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Warning Given In The Name Of The Creator!


For the RECORD, this reality check about “sin” & God/Creator-Jesus Christ’s “punishment” for those engaged in this filth/lust of the flesh/rape/pedofilia & wanting to TERRORIZE Richard Boyden with their celebration of wallowing in it, inspiring others in it…that being Bill Bunting & Karen Sue Andras going to my Ancestors Traditional Teton territories to visit your AIM buddies, like High Pine Peltier, let me warn you this ALERT was compiled especially for you.

My Tetons are already living under the Black Cloud of Satan’s Evil & DARKNESS which has consumed their honor, dignity, righteousness as being God/Creator’s CHOSEN people for His gift via Whope, White BUFFALO Calf Pipe Woman bringing the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to them in 1540 because “At THE TIME” of the Tetons moral character….which currently with AIM & Looking Horse’s betrayal of GOD/Creator/Wakan Tanka & Jesus Christs instructions, & Sacred Lifeways upon this land “America,” has been violated, desecrated, your Satan owned souls will be destroyed along with the filth you visit there.
No longer will these violations be tolerated, as I lift the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin to the Heavens & pray for this DARKNESS & Evil be wiped from His & His alone SACRED Lands & with it, all the foulness that resides there once the Tetons abandoned their belief in Him, Wakan Tanka, & took the Wasciu DARKNESS & Evil for their own.
Example: Tad High Hawk’s attack on those (Boyden), who tried to HELP a TETON family in need & responded to their voice in despair…*****without a proper response from the recipients who benefitted from our generosity, & the time it took to put the gofundme together. If the funds were not distributed as Tad thought they should have been, he should have spoken with his Uncle, not attack Boyden saying he, Tad…didn’t get anything from the scheme, which on our parts there was no scheme, only generous, loving hearts responding as a Man & Woman of GOD/CREATOR would.
That’s the problem today with Tetons…fighting over the crumbs, when had they conducted themselves morally as they should, they would not be living under the Curse of the Wasciu!

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  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    I am proud to call Richard Boyden, Brother!
    Awed & Spiritually inspired daily by his words & good deeds from those in need.
    My husband & I are grateful for the Security Boyden has provided to us & our animals secure & safe.
    We also thank him for the pure heart contacts who have secured our electronics with the newest technologies/in MILITARY surveillance to monitor our safety 24/7 against any & all threats….
    Reverse technology is amazing & it good to know what the perps watching me/us have Oath Keepers watching their every move around us & beyond!
    Having your 6 protected by those trained to do it is truly an amazing experience sent from God/CREATOR & Our Lord Jesus Christ to keep Evil at bay, protected by true SPIRITUAL warriors willing to die for freedom, God & Country!
    Feels so safe to continue to do the will of God/CREATOR with an invisible barrier between myself, those I love & my precious animals the perps enjoy terrorizing night & day, & the perps Satan inspired Evil!
    Hoka Hey, it is a good day to die in the name of Righteousness & our Lord!
    Hechetu elo, He Wicasa Sni Elo!


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