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She Kills the Enemy With Lightening


So it was with the Lucifer Owned Free Mason Custer and his “troops”…so it shall me with any and all Free Mason’s and those following who continue the same path of genocide against Gods people except this time…the destruction of will be complete leaving none alive and that by power of the Word of God who will slay the wicked Himself and or through His servants with “Fire called down from Heaven”! See Rev. 19…George Washington and Tom Beem visions…

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Anyone who takes action against the faux hostile dissenters and U.S. citizens
in Jade Helm 15 round up by the U.S. Military, Border Patrol, Homeland
Security forces of U.S. citizens have betrayed their oath to serve and
protect on the directive of the Communist Party USA – Obama Administration’s
Code pink Agenda to kill off 90% of the world population.

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