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Karen Sue Andras Complicit In Death Threats Targeting Yours Truly!


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The features benefits and advantages of documenting the raping murdering and pedophile history of the American Indian Movement is of course to be jacketed by them with lies and death threats. Their history is contaminated with the blood of murdered innocents as documented on my blog and elsewhere including on the Operation Morning Star web page which also includes photos of deliveries to the “grass roots Oyate” on Lakota/Dakota Reservations in South Dakota.

Add to AIM’s history of personal threats from “their followers” is the Facebook message on this blog sent from  John Trudell to me PERSONALLY in which he said “we have been watching you for a while”. That “while” goes back to me exposing the brutal rape and murder of his “sister” Annie Mae Aquash and other innocents by his “brotherhood of demons” and “natural born killers”!

One of Trudells most profound commentaries about that being “natural” was when he stated “There is no such thing as sin, guilt and shame…it is all bullshit”. He called it external programming. He was right…from Jesus Christ and which he rejected as does AIM. Instead Trudell and those like him accept and internalize the “other external programming” from the “Liar and Murderer From The Beginning” which their “sins” demonstrate and are inspired by their “creator” Satan himself. This is why Trudell I know for a fact he is in hell suffering with fellow MURDERERS! I wrote an “obituary” just for him!

Trudell mentioned me on his FB page…lying and saying he did not know who I was in the least and that I was a “stalker of his followers” 🙂 The truth is that I was “friending” as many as I could to tell the truth about his history and that of AIM raping and murdering in cold blood Annie Mae Aquash which is the real reason why he blocked me 🙂

After Karen Sue Andras my “wife” 🙂 left me…she sent me a series of sexually graphic texts about what she wanted to do with Trudell…say “oral sex” and “24/7 fornication” and more which now has been confirmed by Bill Bunting in a text saying she went to see him and did just that.

So my gut was right when there was a “misty photo” of a WHITE “left hand/arm” around Trudell but no face. Andras is left handed and WHITE! 🙂

On his FB page Trudell said his “private investigator” had told him I was in Ava Missouri. Why would he hire a PI to find that out over a FB intrusion from someone he didn’t know publicly but in his private message said otherwise. Say Karen Sue Andras!

In the FB message he “said I would get my chance” 🙂 That was interpreted as a death threat in conjunction with Trudell’s history of covering up the murder of 12 innocents at Wounded Knee in 1973. Of course Trudell has no more chances for anything!

Andras has now done the same thing with Bill Bunting…another death threat and AFTER she called me 4 times in January and then gave my contact information to Bunting which in a email was the first death threat plus 2 more in texts which I have.

The biggest LIE in his email is that I was “stalking her” to kill her and her family. That’s funny…she is the one that broke the “no contact order”, asked me to marry her, and came to Missouri and lived there. From all that Bunting says about what they do in graphic sexual filthy evil “visuals”…she must be alive and well and this Friday they are having a Satan sponsored “Pagan Wedding” with Satan giving them as a “Wedding Present” a free one way eternal trip to hell to be with their heroes John Trudell, Russell Means as well as all the other “devils” who Satan owns in time and eternity.

Andras’s son and daughter in law…Norman and Liz also broke the no contact order too by talking to me…thanking me…AFTER I gave him $1500 for two months rent after he lost his job. I offered to do that because I “use people for money”! 🙂 Andras told me about their possibly losing their home where they and their “twins” lived and not having a place to live. So I stepped up because that is ME!

In talking my attorney and to a friend and officer of the law last night…we all decided I should add Karen Sue Andras to the “death threat” filed on Trudell and the one on Bunting. I have take the time to do that but for sure it will be done next month when I am in that area. So if anything happens to me…it won’t be hard to connect the dots! 🙂

Need to mention before I forget…Andras’s second husband ended up dead from a “gunshot” and there is NO HISTORY of any dead bodies in my past…for whatever that is worth

I guess this could be considered my “wedding present” !

God does work in “mysterious ways” !

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