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The Secret Free Masonic Satanic And Sodomic Roots of America Revealed


Dedicated to PROFESSED SODOMITE Bill Bunting who LOVES SODOMY being sodomized as a child by one of his family “connections/friends of’ because ONLY when one openly magnifies this filth in ones personal life as he does can mean only one thing…that SATAN himself took over his soul as evidenced by his filthy perverted and Aleister Crowley targeting of Karen Sue Andras with the same…keeping in mind…Crowley “Satan’s Chief of Staff” appeared to her for ONE REASON…TO OWN HER and why? Because he said to her…”YOU HAVE WHAT I WANT!” and sure enough…she is now OWNED BY HIM THROUGH CROWLEY”S “CHIEF OF STAFF” HERE ON THIS EARTH…BILL BUNTING! No wonder God removed her from my life and Satan OWNS BOTH OF THEM…right Bill? Trust me…HE DOES!


The Spiritual Roots of America The Evil Empire Eposed

A word keenly representative of the occult tradition and conspiracy is “corruption.” Perhaps there is no better word conveying the essence of it’s age old practices and teachings. In the occult conspiracy’s principle secret society vehicle, Freemasonry, such is evident by the oaths made in secret, oaths diametrically opposed to those taken by public officials to uphold justice.

The corruption of the process of justice and the subversion and corruption of the individual form the basis of corrupting society and points to a source of inspiration embraced by the expression “empire of evil.”

Who are the “Keepers of the Great Plan” and what are their “fundamental principles”?

Who are the Illuminati ?

What are their roots?


Term first used in fifteenth-century Europe to signify adepts, specifically those who were quite learned or who possessed “light” from direct…

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