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The Washington “Redskins” Should Be The Washington “Niggers”!


NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER…hmmmm …did that offend you? To bad because if it did…then you are a RACIST and ignorant hypocrite who is historically biased and hateful of American Indians and their history of genocide at the hands of JEWS first starting with Columbus to the Snyder’s of this day! All races on this land upon arrival have done their best to exterminate Indigenous peoples either overtly or covertly and in the name of Jesus even! Now…history not taught or shared anywhere…but HERE!


I blogged this and then removed it and now I am restoring it for your historical pleasure. Richard Boyden

Genocidal History of The Word “REDSKIN” (Worse then the word “NIGGER”!)

Back not so long ago, when there was a bounty on the heads of the Indian Peopleo… the trappers would bring in Indian scalps along with the other skins that they had managed to trap or shoot, Trappers and hunters began using the term ‘redskin’ …they would tell the owner that they had bearskin, deerskins…and ‘redskins.’ The term came from the bloody mess that one saw when looking at the scalp …thus the term ‘red’…skin… So, you see when we see or hear that term…we don’t see a football team… we don’t see a game being played…we don’t see any ‘honor’…we see the bloody pieces of scalps that were hacked off of our men, women and even our children……

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