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Being Played Like Pawns


The American Indian Movement PEDOPHILE RAPING OF Teton children DOCUMENTED! This is why BILL BUNTING and KAREN SUE ANDRAS LOVE AIM…because they “uphold” AIM’S PEDOPHILE HISTORY! Thank you Brother Wade for your G-d inspired work of exposing these “devils” in the flesh who will burn in hell or already are like MEANS, TRUDELL, CAMP, VERN THE SODOMITE/PEDOPHILE with Banks and Clyde on the way! And to thinks the PEDOPHILE INFESTED U.S Government enables the activities of these…but they too will find residence in that “LAKE OF FIRE” with their names on reserved seats! Go ahead and ignore JESUS…pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee because I want to SEE YOU BURN!

Influenced to Death

upside_downTurning Identity & Spirituality Upside Down

If you can catch what is being presented in this blog entry , good for you,

if not, then try enhancing your critical thinking !


Lets get this right, first we set up elder protection laws that can target anyone for any reason as an assailant, then drag the accused into tribal courts . that have_No separation of powers, that have new jurisdiction for cases such as elder abuse, then sling into JAIL , those who stand up against the abuse of funding programs by organizations littered with The Old Guard Mentalitythat campaign outreach material for public awareness on domestic violence, elder abuse, generational trauma, residential schooling, why treaties matter, none of which address the root causes of escalating violence within the communities OR how the children are being taught to continue blundering one another to death,  creating  higher and higher levels…

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