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Black Civil Rights Worker’s Murder Remains Hidden By Obama And Fellow Blacks


Wounded Knee South Dakota 1973 And The Cold Blooded Murder Of A Follower of Martin Luther King Jr.

So much for celebrating another Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Black man and follower of King Perry Ray Robinson was first called a “Nigger” before he was shot on orders from American Indian Movement Co-Founder Dennis Banks. The shooter was David Hill. Witnesses include close to 200 “Indians” at the so called “siege”. Robinson wasn’t killed outright, He was taken to a part of the compound to bleed out by two AIMster women.

Russell Means was there. Remember him? Leonard Peltier was there. Everyone knows him. Clyde Bellecourt was there. Remember him? Black Panthers Activists Angela Davis and Stokely Carmichael were in the know. Remember them? The AIM Chairman in charge John Trudell was in the know. Lots of now known and famous names were there.

Major cover-up of the murder of Robinson includes South Dakota politician and Arab James Abourezk. He was in office as a Congressman and Senator from 1971 until 1979. Abourezk was embedded in the American Indian Movement and was in direct communication with ALL of it’s leaders. In fact they worked with him and together they were ALL in the know about what happened to Robinson and by who. He also had direct connections to the FBI through their so called “COINTELPRO” pipe line because Doug Durham…FBI operative was inside the compound” and witnessed first hand the killing of Robinson. This information was communicated to the then FBI Agent In Charge who therefore ALSO knew what happened to Robinson. His name is Joshep Trimbach.

Let’s jump to “NOW” and connect Abourezk to Obama.  Abourezk worked as Obama’s CLOSE “Middle East Adviser” and political confidant and is his friend to this day. It is this connection that is the reason why Obama is silent and will remain so because he is ALSO in the know about what happened to Robinson at Wounded Knee and his relationship with Abourezk had to be hidden in order for him to be elected president!  Think about that.

Yes, the innocent blood of Perry Ray Robinson is on the head of Barrack Hussein Obama. In fact…because of his long time relationship with Abourezk, by “default”, Obama is also complicit with his murder…as well as that of First Nations Woman Annie Mae Aquash because Abourezk’s son Charles…was witness to her last 2 days of life being in the house she was brought to on the Rosebud Reservation…Bill Mean’s house and who is the brother of “gang rapist” Russell. Charlie was there to coordinate her murder and make sure the orders from his father to have her “snuffed” were carried out. And it needs to be pointed out that Annie Mae also witnessed what happened to Robinson at Wounded Knee … “hint hint”!

Obama sent Eric Holder to Wounded Knee in 2011…to make a “statement” to everyone there that Robinson’s murdered and buried body a few yards where he laid a “respect wreath” at the mass grave site of the 300 murdered in 1890 by Custers 7th Calvary would remain hidden and protected! Even Robinson’s wife has been “convinced: or “bought off to no longer push the issue and in spite of being contacted by those who know where her husband is buried. My gut also says her so called attorneys have told her to ignore this information with the lead one being Michael Kuzma…a American Indian Movement “legal insider” with his fellow Synagogue of Satan Jew Brothers such as Bruce Ellison who is also connected to Abourezk and ALL of the AIMsters. Ellison also “jacketed” Annie Mae with the “FBI snitch” lie as well as personally approving of her murder. He also knows who and when and where in detail about everything concerning Robinson.

I now understand why the Black Panther’s I contacted ignored Robinson’s murder. Same with Holder and the DOJ. Same with the Congressional Black Caucus of “Uncle Tom’s and Oreo’s”…none of whom are worthy to speak the name of Martin Luther King Jr! Cowards to the core of their souls…all of them. And as for Obama…he is no more or less then a “son of perdition”…son of Satan and why he without a conscience or feeling about the murders of and and all innocents including this REAL BLACK MAN…Perry Ray Robinson Jr.

And to think I used to interview AIMsters…and the daughter of Leonard Peltier Marquita…believing the lies about this killer and his “brotherhood”. The “World of The Beguiled” continues to demand his “pardon” from Obama…a cold blooded murderer (and complicit in the murder of Annie Mae) while he and his fellow killers get away with the murder of this forgotten Black Man! Am I missing something?

Yes…Obama will “pardon” Peltier…watch and see…while the murder of a Black Man who when asked what his “race” was on a employment form…said he was “HUMAN”!







  1. Reblogged this on richardboydenreport and commented:

    What a FIND!!! “What we have here is a failure to communicate!!” POW! Not any more…Has to be Perry himself doing a little “angelic investigative inspiring” for me to find THIS B L A C K Judge to be in the “legal bed” with Perry’s MURDERERS!

    AND at a Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast honoring this Judge who obviously has been deceived by the DEVIL’S OWN MURDERING BRIGADE…the American Indian Movement!

    Notice who one of Judge Davis’s “legal tutors” was… read my lips…
    C L Y D E B E L L E C O U R T! Am sure Davis knows the one who gave David Hill the order to SHOOT PERRY…read my lips again… D E N N I S B A N K S…and with FBI Operative THERE…read my lips again… D O U G D U R H A M…the FBI knew who gave the order…who shot Perry…and WHERE Floyd Westerman’s son BURIED HIM!

    So what ya say JOHN TRIMBACH…and your father JOSEPH…FBI Agent in Charge THERE and THEN…huh? Liars and MURDERERS will be…read GOD’S LIPS…”THRUST DOWN TO HELL”!

    So all of you will be in good company…no matter what kind of cover your guilty asses games you want to play. IF there was ANY spiritual integrity in any of YOUR souls…you would come clean before you die…and your spirit leaves your body to come before Almighty God…but my gut says you will be just like raping murdering Russell Means and MURDERER “COMPLICITIER” John Trudell…BOTH IN THE LAKE OF FIRE WITH THE ONE THEY LISTENED TO…say THE DEVIL!


  2. Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    This writing here is what “justice” seeking looks like in journalism..for those who lament insincere words, & do nothing….through their actions & non-actions show whom they really are, cowards…it is one thing to sit on the fence, quite another to get down in the trenches, put your life on the line, which has been done here….& DO something for change & real justice…not just going through the motions/chirping HOW BAD THINGS ARE about the unexcusable abuses the AIMsters did, & never had to account for, until they stand before Creator…..
    IT HAS BEEN A LONG WAIT FOR THE VICTIMS, & those who were duped into believing AIM’s COVER ASS AT ALL COST LIES!


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