This Black Life has NEVER MATTERED to HYPOCRITICAL “Black America”! So here is a HUMAN BEING who is not a whoremongering drug dealing thug but a man who loves his wife, children and believes in the righteousness and love of all as exemplified by God and soooooooooooooo…HIS MURDER IS IGNORED! Obama SHUT DOWN the investigation into his murder by the American Indian Movement and with the “adviser help” of “Syrian Sioux” James Abourezk…former Senator and RACE HATER OF real American Indians and African Americans/Blacks!

So what’s up PANTHER PARTY? ! Going to come to Wounded Knee and help dig up your brother…or are you going to stay locked at the hip with the MURDERERS?


PREFACE: I find it interesting that the murder of this Black man who was a active Civil Rights worker aligned to Martin Luther King Jr. has been ignored by Black Power folks in the Government and Clergy…these same people who talk about “White Racism” etc. etc. etc. Ignoring this man’s murder is the equivalent of APPROVING of and being the most blatant example of “racial hypocrisy” that could only be attributed to those labeled “Uncle Toms” and “Oreos”! Now be it noted that those of YOU who see this post and either continue to ignore it or ignore it after seeing it for the first time need to realize that when YOU come before Almighty God…the blood of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. who’s blood is still crying from the ground to this day…will be on your head on you judgement day…even so Amen!

In other words…ignoring his murder makes YOU…

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