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Black Free Masons, why Black activists don’t CARE about AIM murdered, PERRY RAY Robinson….


Perry Ray Robinson was like “Crazy Horse” in that he spiritually represented God and Christ in all he did for his people. Robinson was murdered by those who are no different then those of his SO CALLED BLACK BROTHERS who ignore and hide his MURDER…yes his own “people of COLOR” side with MURDERING RAPING PEDOPHILES called the American Indian Movement who’s handler is a IslamoNazi James Abourezk and who’s Sodomite BOSS is Obama. No way is Robinsons body going to be “found” because the blood trail LEADS RIGHT TO OBAMA!

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This blog main focus is to sound the trumpet to call the Church out of Babylon, and sinners to repentance and receiving Jesus Christ as the Savior before the great judgement comes. End-time call out of Babylon, Revelation 18:4.
Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Famous African-American(Black) Freemason
Shaq says he is a Freemason
Rev. Jesse Jackson Freemason and CFR(Council of Foreign Relations) Member
Rev. Al Sharpton Freemason
Legendary Singer Nat King Cole Freemason
Kwesi Mfume former NAACP President and Freemason
Scottie Pippen NBA World Champion Freemason

W.E.B. Du Bois Freemason

Here is a list of other Famous Black Freemasons click here to view the list.
The “letter G stands for God and Geometry”

Is Freemasonry a religion?

Is the Lodge a Temple?

Can a person be a Christian and a Freemason?

Is masonry a social club or a secret society?

What does the Bible say about taking…

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