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So “Mr. Explorer Of Every Orifis” Bill Bunting Has My DD214 And Medical Records Huh?


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Hope everyone is reading this because I just LOVE catching a full blown owned by Satan Satanist and sadomasochistic practicing sodomite in a lie! Give a fool enough line and wait long enough and then you can “castrate them” with the truth!

So I ask the question…how can anyone get medical records that don’t exist? ANYONE? Come on now…someone has to know how to take “ashes and smoke” and make up a “fraudulent discharge” with all kinds of added goodies huh? Right?

“Veterans still battling 1973 fire that wiped out millions of service records”

Fact is there are no “medical records” asswipe! You do wipe it after sodomize yourself on “skype” with Karen as you shared in a text with me…don’t you Bill?

Not only no medical records but no discharge records either! POOF…FIRE…GONE! So tell everyone “mr. rocket scientist”…just where did you get mine if not out of your ass? LOL

The only way that a Veteran can get medical records is if there were “service connected/combat/assignment” and that ONLY by going direct to the branch one served in including time…place…duty…service number etc… WHOOPS!

But then again…within 1 week or less…Bunting could of become a “magician” and bent over and pulled out of his “hat” (after he removed his “Depends”) all the information filed in this system and which few are able to in YEARS unless there is access DIRECT!

Of course when you are a product of incest with sodomy being an accepted and normal family family tradition then be assured that anything close to being “normal” would take an act of GOD for Bill Bunting because with his name…being BUNTING and in Georgia…for that name it is NORMAL to sexually abuse children. Such is the result of being a bastard child resulting in your spiritual DNA hooked at the hip with Satan himself!

Read carefully PLEASE….YOU CAN”T HAVE A DD214 IF THEY DON’T EXIST ! But Bunting has one! Yes sir…this here be da black magic boy! If the “he/she” say’s it…it’s automatically TRUE!

Wholly CHIT…KAREN SUE ANDRAS AND FAMILY…you really picked a GOOD ONE! Hopefully Karen…he won’t be the cause of one of son’s twins trying to kill themselves like your one son did because of one of your PAST SATAN INSPIRED CHOICES OF MEN because I can tell you for sure…if you thought it was bad with your past “men” who raped you and beat you and your children and your always dealing with the demon Crowley who appeared to you as a child…slept under your bed after you met me “then” and NOW LIVES in your son’s house (forgot…also scratched you and and channeling into you freezing you and you cried out to JESUS for deliverance and He did that!) …well…with Bunting…your family is SEALED IN THE DARKNESS OF HELL ITSELF!

So all you Bunting “groupies eat his poop poopies” just keep right on believing this poor excuse of humanity and FAKE Confederate! I mean after all…his hero’s are documented rapists, pedophiles and murderers… say American Indian Movement boys like RAPIST AND PEDOPHILES Russell Means and Dennis Banks as well as murderers like John Trudell. And we all know that just because Bunting says ALL WOMEN ARE WHORES and that he likes to SODOMIZE THEM… that you should continue to believe every word that ozooooozes out of his “feces eating” mouth…yep…he likes to eat “feces”…! ASK HIM!

I mean if you want to descend LITERALLY into the pits of hell…BILL BUNTING IS YOUR ALEISTER CROWLEY OWNED POSTER BOY to help you do just that ! And don’t forget to ask him how many women HE HAS RAPED! When one idolizes those who rape women and children…in my book…that makes YOU ONE!

You have just been “nutted” boy!

Semper Fi


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  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Tenaciously, relentlessly Bunting Stalks Boyden day & night….pretty obsessive compulsive behavior to me, needs his Dr. to change his lithium dosage to a higher amount!


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