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Richard Boyden’s Personal Web Page…THAT’S ME!


Want to know what I really think and believe and WHY in contrast to the lies spawned about me by American Indian Movement murderers, rapists, and pedophiles and their “like minded/spirit” followers and supporters such as Karen Sue Andras and Bill Bunting…both followers of the teachings of now dead and in hell “Satan’s Chief of Staff” DEMON Aleister Crowley who gloried in being the Anti-Christ Satanist, Sodomite, Pedophile, and Child Raping Murderer he was! ?

Then click HERE!

What is here is what I put on radio for 6 years…UNCENSORED and with the FBI actually discussing with their MAFIA friends in KCMO…putting out a hit on me!

Free Masonry, Nazi-ism, New Age Occult etc etc…plus the pedophile activities of those in HIGH PLACES etc etc. … AND the testimony of the WAR/JUDGMENT on this land where EVERY MAN WOMAN CHILD AND LIVING THING WILL BE KILLED except those in ZION!

The sins of Sodom and Gomorrah and the “Secret Combinations of Darkness” that rule this country is the reason why!

Think not…believe not? It matters NOT!

I just know that when my time is up…so will it be with YOU! Judgment day is guaranteed for ALL and I may be some things but NOT a raping murdering pedophile like those in AIM or the FBI or THE US GOVERNMENT etc. etc. etc…knowing that GOD will deal with them when they “cross over” from their delusion of Satan inspired lies of murder here and then into His presence and upon arrival they…YOU…will experience your just reward for what you have done in the realms of time NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE…judges, police, attorneys, “ministers”, “rabbi’s”, senators, presidents, white, black, red, yellow etc…just know that YOUR reward is SURE in the realms of eternity….read my lips…and say “Lake of Fire and Brimstone”!

My blog documents lies about me and DEATH threats which I expose for LEGAL REASONS and which Karen Sue Andras has been COMPLICIT IN with the Hostile Indian Tribe, John Trudell, and now with her latest Crowley Clone and Sodomite Nazi sent from Satan himself! Yep…filed legally and duly recorded!

Oh…forgot…my Operation Morning Star Web page….exposes the same plus on the New Age Satanic Occult of Black Witchdom and Crowley which Andras is now a part of including the Satan inspired “sexual darkness” which she apologized for bringing into my life but wanted more then a Godly marriage which is why she is now with her Native American hating Nazi boyfriend.  She even sent me a email stating she LISTENED TO SATAN TO DESTROY ME! End of story and marriage and WHY God removed her from my life. Yet in February she contacted me again…then DENIED and then sent the next “wannabe KILLER” after me! Now I think I understand the TRUTH about her second husband ending up DEAD in spite of the “story” she told me…yes…a “murderer in her heart” is this woman and why she gravitates towards the same in the American Indian Movement!

End of story!


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  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    This is one formidable SPIRITUAL WARRIOR for God/CREATOR….& the independent EVIL DOERS Boyden has EXPOSED best try & run while they can, with his specialized skills it is unwise not to!


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