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If you tolerate this,Your children will be next


PROOF the American Indian Movement of MURDERERS ARE PROTECTED BY THE FBI/US GOV.! NO wonder they murdered Annie Mae…she saw it all…the ONLY AIM MEMBER representing the Creator other then those AIM MURDERED LIKE HER!

Influenced to Death

April 2012 Dakota Conference
Truths Surface of Wounded Knee 40 Years Later


this is cute, a “few” notes on what these guys have in common,

Academic America continues to Valorize those who have put many people on a path to self destruction.

*** James Abourezk ***

father of Charles Abourezk
Arlo Looking Cloud stated at Marshall’s trial, court documents show that the now South Dakota Supreme Court Judge, & son of James Abourezk, former Senator of South Dakota, Charles Abourezk was at AIM leader, Russell Means brother, Bill Means home the night before Aquash-Pictou was executed & raped by Graham…

While the trio of Rios, Graham & Looking Cloud were on their way to Marshall’s home to pick up the gun used by Graham to execute Aquash-Pictou after raping her, & Charles Abourezk did nothing to prevent Aquash-Pictous execution or rape-beating on the orders of AIM leadership.

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