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Washington State Stevens County Sheriff Kendall Allen Protects Pedophiles and Drug Dealers


This is a developing story that will be updated over time as information is updated!

The name of the pedophile is Duane Kent Greve.

As a high ranking member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and pedophile, he provides and disseminates as a professional videographer the most vile filthy sado masochistic and sexual torture snuff pornography of children in the world including children in Africa.

Web site Duane Kent Greve

In this country in Africa…a woman who experienced the church for 5 years called it a SEX CULT. Click HERE to read! Click HERE for another case of 7th Day Adventist pedophile activity!

The Seventh Day Adventist Church has been sued for major child sexual abuse by active and protected pedophiles. Their major activity is in third world countries where they operate more easily then in the United States. Greve operates this world wide network of child pornography.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has more than 18 million members worldwide, according to its website. In the past two decades, at least 525 people have lodged claims alleging child sexual abuse in the church, according to a report from its risk management organization. And that is “only reported”.

Computer IP numbers for Greve are coming ASAP for those interested in tracking this animal down outside of the protective umbrella of those working in collusion with him!

Greves “physical address” is 3277D Orient Cutt of Road and 3227C Orient Cut off Road…in Orient but this physical addy is listed in Kettle Falls Washington.

Greve is protected by and in collaboration with Washington State Stevens Country Sheriff Kendall Allen as well as “rouge” FBI and other federal agencies who also protect and work with Donald R. Dicky and Keith Allen Wilder who has set up across the road from Greve his facility for the manufacturing and distribution of drugs.

Keith Allen Wilder is a convicted felon of drug manufacturing and distribution who was busted by Don Dicky, It was arranged for Wilder to be out after a mere 30 months to go back into business with Dickey and again in the knowledge and coordination of Stevens County Sheriff Kendall, FBI and the local Border Patrol.

Don Dicky was Customs Agent Border Guard and Manager of Director Laurie Washington Port of Entry. He had authority to allow drugs to come in from Canada through transport trucks. He worked there up until Aug. 14th 2015. He now works at the Metaline Falls Washington Port of Entry where he can allow more drug shipments to come into the US.

Prime witness and documentation comes from Suzanne Dupree / Belva Schuldt, a Native American woman who Greve is daily using a Electro-Magnetic weapon on her to kill her, her husband, and animals of which 3 have been killed.

Click HERE to read her blog that documents these criminals and their activities as well as that of another similar group of raping murdering pedophiles called The American Indian Movement and who also want her dead.

There have been 4 documented attempts on her life in Stevens County and also with her husband with attempts to kill by running off the road. Kendall Sheriff Allen is fully aware of ALL of this as well as are the FEDS!

So if anything happens to this Native American woman and husband…you now know who did it and why no matter what the “official reason” might be. These are EVIL souls…drug dealers and pedophiles as well as murderers. Even Allen is involved in the cover-up of a murder so being a murderer is in his DNA not to mention all those involved in these activities in Stevens County Washington.


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  3. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Gotcha boyz!
    Captured & documented & shows how desperate you all are, too bad your tagged for attempted murder & you are done…now best get out of my electronics we have your digit fingerprints all over our devices….
    The real JUSTICE will be coming to Liberty Mountain, & you got the message on the Boyden Report comments!
    You are done!


  4. Don Dickey
    3295 Orient Cutoff Rd
    Kettle Falls, Washington

    Kent Duane Greve
    3277 C&D Orient Cutoff Rd
    Kettle Falls, Washington

    Patti Handcock. (former SC Coroner)
    Went to school with Reuben’s POA Dan Bryant

    Michael E Clay (Colville attory ran for District Court Judge 2014)

    Dan Bryant
    3209 Pierre Lake Rd
    Kettle Falls, Washington

    These are the primary perps & Clay is a brave, good man to stand up for the Silent Majority!



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