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Phone Number of Satanist, Sodomite, And Aliester Crowley Clone And Sadomasochist


I am assuming the emails sent by the “wiccagoddessforever” were read because all of a sudden…the stream of “texts” stopped…which I don’t waste my time reading knowing the filthy inspired by Satan son of sends me for his entertainment only.

Those emails I sent were NOT for the purpose of hoping my xxx wife would return to me but rather for her to repent  ONLY!

Neither were they “threats” to her personally or have I ever threatened her  as implied and which I am lied about and jacketed with by a Bill Bunting, Karen Sue Andras or anyone else. Neither am I “stalking” her but rather exposing that TRUTH countering the LIES shared about me…my past…etc. as well as what happened compliments of DEMONIC forces and those that either listen to or our owned by who admit just that in what they have done to me to this day..

The emails rather…were sent to warn her family who have INNOCENT CHILDREN to beware of this diabolical filthy sodomistic beast of Satan Bill Bunting. They do not need to be exposed to the “legions of devils” this man brings with him and represents and which their Grandmother Karen Sue Andras “LOVES” which is fine with me and in fact the result of GOD REMOVING HER FROM MY LIFE AS I PRAYED FOR keeping in mind…SHE CAME TO ME TO MARRY ME>>>BREAKING THE NO CONTACT ORDER…ASKING ME TO MARRY HER BECAUSE SHE LIED AND SAID SHE LOVED ME! LOL…

And about me coming to OHIO…to be put in jail…it was NOT because I threatened her or beat her like ALL past husbands and boyfriends…some of which almost killed her like her mother in laws father. I came out of love to find out why she gave up and it was AFTER that SHE CAME TO ME!

As for children…In the sight of God…children are PURE and anyone…including a GRANDMOTHER” in bed with a sadomasochistic sodomite needs also to be segregated from them for she too brings the same “devils” including a high ranking demon named Aleister Crowley who she said appeared to her…has been heard being in the house of her son

Crowley wanted to me and now is the head DEMON OF SATAN. His past includes raping, sodomizing and ritually murdering children in Satanic Rituals…150 a year and was also a bi-sexual sodomite.

So I ask ANY Parent or Grandparent…would you want YOUR CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN exposed to a man such as Bill Bunting or ANY woman who was of the same inspired by Satan spirit?!

His phone number is…706-536-8296…yes…B I L L   B U N T I N G…who needs to be ministered to and told the TRUTH about the eternal consequences of his fornicating sodomizing adulterating whore-mongering life!  extraordinaire! Maybe there are those who would pray for him and fully testify to him about his HELL BOUND condition as a “custom made by Satan” servant of.

Same with Andras…her number is 440-935-9738.

She emailed me before she returned to the “vomit” of filth as a WITCH after she lieft me and apologized for bringing “sexual darkness” into my life she is embedded in now and confessing to her listening to Satan to murder me spiritually. She needs ministry too…but not from me but from those of YOU reading this and in the know about what she is embedded in and for the sake of her soul too.

Unfortunately there are documented efforts on her part to have me murdered physically through her membership in the Satan sponsored and financed American Indian Movement of murderers rapists and pedophiles…DOCUMENTED as well as the email threat from BUNTING DOCUMENTED!

She already was involved in the death of another “Believer Husband” first spiritually and then physically to some degree. She has now aligned herself with DOCUMENTED MURDERERS as a “Natural Woman” and gave her now dead and hell HERO and MURDERER John Trudell my location. He wanted me dead for exposing this American Indian Movement ICON. He said in a message to me that he would “deal with me…we have been watching you for a while” because I exposed their murders, rapes, and pedophile activities. etc. and on this blog.

So given her  present spiritual condition as applied by Jesus Himself with Him  “giving her over to a reprobate mind…having pleasure in UNRIGHTEOUSNES…” i.e. sodomy, fornication, and adultery as well as the more insidious perverted acts of filth…sadomasochism  and with Bunting, that they would do all in their power to participate in my murder either directly or indirectly.


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    Follow up is necessary when one is being threatened.
    I’ve just done the same with the threat from Colville Avista Supervisor, (buddies with Dickey/Greve)Corrupt Stevens County Sheriff’s Office file #1505021 that Kendal Allen, Dept. Hoover, all Teflon Don R Dickey, Greve pedofile/drug cartel trying to silence me permanently, has tried to cover up & ignore!
    Photos, videos, documented evidence in the proper hands now will change the perps minds.
    Good for you Boyden for making your CYBER STALKERS info public!


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