and then this will be the the result in the realms of time and which God will hold her mother accountable for on Judgment Day!

Her mother is with professed sodomite and Satanist Bill Bunting. They both enjoy”Bowel Movement Sex” which Bunting bragged about in texts sent to me. Other texts include “child porn language” which he targets me with and has caused me to conclude that he has personal experience with child porn either personally or as a “consumer of”.

Karen and her daughter with Bunting laugh in his targeting me with the kind of filth that he and his “whore” (his words…plus PAGAN marriages are FORNICATION marriages…NOT accepted by God) enjoy in their demon controlled relationship. My blog has documented his words.

Say all in the family! Now these TWO bring their “Legions of Devil Owned Demons” into the lives of young children with the prime mover being sodomite and pedophile Demon being Aleister Crowely who in fact lives in the home of her son Norman Shelton Jr. in Oberlin Ohio… and who now “OWNS” Karen through his servant Bill Bunting!

One might “have your joy for a season but by and by the END cometh”…say death and and the Lake of Fire and Brimstone which is the ETERNAL CONSEQUENCE of listening to Satan and rejecting Jesus Christ!

The Sins of the Fathers and MOTHERS

Exodus 20:5 – “You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.” (NIV)


Exodus 20:5 is perhaps the most frightening verse of Scripture I know. Not that there aren’t other frightening passages in the Bible. For example, the Bible contains many sobering passages dealing with judgment and eternal punishment. The book of Revelation paints terrifying images of the end times. But as a parent, no verse scares me more thanExodus 20:5. God punishes the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and the fourth generation.

The verse is directed to parents, not just fathers. It applies to moms as well as dads. It means that the sins you commit today can directly impact your children, your grand-children, and even your great-grandchildren. It is a terrible truth to consider. When you truly ponder its meaning, the enormity of this truth becomes unbearable. You stagger beneath the implications and are crushed by its weight. And I have to tell you, if it were not for Jesus Christ in my life, a full understanding of this verse alone would lead me to complete and total despair.

In fact, it is so difficult to accept the truth of this verse that many would prefer to set it aside altogether. Some people, when confronted with this truth choose to reject God rather than accept Scripture. They say, “If that’s what God is like, I don’t want anything to do with him.” That is a foolish response. Not only does it betray a lack of understanding concerning this verse and God’s very nature, but it puts that person and their future generations at risk. It also goes back to the problem of idolatry we discussed last week, recreating God according to our imagination rather than worshiping him for who he is.

I will be the first to admit: this is not a pleasant teaching of Scripture. We would wish it were not true. The problem is you can’t just remove this verse from the Bible. Even if this were the only place in Scripture where this truth was taught, it is still the Word of God and cannot be set aside.

But it is not the only place. It is perhaps the most familiar because of its placement within the Ten Commandments, but it is not the only place. Both the Old and the New Testaments teach this same truth in several passages. Not only that, but our own experience, and in fact the experience of the entire human race bears witness to the truth. God punishes the children for the sins of the fathers, even to the third and the fourth generation.

I’ve thought about this verse a lot over the years, and even more so after I became a father. This morning we will take a closer look at it together. Let me say it again. This is not an easy truth to digest. Sin is hereditary. Sin gets passed down from one generation to the next. That is a weight most of us would rather not bear. But we will not overcome this burden by ignoring or denying it. We must face the terrible truth of generational sin in order to deal with it, so that we may indeed break the cycle of sin for ourselves and for our children who follow.

I. There is no escape: We must all face the consequences of generational sin.

The first truth the Bible teaches us about generational sin is that there is no escape. We must all face the consequences of generational sin.

Sin always has consequences. Many of us are familiar with the law of the harvest. We read about it in Galatians 6 – “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. The one who sows to please his sinful nature, from that nature will reap destruction; the one who sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.” (Galatians 6:7-8) A man reaps what he sows. There is no escape from that law. If you sow carrots, you get carrots. If you sow strawberries, you get strawberries. If you sow good things in your life, you reap good things. If you sow sin in your life, you reap the consequences of that sin.

Now that makes sense to most of us. We understand that if we make wrong choices, we reap the results of our choices. If I cut myself, I bleed. If I jump off a cliff, I break my legs. If I lie to my wife, then I lose her confidence and trust. If I reject God, then I lose God.

What we don’t always understand is that the Bible also teaches the law of the generational harvest. The law of the harvest says that you will reap what you sow. The law of the generational harvest says that others will also reap what you sow, especially your children and grandchildren, your family and immediate descendants. As John Calvin wrote: “The curse of the Lord righteously rests not only on the person of an impious man, but also on the whole of his family.”

We don’t like that. It does not set well with our rugged American independence. We like to think that we can do anything we like as long as we’re not hurting others. We like to think, “My sin is my own, and it’s nobody else’s business.” The problem is that there really is no such thing as personal or private sin. My actions, my choices always affect others, either for good or for ill.

The law of the generational harvest works itself out in three different ways in the human race. First, there is the general problem of human sin, what the Bible calls the sinful nature of man. Second, there is cultural sin, that is, sin which displays itself in whole cultures. And thirdly, there is family sin, generational sin that is specific to families and their children.

First, there is human sin in general. The law of the generational harvest began with Adam and Eve, the first parents of the human race. God created Adam and Eve in his own image, placed them in the garden, and gave them dominion over all the earth. He gave them everything they needed: food, protection, companionship, and sweet fellowship with God. But Adam and Eve chose to reject God’s command; they chose sin over obedience. Our whole planet is still reeling from their choice.

The apostle Paul writes in Romans 5:12 – “Sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all men, because all sinned.” When Adam and Eve fell into sin, the whole human race fell into sin. The most precious, sweetest-looking innocent baby has a sinful nature just waiting to break out. Sin is a congenital disease which within a few years of birth presents itself in every human being born on the planet. Adam and Eve sinned, and they passed that sin on to their children, grand-children, great-grand-children, and beyond. There is no escape from the human condition of sin. The Bible says, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23)

Secondly, there is cultural sin. Whole cultures often display an inclination toward particular sins as those sins are passed on from one generation to another. For example, I have read about tribes which honor lying and falsehood. The people in the tribe admire those who lie the most and consider them the cleverest. Then there are cultures which twist the Biblical concept of male leadership into sinful forms of male dominance, where women are treated as less than men or even as property. Other cultures struggle with deep-seated racial prejudices. Our own culture here in America struggles especially with the sins of materialism, sexual immorality and divorce. As we saw last week, the sin of idolatry is a specific example of cultural sin where false worship is passed down within a people from one generation to the next. Cultural sin, patterns of sin that affect entire cultures, is another evidence of the law of the generational harvest at work.

Thirdly, and this is where we focus today, there is family sin, sin that is passed down from parents to children and then to their children. We see many examples of this in the Bible. Abraham passed down the sin of lying to Isaac, who passed it on to his deceiving son Jacob. A study of the kings of Israel and Judah shows how one king after another was influenced by his father’s sin. I’ll give you just one example from 1 Kings: “Ahaziah son of Ahab became king . . . and he reigned over Israel two years. He did evil in the eyes of the LORD, because he walked in the ways of his father and mother and in the ways of Jeroboam son of Nebat, who caused Israel to sin. He served and worshiped Baal and provoked the LORD, the God of Israel, to anger, just as his father had done.” (1 Kings 22:51-53)

We see this law at work also within our own families and in society around us. Prejudice gets passed down from father to son. Alcoholism runs in families. Children of divorced parents are more prone to divorce when they grow up. Once again, as parents who are all too familiar with our own sins and failures, this law of the generational harvest rightly terrifies us when we ponder the implications for our children and grandchildren.

Notice that Exodus 20:5 tells us it is God who punishes the children for the sin of the fathers. That is one of the reasons why there is no escape. God himself is behind the law of the generational harvest. God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. If you sow good things in your life, you and your family will reap the benefit. If you sow sin in your life, you and your family will reap the consequences.

There are two ways that God punishes for sin. There is what we might call active or direct punishment, where God punishes a person directly for the sins he has committed. And then there is punishment by consequence, where God allows the person to suffer the natural consequences for his sin.

Although God often punishes people directly for their own sins, I don’t believe God normally punishes children directly for the sins of the fathers. For example, we read in Ezekiel 18 that a son will not die for his father’s sin, but rather the soul that sins shall die. (One possible exception to this would be in 2 Samuel 12 where God punishes David for his sin of adultery by taking the life of David’s son.)

I believe when God punishes the children for the sins of the fathers, he normally punishes by consequences. Sometimes this happens when children suffer the natural consequences for their parents’ sin, for example when a father breaks the law and goes to jail, or when a parent gambles away the family’s money. At other times the influence of the parent’s sin gets passed on to the child. A parent practices lying and deception in the home, and the children grow up lying and deceiving. The parents don’t make worship and church a weekly priority in their lives, and lo and behold, when their children grow up, neither do they. God does not hold our children guilty for the sins we commit, but our children still bear the consequences, even as we suffer the consequences from our own parents’ sins.

So, the first truth we learn about generational sin is a tough one: there is no escape. This is a burden that all parents and children bear together. Who can avoid the sins of the fathers? Just as there is the law of the harvest: “you reap what you sow”, so also there is the law of the generational harvest: “your children and grand-children will also reap what you sow.” It is a tragic part of the human predicament, and it scares me to death.

II. There is no excuse: We are all responsible for our own choices and actions.

The second truth the Bible teaches us about generational sin is this: there is no excuse. We are all responsible for our own choices and actions.

It is tempting to try and blame our parents for our problems and failings or to try and justify our bad behavior because our parents also failed. And in fact, this is quite popular today. If you’re struggling with life, depressed, or dysfunctional, it has become fashionable to find a therapist who will tell you exactly how your parents messed you up, relieve you of your responsibility, and tell you that none of this your fault.

Guess what? It’s not true. Although there is no escape from the law of the generational harvest, there is also no excuse when we give in to the same sins as our parents. Ten Commandments scholar Jochem Douma writes, “The collective consequences of a father’s sin . . . does not eliminate the personal responsibility of the children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.” The Bible teaches that we are all responsible for our own choices and actions.

You might ask: “Why am I still responsible? I mean, didn’t we just say that God punishes the children for the sins of the fathers? Why then am I still responsible?” You are responsible first of all because you do not have to follow in your parents’ sins.You may be predisposed to some of the same sins as your parents, but you are not predetermined to follow in their sins. You may indeed be wounded and disadvantaged because of your parents’ sins, but you are not destined to repeat their mistakes. That is actually good news. Although your parents have sinned, you can still turn away from their sin. You cannot escape the influence of their sin, but neither are you doomed to follow in their footsteps.

A little earlier we mentioned Ezekiel 18 which taught that God does not hold the children guilty for their parents’ sin. Rather, the soul that sins shall die. Ezekiel 18 also teaches that children do not have to follow the same cycle of sin as their parents. Godly parents sometimes have ungodly children. Godly children sometimes have ungodly parents. It is not automatic. As parents we pass on sinful tendencies to our children, not sinful necessities or requirements. So, you are responsible first of all because you do not have to follow in your parents’ sins.

Secondly, you are responsible, because you choose to sin. No ever one forces you to sin. Do you know why you choose to sin? You sin because you want to. That is your desire. It is your own choice. Nobody makes you sin against your will. Listen to James 1 – “When tempted, no one should say, ‘God is tempting me.’ For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death.” (James 1:13-15) When you sin, you are responsible for your actions because no one has violated your will. You have simply acted in accordance with your own desires.

And so, just because God punishes the children for the sins of the fathers does not take away your own personal responsibility for sin. You are not predetermined to follow your parents’ sins, and when it comes right down to it, you sin because you want to. You choose to do wrong instead of right.

So there is no excuse. The soul that sins shall die. You are accountable to God for your actions, and you cannot shift that blame to your parents or to anyone else. On judgment day you will stand alone before God, and you alone will be responsible for the life choices that you have made. Quoting Douma once again, “The sanction of the second commandment can never be used as an excuse by children who argue that they are suffering judgment for what their fathers did. On the other hand, the sanction does contain a serious warning to fathers: Consider the destruction your sin can cause, not only in your life, but also in the life of your family!” There is no excuse: we are all responsible for our own choices and actions.

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Psychopathic (Satanic) World Rulers Abuse Children And Then “Snuff” Them

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Those Who Gave Their Lives For Freedom Are Desecrated On This Memorial Day Like Never Before!

Happy Memorial Day this one last time from me and why.

Ideals and moral spiritual attributes are only found in the understanding and belief in Almighty God and in spite of the ongoing feral agenda by Luciferian/Satanic Pagan New Age and their handlers of Free Masonic Synagogue of Satan Jewish servants with their supporting legions of devils in the flesh followers attempts to destroy this historically documented truth found in the history of our country…that TRUTH will vindicate Himself in due time as a result of the defilement of all things Holy and of and from Him as exemplified and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

Most if not all Veterans who have answered the “call” and including those who died on those battlefields of those wars that they were put into the midst of had at least a basic belief in God. Some more then others including the last minute “converts” that cried out to the God they ignored up to their last breath…”God don’t let me die” as the blood of life flowed out of their soon to expire body.

Only a Combat Veteran who has confronted this reality and or witnessed it next to a “brother” dead or dying can understand the eternal impact impeding death has on ones soul. Those who have been insulated from this reality for whatever reasons will never grasp the value of life itself when it is claimed by death in a war. Nor will they ever fully appreciate the death and sacrifice of the one who served and lost their life.

American Veterans up to the last 75 years were acknowledged as hero’s in those wars that appeared to be fought for our freedoms as found in the Constitution and Bill of Rights…freedoms never ever in existence in any country or civilization known to man…which freedoms were understood according to the Founding Fathers to be the direct result of the inspiration of and from God Himself and including Jesus Christ who was both thanked and worshiped as being the source of those blessings found here in America and which peoples from ALL other nations sought to experience in their lives as they did all that was possible come here.

Families, marriage, sexual morality and the connection to the source of that God who in His Word both defined and blessed those understandings as applied to and lived in the lives of those Americans who realized that they were blessed in their obeying these TRUTHS. They understood more then any what Memorial Day meant to those who lost one of their men in war. They then were the majority and as long as they were this country was blessed by God. That is not the case now and why?

Because it is now that I consider this Memorial Day the historical point in time when those blessings are going to be forever removed by God Himself because those ideals and morals which formed our spiritual foundation as a Nation…even our belief and obedience to the “Original Founder” of our Nation…Almighty God who is Jesus Christ are now more then ever socially, politically and spiritually blasphemed, mocked, and desecrated in and through every fabric of America’s existence.

When there is a filthy vile murdering traitor and sodomite pedophile enabling Free Mason President named Barrack Obama is able to muster the votes of both Republican/Democrat/FREE MASONIC “representatives of We The People” to align themselves with this “devil in the flesh” and openly embrace the Satanic filth of sodomy, androgen-ism/transgenderism, and stay silent and or allow for us and and our children to be continually exposed to these ongoing and increasing templates promoting the the demonic perverted sexualization/pornographic contamination of all things American through the media, tv, magazines, internet and music…etc. then for me…our “Last Memorial Day” is NOW for we can no longer be identified as America but rather as “Sodom and Gomorrah” who’s Anointed by Satan himself President is Obama!

The final desecration of our Veterans on this Memorial Day as seen by God is the “deafening silence” that echos within the chambers/churches/synagogues of those who profess with their lips they “represent” Him and/or Jesus Christ. This is the eternal proof for Him that their hearts are far from Him and in their condition of reprobate mindedness have “spiritually murdered” their their sheep because of their DENYING Him among men in not addressing the sins of this country.

We as a Nation should never forget that Native American’s possess this understanding more then any for they have been the unwitting victims of this hypocrisy in the genocidal treatment they have suffered and this history was magnified on May 20th of this year when Obama said there is no longer a “legal term” defining Indian. This final act of “Manifest Destiny” of Free Masonic Devil inspired hate and genocide of those who’s legends document their relationship with Jesus Christ as found in the legends in the book titled “He Who Walked The America’s” proves more then ever that those Veterans who gave their lives for this country are now officially classified as having died in vain because what Obama stated concerning “Indians” automatically includes not only Veterans but we as Americans and that the America of the past no longer exists as it once was and that we as American’s are now extinct legally with Native Americans according to this Son of Perdition.

On this day I say “Happy Memorial Day” to my best friend Ronald Longenecker who is in the spirit world and who I joined the Corp with and went to Nam with. I have told God many times that He made a mistake in allowing me to come home and brought Ron home given he having a family and fiance.

I also extend my Memorial Day greetings to all of those Veterans who weep together in the Spirit World as they witness the literal moral and spiritual destruction of this country that they fought and died for. They also weep because they have been shown by God Himself of the last war to come and on this land…say World War 3…as decreed by “He Who Walked The America’s” because He no longer is going to allow for this HIS LAND to be defiled by the servants of Satan in their spiritual war and their blaspheming of all things Holy as revealed by God Himself in the realms of time…even Jesus Christ who is the very source of the freedoms Veterans died for.

My personal consolation for me and should be with you who are reading this that most of those Veterans of the past who lost their lives in the wars of our past are now in God’s presence and that they are comforted in spite of witnessing the present…realizing as it has been shown to them that in the end they will be restored to those they lost here because of God’s Atonement and Resurrection unto the destroying of the works of Satan in time and eternity through His act of eternal love. They know that death, hell, and the works of Satan and their servants will soon be no more on this land and for them that is a never ending and eternal Memorial Day!


More than 100 indigenous women in N.L. murdered or missing, meeting told

Truth be told…KKKanda’s WHITES have always been in the shadow of AmeriKKKa’s genocide of Indigenous women. One very IMPORTANT fact is the feral BLACK “Buffalo Soldier PIMP” contribution to what happens to Indigenous women! Download and read about sexual trafficking exploitation of Native women and girls in Minnesota I asked the question…”What RACE were the “PIMPS”? IMMEDIATE ANSWER… B L A C K…no…excuse me…to dignified a word…say NIGGERS! Yet young Native men and women are “wannabe nigga natives” which grooms them for this lethal template of GENOCIDE in KKKanda and AmeriKKKa!

WHITE “liberals” are as racist as “conservatives”…they just PRETEND to care about Indigenous … while laughing behind closed doors when discussing what the next political moves needs to be fabricated to continue to win the vote of Indigenous Peoples!

Warrior Publications

Missing Murdered Women rally Rally for missing/murdered Indigenous women. CBC.

Pre-Inquiry meeting held at the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre

By Mark Quinn, CBC News, March 31, 2016

A shocking number was revealed at meeting in St. John’s Wednesday: more than 100 indigenous women and girls are estimated to have been murdered or gone missing in Newfoundland and Labrador.

“It is a big issue, and that’s the point,” said Angus Andersen, who hosted the gathering of about a dozen people at the St. John’s Native Friendship Centre.

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Our Prospects Against The Russians And Chinese In World War III

Our Prospects Against The Russians And Chinese In World War III

Truth IS this land is going to be CLEANSED BY GOD…words of Jesus…from all that is of SATAN! This had been shown … George Washington’s vision…Tom Beems…and the Hopi were shown WW3 HERE!

By Paul Craig Roberts

“Americans need to pay attention to the fact that their government
is just a collection of crazed stupid fools.”


The Saker reports that Russia is preparing for World War III, not because Russia intends to initiate aggression but because Russia is alarmed by the hubris and arrogance of the West, by the demonization of Russia, by provocative military actions by the West, by American interference in the Russian province of Chechnya and in former Russian provinces of Ukraine and Georgia, and by the absence of any restraint from Western Europe on Washington’s ability to foment war. 

Like Steven Starr, Stephen Cohen, myself, and a small number of others, the Saker understands the reckless irresponsibility of convincing Russia that the United States intends to attack her.

It is extraordinary to see the confidence that many Americans place in their military’s ability. After 15 years the US has been unable to defeat a few lightly armed Taliban, and after 13 years the situation in Iraq remains out of control. This is not very reassuring for the prospect of taking on Russia, much less the strategic alliance between Russia and China. The US could not even defeat China, a Third World country at the time, in Korea 60 years ago.

Americans need to pay attention to the fact that “their” government is just a collection of crazed stupid fools likely to bring vaporization to the United States and all of Europe.

Russian weapons systems are far superior to American ones. American weapons are produced by private companies for the purpose of making vast profits. The capability of the weapons is not the main concern. There are endless cost overruns that raise the price of US weapons into outer space. (See here)

The F-35 fighter, which is less capable than the F-15 it is supposed to replace, costs between $148 million and $337 million per fighter, depending on whether it is an Air Force, Marine Corps, or Navy model.

A helmet for a F-35 pilot costs $400,000, more than a high end Ferrari.


Would you pay $400,000 for this helmet?
Isn’t the American taxpayer being ripped off?

It is entirely possible that the world is being led to destruction by nothing more than the greed of the US military-security complex. Delighted that the reckless and stupid Obama regime has resurrected the Cold War, thus providing a more convincing “enemy” than the hoax terrorist one, the “Russian threat” has been restored to its 20th century role of providing a justification for bleeding the American taxpayer, social services, and the US economy dry in behalf of profits for armament manufacturers.

However, this time Washington’s rhetoric accompanying the revived Cold War is far more reckless and dangerous, as are Washington’s actions, than during the real Cold War. Previous US presidents worked to defuse tensions. The Obama regime has inflated tensions with lies and reckless provocations, which makes it far more likely that the new Cold War will turn hot. If Killary gains the White House, the world is unlikely to survive her first term.

All of America’s wars except the first—the war for independence—were wars for Empire.

Keep that fact in mind as you hear the Memorial Day bloviations about the brave men and women who served our country in its times of peril. The United States has never been in peril, but Washington has delivered peril to numerous other countries in its pursuit of hegemony over others.

Today for the first time in its history the US faces peril as a result of Washington’s attempts to assert hegemony over Russia and China.

Russia and China are not impressed by Washington’s arrogance, hubris, and stupidity. Moreover, these two countries are not the native American Plains Indians, who were starved into submission by the Union Army’s slaughter of the buffalo.

They are not the tired Spain of 1898 from whom Washington stole Cuba and the Philippines and called the theft a “liberation.”

They are not small Japan whose limited resources were spread over the vastness of the Pacific and Asia.

They are not Germany already defeated by the Red Army before Washington came to the war.

They are not Granada, Panama, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, or the various Latin American countries that General Smedley Butler said the US Marines made safe for “the United Fruit Company” and “some lousy bank investment.”

An insouciant American population preoccupied with selfies and delusions of military prowess, while its crazed government picks a fight with Russia and China, has no future.



“If Killary gains the White House,
the world is unlikely to survive her first term.”
— Paul Craig Roberts

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