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Complicit In The Murder Of Perry Ray Robinson Jr.



Here are more “dot connections” to who murdered and covered up the murder of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. by members of the American Indian Movement at Wounded Knee in 1973. Former SD Senator…Hate America ARAB/MUSLIM…James Abourezk worked directly with OBAMA as his “Middle East Advisor”. Obama issued and EXECUTIVE ORDER to have Brandon Johnson STOP any further investigations of what happened to ROBINSON! Result? Guess who would NOT have gotten elected if BLACK AMERICA knew this?!

Ironically though…since then…Black America has been “emasculated”…NOT ONE in this country has said one word about Perry Ray Robinson Jr.! NOT ONE!

Want to read some documentation? Facebook page for Robinson. Witnesses etc. What is left out is that the FBI knew EVERYTHING that happened to Robinson when it happened and is was ABOUREZK that shut them up then…and through Obama’s Executive Order TO THIS DAY prevents any Justice for Perry Ray Robinson Jr.!



The Lakota Peoples Law Project advisers page : Former United States Senator James Abourezk

James Abourezk    represented South Dakota’s 2nd Congressional District in the House of Representatives from 1971–1973 and was the first Arab-American elected to the United States Senate, serving there from 1973 until 1979. His son Charlie was at the home of Bill Means (Russell’s brother) the night before Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was executed and did nothing to stop AIM members who took her the following morning as ordered by AIM leadership.


Madonna Thunder HawkRussell Means Relative – another AIM Affiliate . The Money Grab Expands , Can the world expect to see this crowd “publicly” supported by the Lakota Tribal Councils for Pe Sla fund raising. If you do , it says unmeasurable truths of the Councils.

How will this fund raising money be accounted for?

It should be noted that. Madonna Thunder Hawkslapped Annie Mae around during interrogations. Thunder Hawk was overseer of the the wk2 clinic wherePerry Ray Robinson , the Civil Rights Activist that walked with Martin Luther King,  was last seen after he was shot was shoved into a closet and bled to death.

Madonna  lied to 1st nations and everyone for years about Annie Mae, Perry Ray Robinson and other innocents that were murdered at wk2.

There were 3 nurses working with Thunder Hawk in the infirmary when Robinson was brought in before he was allowed by AIM leadership to bleed to death…where are these women, are they 3 or the 12 buried along the parameter of Wounded Knee township”

They were white nurses…who saw what actually happened to Ray Robinson….what happened to them, ask Madonna Thunder Hawk, I am sure she will tell you….those with inquiring minds!


“Amongst those who attended the clinic at Wounded Knee 1973 when Perry Ray Robinson was brought into the clinic and Madonna Gilbert saw him pushed into a closet to bleed to death were Dr. Mike Silverstein, Dr. Anne Hirschman, Mary Ann Maul, Owen Craig Luck who came in with Mark Lane on April 13th, 1973. Two other clinic personal who came and went as well during this period are Dr. Fred Gianola and Fred Basford who leave on the same day (April 27th) that Buddy LaMont’s body is removed from the Knee which is a day or two after Ray Robinson is seen lying outside the house that Dennis Banks occupied. Finally 3 other medics leave on May 4, 1973: Tom Arons, Geraldine Olivia and Patricia Kennu. These names from the WKLDOC transcriptions of FBI/Marshal intercepts, and names my be spelled phonetically.”

“May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI)”


  1. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Wish someone, anyone…would get a conscience & do the right decent thing for Robinson.
    We are, it appears the only ones who care about what happened to him by a bunch of fake Indians, acting like they were on a movie set…maybe that is why when a new media crew would appear, AIM would do the scene over & over.


  2. Zoe says:

    ?! James Abourezk is not “muslim”. He is Lebanese Orthodox Christian.

    A clue is his name: James. After the Brother of the Lord (brother of Jesus) who began our Syriac Church in Jerusalem.

    You are aware that Syriac/Syrian Christians – wether Orthodox or Melkite are Maronite – are from the first early Church are you not? Jesus spoke Aramaic (Syrian) as do we.

    I find it really very weird & mystifying that people still think those descended from the first Christians are “muslim”.

    Furthermore James Abourezk began the AMERICAN Arab Anti Discrimination Committee. The key word in the title is “American”. And note the word is placed BEFORE the word ‘Arab’. So your “Hate America” description of him could not be farther from the truth. It is our primary civil rights org.

    I am frankly sick & tired of people asking me if I “hate America” for ZERO reason. Please do some research on the contributions Syrian & Arab Americans have made for this country. Ralph Nader’s consumer advocacy… Dr.Debakey’s pioneering heart surgeries… Danny Thomas’ free children’s hospital St.Jude’s… Dick Dale who turned our traditional song into surf guitar – which influenced EVERYONE. But lol – we’re not really American… & “hate” this country etc. What is more ‘American’ than surf guitar… lol…

    And just as Indigenous peoples here have those that are less than stellar in their behavior – such as the AIM members responsible for the murders & cover ups of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash & Perry Ray Robinson – so do Syrian & Arab Americans. We are HUMAN BEINGS. That is WHY. And ONLY why.

    I also find it highly disturbing that an Indigenous woman has commented here without calling you out on your anti-Arab anti-Muslim rhetoric.

    We are hand in hand w/ the struggle for decolonisation of this continent & Palestine & the remaining portions of South Lebanon & Syria (Golan Heights) still held by the Israelis.

    Probably you have not noticed that growing solidarity friendship.

    I commented straight away after reading your erroneous “Hate” & “muslim” statement. I’m going to continue reading now. I just spent a week trying to get a local nonprofit org connected to a local church cancel a tour of Madonna Gilbert Thunder Hawk – which is taking place across New England. A human rights/peace advocate I know who was cosponsoring pulled out of it; but the main tour organisers connected to the church are not cancelling it. Even after I gave them all the blood stained info. The tour is called ‘Courageous Women of Resistance’. I am going to contact them again & tell them to try asking Madonna Gilbert Thunder Hawk if she is ever going to say wether she knows where Ray’s body is buried & tell Ray’s wife. She said in a NYT article that she doesn’t “talk to the Feds”. I guess she thinks Ray’s wife is a “Fed”.

    I was very disheartened by the lack of response I got this week. Including by several Congregational ministers (United Church of Christ) at First Congregational Church in Old Lyme CT who are connected to this org. These people are imposters who do not understand the teachings of Christ. So you might as well slag them vs. slagging Orthodox Lebanese (earliest Church) Christians & Muslims.


    • James Abourezk is lying dog! He knows where Robinsons body is buried as does his “bitch son” Charles who was at Bill Mean’s house when Annie Mae was brought there to make sure the JOB WAS DONE! Annie was murdered on orders from Abourezk which order began after Trudell the punk ass bitch called him AFTER SHE MADE THE MISTAKE OF TRUSTING THAT FAGGOT AND SPILLING HER GUTS ABOUT ALL SHE KNEW NAMING THOSE WHO IN FACT ORDERED HER MURDER!

      …then Banks and the Bellecourts followed through in AGREEMENT. Annie knew about AIM…that it was a FED SPAWNED POGROM! The 2 boys charged are from what I understand already “free” 🙂 Arvol Looking Horse was involved big time to what happened to Annie.

      As for Ray…I have friends at Wounded Knee who know where he is buried as does AIM! As does RAY’S wife..because she got calls from MEDIA say WSJ who said they would go there with her to get his body. NO RESPONSE because she was listening to her JEWISH HANDLER ATTORNEY’S WORKING FOR THE FEDS! 🙂 I set up those phone calls by the way…

      So nice try. James Abourezk is lying on his way to hell murdering dog..fuck him and anyone who upholds that piece of pig shit. He is a MUSLIM..because he acts like one…does what a Muslim would do and his protection and association with the documented PEDOPHILES AND RAPISTS AND MURDERERS IN AIM AS THEIR FED GOV HANDLER MAKES HIM ONE TOO!


    • Same ole line of muzzi crapola ..the false prophet was a flaming pedo…mass murderer..son of SATAN…end of story.

      Gilbert is a whore for the FEDS…she won’t say a thing. The lying bitch want’s to live! 🙂


  3. Zoe says:

    I have finished reading.


    I am going to say the same thing that I say to anti-semitic people who THINK they are helping us Palestinians/Lebanese/Syrians. You are NOT helping by screaming about our cousins the “Jews”. Meaning you are NOT helping Indigenous Americans by screaming about the “JEWS!” either. It tends to cause fair minded people to leave off listening to you. Especially when “JEWS!” is in all upper case (caps) w/ an exclamation point.

    Jewish people are human beings. And do good & bad things like other human beings. This should be very obvious… Unless you are perchance an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist in which case anytime a “JEW!” does something bad you get out your maps & pins & organisational charts in the war room of your mind & start making notes about the “JEWS!”.

    Not a small coincidence that a Lebanese Christian is a loathed “muslim” here – followed by a meltdown about “JEWS!”…

    And this is sad – because more people need to know about Ray… & Annie Mae…


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    The FBI had their own operative in Wounded Knee…saw and witnessed what happened to Perry Ray Robinson…and lied and hid the truth which makes the FBI COMPLICIT IN ROBINSONS MURDER!


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