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Black Panther Party Investigating Murder of Ray Robinson By American Indian Movement


My my my…about time that some REAL “Brothers of the same Color” took interest in the cold blooded murder of Civil Rights worker and follower of Martin Luther King Jr.Perry Ray Robinson Jr. by the American Indian Movement in 1973 during the Wounded Knee take over on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Shooter was David Hill…(free thanks to the FBI i.e Agent in Charge Joseph Trimbach Sr.) on orders from Co-Founder of AIM Dennis Banks and witnessed by Clyde Bellecourt (friends of Federal Judge Michael Davis for 30 years). Robinson was buried in a “unknown grave” with 11 others raped and murdered by AIM and protected and hidden by the FBI and other government officials to this day! (Read other blogs with MORE identifying the players plus testimonies) !

So for all you AIMSTERS and South Dakota “Syrian Sioux’s” and sons of…don’t even think about “moving the remains” cause guess what? You reading this…”Calling Car 54…are you there?” There is in place monitoring devices and folks who are “Ray’s Eyes” and who HATE AIM with a Wakan Tanka/Tunkasila/Wanikiya inspired passion! Meaning…doing anything “at night” means “night vision” photos of your asses from the sky…satellite…drone ..or…”smile you are on candid camera”which “photos” will be “shared” on the WORLD WIDE WEB which also means you can sign autographs!

And…just in case you are wondering “who” would do this..>I will give you a hint…”ain’t Oglala Lakota” nor a resident of Wounded Knee! Just love this new techo expose your asso stuff don’t you?

“Extra Extra Read All About It!”

Black Panthers coming to Wounded Knee to dig up the remains of their murdered brother by the “Hate Niggers American Indian Movement”…yeppers…that is what Perry Ray was called when there…when they shot him…and after he was allowed to bleed out and die!

So Bellecourt and Banks your days of “playing mascot games” with the “Party” are about over…as if you have something in common with Black folk…NOT! NOW they know who murdered their brother…say YOU!

Think about that…no better yet…dream about that…ya hear?





  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Tagged & ready to be bagged, after all these 43 years of waiting, PERRY RAY will be going home in good company of this real Brothers, not the PHONEY baloney wannabe a real Indian/AIMsters & Syrian Sioux/Abourezk rat bastards!
    Hoka Hey!


  2. Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:

    The BLACK PANTHER PUNK PARTY! Yep…you read right! Nothing from these yellow belly COWARDS owned by Satan, Synagogue of Satan JEWS, and “talk the talk” but in TRUTH…LIED TO ME about wanting to do a STORY and GO TO WOUNDED KNEE to find Robinson’s remains. I have come to the CONCLUSION that NO PANTHER is worthy of being associated in name, word, or deed of a REAL BLACK MAN who called himself a HUMAN BEING over being BLACK!

    Ironic that me a FULL BLOODED WHITE MAN “outs” the infamous BLACK PANTHER PUNK PARTY of LIARS and FAKES and who are OWNED BY THE DEVIL just like the American Indian Movements of murderers, rapists, and pedophiles…which means that THE BPP is no different then AIM! Makes sense now!

    So Abdullah and LIAR CHAIRMAN and 2D in command…how does it feel to be COWARDS and OWNED BY THE DEVIL!????


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