The “NaziFied” Arizona Judiciary Is A Carbon Copy Of This Expose Of Corruption As Applied To What They Did To The Shoars Family!


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FOREWORD: I take it as a compliment that my BLOG TWITTER ACCOUNT has been BLOCKED by the Arizona BAR! Guess the truth is damaging to this collective of child trafficking abusing of children Nazis in “Black Robes”!

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A collective making LOTS of money using their DCS for “trafficking of children for profit”  …taking kickbacks (SEE BOTTOM OF BLOG FOR EXAMPLE) from group homes where children they remove from families are sent (including foster homes etc. ) where they are sexually abused/molested/raped and murdered! Yes…NaziZona owned and operated by the Lucifers Secret Combination of Darkness… Free Masonic NaziIsm!

I find it ironic but of GREAT importance that it was a REAL JEW who Judge McNally removed from the case to then reinstate the dismissed charges that were used to kidnap the Shoars children again. Talk about Arizona’s women Judges representing the child murdering spirit of the Nazi’s!

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Shoars Family And children again brutalized by the Arizona Judiciary and DCS working hand in hand.  See Judge Cohen’s signature at top of photo dismissing charges! Only problem was he “waived” the authority of Amie Clarke Guardian Ad Litem…and it was she with the below FemiNazi Judges who orchestrated the DCS run to Nevada to brutally RE-kidnap the Shoars children who you can HEAR THEM SCREAM when this happened!

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The Arizona Judiciary head NAZI PIMPETTE FOR THE DEVIL in their vendetta against the Shoars family is Judge Sally McNally. Then there is her “termination of parental rights squad” in part being Judges Duncan, Buchus, and Pineda. To this list we add Attorney General Brnovich, Governor Ducey and the most vile evil lying perjuring woman in this case Assistant Attorney General Bonnie Platter!

Add guardian ad litem Attorney Amie Clarke, all working as a team to reinstate DCS charges against the Shoars for money as well as covering up the  sexual abuse of one of the Shoars children that took place at a one of their “kick back” group homes where that child was anally molested which is why they still refuse to tell the Shoars which group home their child was sent to!

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Duncan and Pinetta were appointed by Arizona Governor Janet “The Gay/Sodomite Pedophile Protector” Janet Napalitano.

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READ MY LIPS GIRLS…when this is all over, each one of you will be shamed beyond reputable recognition and redemption and ideally will be disbarred! Did you know that you represent the SPIRITUAL DNA of Nazi woman? Oh no! Well click HERE and read about who you are spiritually in your connection to Satan in what you have done to the Shoars children and thousands  of others. Hitler I am sure is proud of you!

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The the above “Demon Possessed”FemiNazi Judges in the Shoars case interestingly enough ALL stepped back and/or jumped ship (AWOL) in one form of another when they realized their lying corrupt perjuring souls were…have been and will continue being be exposed and including in the SECOND MOST READ NEWSPAPER IN THE USA!

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Sleep well you Judicial child abusing whores for Satan!

May the SCREAMS of these innocent Shoars children forever haunt you in time and in eternity where I KNOW each one of you will burn in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone and when that is the case. I am going to ask Almighty God for a front row seat to witness your agony, pain, and eternal suffering!!!

Click HERE to read Medical Kidnap Stories about the Shoars and who broke this first and what the Arizona law breaking child abusing Judiciary is GUILTY OF!

Click HERE to read what this blog has done (and MORE) plus I made personal calls to each Judges chambers giving them a heads up and letting them know I will make them FAMOUS!

Now to READ AND LEARN about the “Finest Judiciary That Money Can Buy” and MORE! (Just think/add ARIZONA!)


The Finest Judges Money Can Buy


Published in 1973, this book by Charles R. Ashman documents 74 cases of judges who took bribes, kickbacks and payoffs, and who appointed relatives and political cronies to lucrative positions as receivers and executors who in turn bled the resources of near-bankrupt corporations and estates for personal gain.  Reprinted below are the prologue and introductory statements to the first eight chapters of the book, which should be consulted for details of individual cases.

“I usually accept bribes from both sides so that tainted money
can never influence my decision.”

— Sir Francis Bacon,
Lord Chancellor of England

PrologueAmerican justice is choking on judicial pollution. The following cases are documented proof that it is no longer a question of occasional corruption, but a decided pattern of conflicts of interest, chronic bribery, profound abuse of office, loathsome nepotism, infamous sexual perversions and pernicious payoffs. The American public can no longer retain an attitude of vacant apathy as incorrigible corruption destroys the effectiveness of our system of justice. So what else is new!There are many in life whose expertise and integrity we take for granted. At least we don’t risk challenging them while they are doing their thing. The doctor in surgery, the lawyer in court, the TV repairman and the mother all escape stern scrutiny either because we are brainwashed as to their superiority or embarrassed to ask a question.But one group in our society epitomizes the mysticism of superiority. The courtroom is his dominion. Our lives and property are his jurisdiction. We robe him in black and announce his arrival in medieval French incantations. He is physically elevated amidst ceremonial architecture to further enhance his exalted status in life. He presides. He listens. He sleeps. He administers. He punishes instantly for any minor deviation from the protocol of his sanctimonious court or any insult to his person, and he assumes an imperial air when he sentences. No one in our society, including the president, exercises equal summary power or more censorial prerogatives.Unfortunately, we have never taken the trouble to establish an effective way to select judges. First, we have never been able to agree whether the public is intelligent enough to sift through political promises and elect qualified men and women to judge us, or whether other officials we’ve elected should be given the right to appoint the proprietors of justice. Second, even among those who have agreed whether elected or appointed judges are better, the methods of selection vary.No judge is outrageously corrupt by himself. For every judge that money can buy there must be buyers and brokers. Most of the judicial corrupters are relatives of judges, practicing lawyers or their predatory intermediaries. All the bribes paid or tendered in any one year could undoubtedly eliminate much of the poverty that breeds the crimes that outrage America. And the cost of exposing and trying corrupt judges compounds society’s debt.In this country, we believe, or at least claim to believe, in equality before the law. But those who have the money or the contacts, or both, exert a judicial pressure that eliminates equality and promotes a double standard of justice. For there are those who stand before the bar relying only on their lawyers and their hopes. And there are those whose cases are more clandestinely and hurriedly resolved by a fix.In 1924, the American Bar Association promulgated the Canons of Judicial Ethics. Those appointed by Chief Justice William Howard Taft preambled their juridic decree by declaring that “ethical standards tend to become habits of life” and set forth a “reminder for judges indicating what the public has a right to expect from them.” The judicial canons were merely the codification of moral guidelines that date back at least to Deuteronomy: “Thou shalt not respect persons, neither take a gift; for a gift doth blind the eyes of the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous.” Unfortunately, since loading, the canons have fired mostly blanks.We can no longer dismiss cases of corruption on the bench as isolated indiscretions. There are too many, too often. This book describes over seventy classic examples of judicial pollution. Unfortunately, for each case discussed there is a handful we have not included, and for each handful not included, there are scores yet undiscovered.Witness the dignified New England judge who paid the fine for a defendant appearing before him and then took him home for a sexual encounter — a peccadillo which the judge admitted. And, of course, there was the Louisiana judge who presided at the Kennedy-Shaw conspiracy trial. The jurist was later arrested for pimping, showing pornographic films, gambling and the rest. Scandal shattered the quiet life of the people of Oklahoma a few years ago when the majority of their own supreme court was convicted of having shamelessly wholesaled justice for years.Recently, a former governor who had been appointed to the second highest appellate court in the nation was convicted and disgraced in Illinois. Judge Kerner had been the pinnacle of integrity, or at least he had appeared to be.This past year, one of New York’s most distinguished statesmen climaxed his career of public service by his election to that state’s supreme court. Weeks before he was to be sworn in, justice-elect Seymour R. Thaler was indicted for “fencing” stolen United States Treasury bills worth a few hundred thousand dollars. Thus, the citizens of New York were denied the unique experience of Thaler’s judicial pronouncements.The black-robed Mafia is an even more mercenary intrusion in American justice than its Sicilian counterpart. Among the finest judges money can buy are those who have peddled justice for payoffs and yielded to pressure from organized crime and other “benevolent fraternities.” One of the most common offenses among judges who enforce laws one day and ignore laws the next, is income tax evasion. Their defenses are novel. In one case, the judge claimed he was so busy trying cases that he simply forgot to pay his taxes for five years.Scandalous corruption seems to be contagious among judges in certain states. Several members of the Oklahoma Supreme Court were charged with bribery, income tax evasion and conspiracy to bribe each other. And similar patterns may be noted in New York, New Jersey and Illinois.Certainly the most shocking aspect of “the finest judges money can buy” is the casual reaction of the public and our state and federal officials to judicial corruption. It seems as if there is a reluctance to punish any judge for fear that the public will lose its respect for all judges. Thus, the punishment is directed at the community at large in the form of such mild disciplinary action against the guilty, that numerous judges found guilty of serious offenses continue to sit in judgment of us.There has recently been a rash of cases involving jurists accused of abusing criminal bond procedures for their bailbondsmen friends. In no less than fifteen states, investigations have revealed violations of state bonding practices that enable the bondsmen, in effect, to determine if an accused criminal should be released. On June 11, 1973 the California Judicial Qualification Commission recommended only censure of two Los Angeles County judges who issued numerous blank, presigned release forms to close friends who happen to be bondsmen.A seventeen-page report urged the California Supreme Court to “severely and publicly censure” Superior Judge Leopoldo Sanchez, and merely “censure” Municipal Judge Antonio E. Chavez.Judge Sanchez remained on full salary but was not allowed to sit on the bench while his case was under study. And now, if the Supreme Court follows the Commission’s recommendation, the effect will be that Sanchez received a six-month paid holiday as a result of the censure. In the meantime, he is back on the bench.The Commission’s investigation proved that a Los Angeles bondsman named Joey Barnum had used, and sold to other bondsmen, hundreds of blank forms signed by his friend, Judge Sanchez. The Judicial Commission decided that “what Judge Sanchez did appears to be the result of incredibly bad judgment and his inability to say ‘no’ to his friend, Joey Barnum.”One California lawyer reacted by promising that the next time he has a case in front of judge Sanchez he will offer a novel defense. He will argue that his client “just could not say ‘no’ to his friend and that is why he robbed the bank.”On occasion, judges have even been charged with crimes resulting in death. At the turn of the century, one of Alabama’s more popular circuit judges, John B. Tally, conspired with his family to murder a neighbor who was having an affair with the judge’s sister-in-law. The judge and his brother-in-law gunned down the offender and utilized the then modern railroad and telegraph to cover their tracks. The Supreme Court of Alabama, in a confusing decision, ruled that the popular Scottsboro jurist had not neglected his judicial duties by participating in the murder plot. Nevertheless, they found him guilty of aiding and abetting and removed him from the bench.Politicians have attempted to impeach members of the Supreme Court of the United States. On only one occasion were they successful, but there have been resignations and lingering doubts. Some people are still devoted to impeaching Justice William O. Douglas.And then there are those judges, named in this book, who are still sitting in judgment of others. This is so despite the judges’ administrative and judicial problems. Somewhere, there is a former defendant whose right to freedom may have been abused by one of these judges now revealed to be a criminal himself. After talking with the finest judges money cannot buy and the lawyers who appear before them, we believe there is an answer.Sir Francis Bacon authored much of the philosophy of temperate justice when he dominated the English Renaissance as the most gifted and eloquent of that nation’s judges. He was revered as infallible while serving as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England. His ethical utterings are preserved in legal textbooks, and his words are chiseled on the cornerstones of palaces of justice throughout the world.Unfortunately, the chiseling did not stop there. Three years after he attained the highest judicial position in England, Sir Francis Bacon — philosopher, scientist and jurist extraordinaire — was impeached. The House of Commons determined he had accepted at least twenty-eight bribes. His defense was novel. Bacon claimed he took bribes from both sides, and so never allowed dirty money to influence his decisions. Parliament wasn’t impressed, and he was sentenced to the Tower of London.King James, in a moment of melancholy, pardoned him, but Bacon never returned to Parliament and was not allowed “within the verge of the court.” Five years later, he caught a cold while experimenting in refrigeration: he was stuffing a goose with snow. He died, but his humiliation and corruption live on.

“We got judges on the payroll that can straighten it out — one, two, three.”

— Tommy Gamidorra,
Joseph Colombo family

Black-Robed MafiaThose who claim there is no Mafia in this country are either disastrously ignorant or members in good standing. Organized crime cannot function without “organized justice.”In 1972, a trio of judges from New York and Massachusetts was implicated in a Senate crime investigation. All were accused of bribery. One was disbarred, one resigned and one is still sitting.A federal investigation recently resulted in a score of indictments of New Jersey officials. Mayors, councilmen and judges were charged with bribery, conspiracy and tax evasion. One judge went to prison, and another returned to a city job, off the bench, where he has again been indicted.In the Midwest, a trial judge was repeatedly lenient in sentencing members of a particular burglary ring and then was charged with being the ringleader himself. To lead their nefarious double lives, the black-robed Mafia abuses court personnel and compromises innocent colleagues. And how many more members are still to be discovered?

“I have no excuse.  I was just greedy.”

— Seymour R. Thaler,
New York Supreme Court Justice-Elect,
Convicted March 23, 1972

The High Cost of JusticeThe insatiable greed of members of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma brought about one of the most colossal scandals in contemporary American history. The story was suppressed in many communities by those officials who felt that emphasis placed on the barefaced bribery of the justices of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma could undermine the state’s entire judicial system. They were right. Oklahoma jurisprudence has not been the same since.In 1972, one of New York’s most honored political leaders was about to climax a distinguished career of public service by ascending to the supreme court of that state. Between the time of his election and the swearing-in ceremonies, he was indicted and later convicted of extensive and expensive felonies.The United States has come a long way in eliminating the double standard of justice that for too many generations prevented blacks, browns and the poor from a fair shake in court. The irony is that, while we have appointed more public defenders and sponsored more programs for the poor, we have been derelict in safeguarding communities from those who profit from justice for sale.  The real double standard today is between those who appear in court legitimately and those who have bought their verdict before the trial.  From 1912 to 1973, the pattern of corruption never varied.  It only intensified.

“We used to fix traffic tickets … now we fix anything.”

— A New York State lawyer

BargainsOne of the wisest men of corruption once said, “If you are going to steal … steal big.” By some distorted sense of propriety, these select judges seemed to gravitate toward petty corruption. Whether their motivation was the misbelief that such instances would go undetected, or, if detected, unpunished, is not provable. But the triviality of their extrajudicial activities does not detract from the corrosive effect on their respective communities and the entire judicial system.First, consider the Missouri judge, whose family represented the leadership politically and legally in its Clay County community. Despite an indictment following an investigation of his court records, the magistrate sought office again only to be miserably defeated. He was subsequently indicted for income tax evasion and sentenced to eight years in prison. And, as a reminder that abuse of judicial office is not new, witness the distinguished federal judge from Florida, who after being impeached by the United States Senate, had to be forceably evicted from his office by U.S. marshals. He had forgotten to stop practicing law while judging cases affecting his clients.Notwithstanding the higher rank of those other accused judges in Oklahoma, a county judge was impeached by that state’s legislature a few years ago for his prolific waiver of rules concerning marriage licenses, blood tests and waiting periods. The Oklahoma Bar Association also frowned on the money he received from those waivers.A more serious incident involved a trial judge from Virginia, convicted recently of forgery and larceny. From New Jersey, the bastion of juridical intrigue, comes the judge whose “oversight” in filing tax returns for five years resulted in his conviction by a federal court.A more imaginative though less tactful judge in Georgia organized a protection racket for those appearing before him. And, determined not to be outclassed by the neighboring state of New Jersey, New York has for several decades devoted itself to the production, elevation, and ultimate conviction of a large array of jurists from throughout the state. When Judge Rudich was removed from the bench, he claimed he was vindicated because the charge had been delinquency and not corruption. His lawyer announced a “clear-cut victory.”The involvement of judges with bail bonds is nothing new. A successful bondsman can always be counted on to guide large campaign contributions, legal and otherwise, each time a judge offers himself to the public. The common fraternization of bondsmen and judges has been a sore point with bar associations in most states for several years. Recently in Illinois, a particularly blatant case was discovered. Judge Louis Kizas climaxed the issue by pleading guilty to fifteen counts of official misconduct so that the bribery and conspiracy charges against him would be dismissed.Payoffs from litigants, petty bribes, unauthorized loans from estates and, in one case, shoplifting, make up the list of comparatively trivial offenses that destroyed several judges who offered bargain prices for their friendship, counsel and favors.

“I’m going to screw you every way I can, short of reversible error.”

— Judge Floyd Sarisohn

The Sensuous JudgeThe ethical code that guides the lives of judges is rather strict. At least there is no provision or authorization for the “handling” of female employees or for any involvement with women appearing before the court in complicated divorce suits.Needless to say, the charges against the distinguished criminal judge in Louisiana who presided over the Kennedy conspiracy trial were even more serious. The most liberal community will not condone pimping, procuring pornographic films or staging stag parties as an act of judicial service. Perhaps the most common category of “the sensuous judge” is that which includes the “patters” and “grabbers.” Recently, one imaginative jurist has taken to lifting the skirts of his employees and autographing their underwear.The morals of the nation may have changed, but these robed gentlemen represent an illustrative conglomeration who, in their own way, demonstrate the need for change in judicial selection and supervision.

“He would wrap his judicial robe about him and steal away from
the nightmare into which his dream degenerated.”

— Ohio Supreme Court,
Discussing Judge David Copland

Court JestersNone of the abuses of judicial discretion and decorum set forth in this book can be taken lightly, but this chapter’s conglomeration of court clowns is a little unique. For although their abuses are as offensive as the more tragic situations, these resemble carnivals more than crises. The cane-wielding federal judge who seeks a companion on the bench from the audience is a classic example. These demonstrations of incompetence and deceit do reveal a somewhat poignant humor.

“I exercised my judicial discretion in each instance, and my
exercise of such discretion cannot be questioned.”

— Judge Frank R. Franko

The CorruptersIn communities where judges are appointed, few people are naive enough to think that loyalty does not occasionally give way to favoritism when the political bosses come before the courts. Even at the highest level of government, when the president of the United States appoints a justice of the Supreme Court, it is no secret that when a situation arises, judicial views align themselves with the man who anointed the judge with perennial majesty.When judges are elected, another kind of politics comes to play — concern for reelection. It is difficult for a jurist to be totally objective when he knows the community will be going to the polls to determine whether or not he should remain a judge.Neither method of selection is elaborate enough to prevent corruption and collusion from slipping through too often. These cases are selected examples.The distinguished Judge C. Woodrow Laughlin of Texas was indicted by a grand jury, so he rushed home to discharge the grand jury that had indicted him. The judge was removed from the bench, but the political dynasty he represented continued.New York State’s Liquor Authority has had more holes punched in it during the recent decade than most of the Swiss cheese imported by that state. A classic case involved Supreme Court Judge Melvin H. Osterman, who started his career by being declared “not qualified” by the state bar association when the governor recommended him for judgeship. He finished his career convicted of bribery and sentenced to three years in prison. But there is still hope, for he was released early on good behavior.The political activities of judges in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Oregon and Ohio serve as other classic examples of judicial abuse and public corruption. It was as if they were dedicated to a resurrection of the high standards of decency established by the judge to whom our book is dedicated — Sir Francis Bacon, the Lord High Chancellor of England, who, when convicted of bribery, claimed he always took from both sides to insure his impartiality.

“If a man hasn’t got guts and personal integrity, I don’t want him on my bench.”

— Vince Lombardi

Current Bench WarmersThere are over 7,000 American judges serving today on federal and state trial and appellate courts. Although the systems and rules vary in each state, and all states differ from the federal judiciary, there is one common denominator for all — an overabundance of incompetent, corrupt, or easily-influenced judges.The argument that there are just as many crooked television repairmen or auto mechanics and the like doesn’t hold up. No repairman or mechanic or anyone but a judge has unlimited control over the freedom and property of every member of his community.The judges in this chapter are only a small representative grouping. There are several hundred judges judging us who have been accused and often found guilty of the wrongs they assess in others. Nevertheless, many of these judges might still be effective. By now adhering strictly to their ethical and legal responsibilities, perhaps they are not as dangerous to our sagging democracy as the many yet undiscovered judges who owe allegiance to a few and are willing to sell their favors.It has been extraordinarily difficult to remove judges from the bench for their unwillingness or inability to perform their duties properly. This is true, not only for federal judges with life tenure, but also for judges with set terms of office.Although a few will fail to win reappointment or reelection, only the most blatant and bizarre cases have resulted in the tortuous processes of impeachment and conviction.The states have given increased attention to the judicial discipline problem and tried to establish methods for coping with it. But whatever machinery exists, it is seldom employed. Judges and lawyers are loath to take on other sitting judges. And so we have many bench-warmers who are interesting, to say the least.

“Otto Kerner had an outstanding reputation. …
It is ironic that corruption should reach such a man.”

— James Thompson,
United States Attorney

The Chicago ThreeIn ancient societies, each tribe customarily designated its wisest member to sit in judgment over the rest of the tribe. He was called many things, but his function never changed. He judged the wrongdoers and settled disputes in the village.After thousands of years of accumulated wisdom, the primitive practice had been updated and refined so that now we have a sophisticated chain of command among those who judge us.Some cynics claim — and unfortunately there appears to be periodic justification — that judgeships are reserved for those who cannot make a living any other way, and that judges progress up the appellate organization in indirect proportion to their ability and integrity.Everybody agrees that the quality of trial-level judges in many communities is terrible, but few of us have seen the repeated instances of corruption and inefficiency that seem to plague courthouses of the state of Illinois. Years ago, it was said that political judgeships attracted the bottom half of the bar. Although that may not be true generally, it should be noted that many judges are bunglers, some are crooks and several are a little of both.Recently, two members of the Illinois Supreme Court resigned under very accusatory fire. Their $40,000 annual salary apparently had not been enough, according to those who focused on the financial machinations of the distinguished jurists.In 1972, the American judicial system was rocked with a political earthquake. The conviction of Otto Kerner, former governor of Illinois and one of the most highly respected judges in America, was precedential in an unfortunate way. He became the first sitting federal judge ever criminally convicted when he was sentenced to three years in prison and fined $50,000 in a racetrack-stock bribery scheme. At the close of the trial, Kerner told the court that the jury’s verdict had “deeply and irreparably tainted the good reputation that I cherished, and years of imprisonment can never compare to the severity of that punishment.” Insofar as his remarks apply to the damaged faith in our judiciary, Kerner deserves a Pulitzer Prize for understatement.

Exerpted from: Charles R. Ashmen, The Finest Judges Money Can Buy, Nash Publishing, Los Angeles, 1973

Have to ADD this going to hell now in PRISON if not dead piece of DUNG Judge! Trust me there are those in the Arizona Judiciary guilty of the SAME!

Judge Mark Ciavarella’s Kids For Cash Scheme 

Nicknamed “Mr. Zero Tolerance”, Ciavarella was a big supporter of harsh sentences…for kids. Ciavarella sent thousand of children to a local detention center during his tenure in Luzerne County, PA. Think the kids deserved it? Listen to this: Ciavarella sent an 11-year-old to juvenile detention for almost two years after the kid took his mom’s car for a ride down the block. He also sent a 15-year-old to the same detention facility for mocking her assistant principal on MySpace and gave a 17-year-old five months for helping steal DVDs.

Here’s the part that puts Ciavarella on our list — he got kickbacks from the facilitywhere he sent those kids. No wonder the hearings often lasted only two minutes, Ciavarella got up to a million dollars for putting hundred of innocent children behind bars. The courts wised up to his plans, and eventually sentenced Mr. Zero Tolerance to 27 years in prison. Following his sentencing, nearly 4,000 of Ciavarella’s previous convictions were overturned. Too little, too late if you ask us.


NaziZona AKA Arizona Attorney Amie Clarke Guilty Of Colluding In The Illegal Kidnapping Of Shoars Children For Profit And MORE!


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Greetings Amie! How are you doing? Keeping up with the work load? Enjoying your job of lying, committing perjury in order to continue targeting the Shoars family and children in the process with unsubstantiated allegations that Judge Cohen dismissed? And most importantly Amie….how’s your bank account doing? (By the way…please give my regards to Greg McKay, AG Brnovich, and Governor Ducey.)

Your DCS is a for profit company where you get 4k for every child you remove from the home and more and more the longer the child is out of the home. DCS does not even take a case to trial unless they know for sure they are going to win the case which because it’s done in family court and not civil court cases are prolonged and too many parents are working. Click HERE for example/exposure!

You are anything but a “Guardian Of Children” let alone the Shoars children. Rather you are a feral evil demon owned possessed woman who is GUILTY of the destruction of the Shoars family in your complicity with McNally, McKay, the AZ DCS, Arizona Assistant Attorney General Bonnie Platter and Arizona Judiciary in overturning Judge Cohen,s termination order and with the approval of the Government of Arizona from the Governor on down!

This USMC combat veteran considers you a full fledged blasphemous disgrace to the Constitution in allowing for and supporting of…the breaking of EVERY Constitutional law in what you and your peers did. No wonder you and Bonnie Platter worked with Kim M. Planchard to have her file a “no contact/restraining order” so that the children can’t talk with their parents and why? For MONEY as well as the children telling their parents about the verbal and physical abuse they are suffering AGAIN at the hands of Kim M. Planchard! Quite a guardian you are Amie of children YOU HAVE NEVER MET OR TALKED WITH IN PERSON…FACE TO FACE! You even allowed Planchard to take them out of country without the parents knowledge and they were supposed to know and grant permission!

Am sure you are familiar with the word “PERJURY” being so under the desks of the Arizona bar..right? Caught lying under oath Amie is not a good career move!

For the readers…click HERE to read the Sept. 13 article by Medicalkidnap that exposes the lies and corruption and outright PERJURY which the AZ DCS, Platter and our latest heroine Amie Clarke are GUILTY OF and they all work for Greg Mckay…who’s experience with children is DESTROYING THEIR LIVES…a former “cop” no less…go figure!

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YIKES….in my old age…I left out this law breaking BITCH who signed on the reinstatement order which Pedophile Protector Janet Nap0litano appointed Judge Sussanna Pineda signed (timing perfect with Judge Cohen who had dismissed the charges against the Shoars and was OUT OF TOWN) Her name is Caryn Wagner lying out her putrid mouth…a SUPERVISOR representing NaziZona DCS!

Add to that…the insights and exposure of what was done to the Shoars and their children in their own words staring with the “UNSUBSTANTIATED ALLEGATIONS…THEN ABUSE BY KIM PLANCHARD..THE SEXUAL ABUSE OF AT LEAST ONE SHOARS CHILD!


1.) The new report that was filed on June 6th of this year apparently by our son that was adopted out. With the information that we got from his adopted mom that he hasn’t talked to anyone since 2015, also it was reported specifically to avodale police and he lives in North Phoenix which is across town.
2.)The dam domestic violence issue, my wife never came at me with a knife and there is no domestic violence of any kind between us.
3.) They are saying that I induced Tabitha labor, first off I was at work when she went into labor thats a fact and can be proven, then all of a sudden they said I punched Tabitha in the stomach to have her miscarry during the last dependency, which is the dumbest shit I have ever heard, I have never punched Tabitha and Tabitha was never pregnant with twins during this so I have no fuckin clue where this came from
4.)They keep saying that the kids where in a dependency case after the case was dismissed, and we weren’t supposed to be around them unsupervised, key word here is dismissed, the whole case was dismissed and all agencies where relieved of their duties, so there was no case
5.)They reactivated a dismissed case, I’m not sure how the hell that can even happen or how it is even legal.
6.) Referring to our daughter being murdered in our care when the autopsy was ruled undetermined. Also she wasn’t in our care she was in the care of the babysitter which was a adult.
7.)These are all allegations nothing at anytime was proven, then they say in our paper work that they are verified allegations so how can you verify something without any evidence. It’s all hearsay and fabricated bullshit.”

CRIMES OF KIM PLANCHARD as well as AZ DCS which includes SEXUAL ABUSE OF YOUNGEST SON (Getting Jewish Attorney for family who hates SEXUAL ABUSING NAZI’S!)…another reason why these “Bitches in Black ON THEIR WAY TO HELL” are trying to terminate the parental rights of Jeff and Tabitha…and in their own words again!

“She put soap and hot sauce in my 6 yr old daughter’s mouth, she would make my son cook and clean and he came to visitation with burns on him, she sold all my son’s toys and wouldn’t allow him to have any friends, he wet his bed every night when he was with her and once he came home it stopped instantly. She had our 4 oldest children and we had to dig up all the information to find that out our 2 younger boy’s where in different placements, my 4 year old was in a foster home but they had my 3 yr old in a all boys group home. And when our 3 yr old came home he would have night terrors and scream stop in his sleep as he hump the bed as this was happening. They would not tell us where he was our where our 4 yr old was. They kept us in the dark about everything…

My 3 yr old would hump the bed and scream no, and stop in his sleep. They wouldn’t tell us what group home he was in. They kept all that information secret from us we stumbled on Kim because our kids told us her name so we googled it and found her on Facebook, she also took our kids out of ARIZONA multiple times to Texas and once to Mexico without our permission and we missed our visitation with our kids during this”

Image result for az attorney general

The more I think about this case…the more I believe that Kim M. Planchard is a PEDOPHILE and her supporting “legal cast” are either closet child porn pedophiles (Most served under “Gay child sexual abuser PROTECTOR Janet Napalitano) and or in their knowledge of this case…are complicit in the cover-up of the sexual abuse of the Shoars child which makes them as guilty as the sexual abuser which is why they are doing their best to “snuff” the Shoars parental rights…and this includes the Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Assistant Bonnie Platter!


The below commentary by a Navajo who knows about Arizona DCS/CPS corruption. It is a good read and underscores what the Shoars have endured at the hands of Clarke and her “peers”Just to let everyone know your “Guardian Affect” on the Shoars children who are reading this…


compliments of this Witch in BLACK…she being a living demonstration in the flesh that there is a SATAN.

Now to read what the WHITE NAZI KKK ARIZONA CABAL does to Native American children as viewed by one in the KNOW not to mention the fact the “Amie Clarkes” spiritual relations were historically responsible for the sexual abuse and murder of thousands of “kidnapped Indigenous children by WHITES like her” both in the US and Canada!

Sieg Heil Amie! You are no different then a slave holder or a pimp. No wonder you wanted them back and worked with Pineda and McNally your bathhouse buddies to reinstate Judge Cohens order of dismissal for profit and trafficking…and more then likely…SEXUAL TRAFFICKING!

Superior Court>Family Court>Rosters>AttorneyAttorney Roster

Return to Attorney Listing
General Information

Attorney’s Name: Amie  Clarke
Primary Address: 2910 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix,    85013
Phone: (602) 751-7640
Office Hours: 8am- 5 pm M-F
Language Services Offered:   English

Bar Number: 026217
Admitted to practice in the State of Arizona:2008
Additional Business Address
Address: 2910 North 7th Avenue
Phoenix,    85013
Phone: (602) 751-7640
Office Hours: 8 am – 5 pm

Fees and Services

Service Service Fee
Initial Consultation $100.00 / Flat Fee
Divorce $250.00 / Hourly Rate
Divorce Appeal $5,000.00 / Flat Fee
Prepare pretrial statement exhibits $350.00 / Flat Fee
Filing of RMC and attendance at RMC hearing $500.00 / Flat Fee
Order of Protection $700.00 / Flat Fee
Child guardianship with consent $1,200.00 / Flat Fee
Uncontested Step Parent adoption $1,200.00 / Flat Fee
Grandparent rights $250.00 / Hourly Rate


Degree Awarded Date Received Institution
Juris Doctorate 1/1/2008 Arizona Summit Law School
Bachelor of Science 1/1/1992 University of Nebraska Lincoln

Practice and Experience

Field of Law Practiced since: Areas
Family Law 2008
  • Divorce, Legal Separation, Annulment
  • Grandparent Rights
  • Paternity
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation
Juvenile Law 2008
  • Adoption
  • Juvenile Dependency
  • Minor Guardianship
Housing and Landlord/Tenant 2008
  • Tenant

And the Arizona Judiciary of EMASCULATED ANDROGYNOUS HE/SHES look the other way! No wonder their history includes the murder of THOUSANDS of Navajo people…say DEATH MARCH!

Image result for native american children cps sexual abuse

‘Drama, waste, incompetence’ within Department of Child Safety

Arizona residents and taxpayers are reminded weekly of the drama, waste and incompetence of what is now called the Department of Child Safety (renamed after the scandals of the Children’s Protection Service became too hot for our former governor to handle). The year old DCS (in theory) currently holds 17,000 children in their custody under the leadership of former cop, Greg McKay, and thousands of employees, according to news reports.

What news organizations failed to report is that, as is the case with many Arizona agencies, most of the hands-on day-to-day custody of the 17,000 children held hostage in this system, is actually handled by private agencies calling themselves “non-profit” (but aren’t). These “sacred cows” have a financial interest in bringing more children into the system and preventing them from being adopted or kept in stable foster care. When someone considers how many people up and down the food chain are earning a living off these children, there are almost as many as there are children. Social workers, “therapists”, lawyers, etc.

There are reliable estimates that many of the children should not even be in the system and the state spends millions of dollars fighting lawsuits brought against the state by loving parents whose kids have been kidnapped by the state and their cronies in private industry. When children are brought into custody, private corporate people evaluate the children to determine whether they need “therapy.”

Not surprisingly, many are getting it whether they really need it or not, because there’s money involved and nobody from the state actually monitors these private contractors. These private contractors are also in charge of foster parents and are paid by the state, as are the volunteer foster parents themselves, to care for the children. The children deemed to need “therapy” end up in “therapeutic” foster homes and taxpayers pay more for the services. Because these private agencies purposely shift kids from foster home to foster home, preventing them from bonding with foster parents, friends, or school mates, more of them move up to “therapeutic” care and ultimately psychiatric care and drugging. Kids in this system are four times more likely to be drugged than kids outside the system. Taxpayers foot the bill and further damage the children who may have been relatively normal when originally brought into this corrupt, corporate welfare system.

Children whose parents’ rights are “severed” are supposed to be available for adoption, but that rarely happens. Prospective adoptive parents, who must pass a very thorough background examination and take months of training to be certified to adopt, find that the private agencies in charge of the children fight tooth and nail to prevent or stall adoptions. These loving prospective parents are seen as rustlers, riding into the corral of these “non-profit” agencies to take their “cash cows” away. Many people simply give up. They can complain to state officials, but their complaints fall on deaf ears. The private “non-profit” agencies are the tails that wag the dogs in the system. Nobody dares to challenge “non-profit” agencies.

I urge local, state, and federal officials to investigate what’s going on in the name of “child protection” in this state. I urge grand juries to open the books of these huge interstate corporations that run this rotten system. Follow the money. I also urge the lawyers, paid by the state to protect the interests of these children (who actually don’t), to file class action lawsuits on behalf of the children and bring an end to this corruption. Save these children. I urge prospective adoptive parents to join together with me and file lawsuits against the state and their cronies in private industry. I urge parents, who are individually fighting to get their children back, to join together and file lawsuits to regain custody of your children.

Richard D. Manuel
Green Valley, Ariz.

Rouge Arizona Judge McNally Needs To Be Disbarred For Treasonous Judicial Behavior And Complicity In Sexual Abuse of Shoars Child

Image result for judges covering up foster home sexual abuse children

Enter a caption

UPDATE: I am adding to the charge of “Treasonous Judicial Conduct”  by Judge Colleen McNally with her knowing “complicity in the sexual abuse of one of the Shoars children” who was sent to a “group home” (DCS won’t release name of home!)

In order to hide what happened to this Shoars child McNally and DCS reactivated previous charges (emergency abduction order signed by Judge Susanna Pineda who was appointed by pedophile protector of GAY sexual abuser of children Janet Napolitano) “legalizing” the ILLEGAL KIDNAP (again) of the Shoars children living happily in Nevada and returning them to NaziZona after ALL DCS charges were previously dismissed by Judge Bruce Cohen.

AND…the only way to do that was by adding the “allegation of sexual abuse of all the children by father” Jeff Shoars using an “autistic child” that was fostered out! How else could McNally and her cadre hide what happened to a Shoars child under their watch other then targeting Jeff Shoars? (There are other allegations NONE of which have been substantiated in the least! SEE BELOW NOTES!)

I am also convinced that  Guardian ad Litem AmieClark was instructed by McNally to have caretaker and abuser of the Shoars children Kim M. Planchard file a “RESTRAINING ORDER” against the parents so that NO CONTACT with the children can FOREVER BE ESTABLISHED before McNally’s latest pick for “Terminator Hatchet Femi-Nazi Judge” Alison Bachus who I believe has already been instructed to terminate the Shoars parental rights using fabricated alleged charges!

AND…”you know the rest of the story” as to why the Shoars children have NEVER been allowed to talk in COURT thanks to McNally, Clark and NaziZona DCS with the support of DCS top dog Greg McKay COP and so called “foster parent” and with of course the final approval of Governor Doug Duceys because they all know that the Shoars children will expose the abusers which are NOT their parents and why the Satanist and Jesus hater McNally loves to issue GAG ORDERS!

And if anyone thinks AZ DCSC is a entity that the Shoars could trust with ANY truth concerning the sexual abuse of their child…think again after you read ALL they have sufferers at their hands by  AZ Judicial legal assassins led by McNally!


But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that She were drowned in the depth of the sea.”- Jesus Christ

Image result for shoars children screaming


How Society Becomes Complicit in Child Sex Trafficking Through its State Institutions (Including ARIZONA thanks to Judge Colleen McNally and Governor Doug Ducey!)

Image result for judge mcnally az


Listen up you not married pathetic animated by Satan child abusing witch on your way to hell…read my lips woman…this combat veteran despises creatures like you…thinking of all my brothers in uniform who died so that the likes of your putrid self can do what you have done to the Shoars children includin the SEXUAL ABUSE of at least one of them and get away with it…NOT…reinstating/reactivating charges alleging that the father is guilty of sexual abuse so as to cover up the abuse of a child under YOUR CONTROL! (Are you a closet pedophile McNally? Into child porn? What would happen if “Anonymous” checked into your home computer?)

Could there be a connection to why you push the Foster Care and Group Home Agenda McNally? Me thinks so and this is WHY!

One study by Johns Hopkins University found that the rate of sexual abuse within the foster-care system is more than four times as high as in the general population; in group homes, the rate of sexual abuse is more than 28 times that of the general population. These statistics do not speak to the situation these children are coming from, but it does show the very large problem of child-on-child sexual abuse within the system.”

I would say that makes you GUILTY of any and all crimes of sexual abuse in Arizona Foster Care and Group Homes McNally and more so because the “signs of sexual abuse” of one of the SHOARS children came after they were returned home after over 300 days with Kim M. Planchard who took the children out of state and to MEXICO…”pedophile heaven”! Me thinks that Planchard is DIRECTLY GUILTY as are YOU in what happened to this child so when Judge Bruce Cohen dismissed the previous DCS charges that it was necessary to have them reactivated so as to cover up the sexual abuse of one of the Shoars children and to deflect this TRUTH…YOU added a “sexual abuse” charge against Jeff Shoars!

I own you lady and am taking you down with the truth of who you really are before man because my God has inspired me to do so as He knows who you are in your heart…a lying subversive treasonous criminal in a BLACK ROBE using the FREEDOMS veterans like myself fought and died to preserve so you could BREAK EVERY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW in all that you have done in the name of being a “JUDGE”  to the Shoars children and parents and endless others!

SO READ MY LIPS MCNALLY…your days in doing what you have done to the Shoars and other families and children up to ARE OVER because your name and crimes against humanity are going to be exposed nation and world wide!

And if the your latest “hit woman/appointee” Alison Bachus thinks she is going to enter and leave this ring of fire filled with the stench of it’s history of legal depravity unscathed…then you need to advise her to start preparing for “HELL” if she terminates the parental rights of the Shoars and start taking a double dose of Prozac now to deal with the career destroying consequences of being in the SPOTLIGHT!

Semper Fi To Jesus Christ You “Daughter of Satan”!Richard Boyden  9/15/2016

Image result for judges covering up foster home sexual abuse children

Read my lips and repeat after me…TIMING!

This TV interview was given just before McNally went after the Shoars children!


Translated… “I am going after the Shoars children and going to break every law of the land in so doing because I don’t want anyone to know one of them was sexually abused thanks to me!

Click HERE to hear McNally the pathological liar on TV in August. Notice…NOT MARRIED…and taking bets not a “mother” (Thank God for that!) and take note…that all the judicial violations she is guilty of in having the Shoars children kidanpped are missing in her interview on TV  which interview was given to cover up her CRIMES.

Image result for judges covering up foster home sexual abuse children


Exposing Blatant Judicial Treason by Judges McNally and Sinclair

Below is a judicial summary written by Melissa Diegel and Karla Johnson who experienced numerous documented violations of every LAW OF THE LAND at the hands of Judges Sinclair and McNally. Arizona’s legal world of lawyers and judges continue in their cowardly silence to say and do nothing and are therefore complicit in this pattern of trafficking children for profit using the National Socialist Nazi template designed to destroy families and the children of.

Image result for profits cps trafficking children

So all you “look the other way judges and lawyers” when the trains roll by and the smoke of burning flesh fills your nostrils….read and know that your silence makes you as GUILTY of the crimes of Sinclair and McNally and Arizona DCS which McNally has been in the forefront as the hateful witch she is in destroying the SHOARS family and their children among others.

Image result for profits cps trafficking children

All of you lawyers and judges can be be proud that you are working for a State that either directly or indirectly is documented to be involved in trafficking children for money and sex!

Child Protection Services do Not Protect Children – Hundreds of Children Murdered in CPS Care

Child Abuse More Likely In Arizona “Foster Care” …(say Kim M. Planchard)…then with parents!

Arizona Fostering Sexual Abuse | Phoenix New Times

How to identify Judicial Misconduct for DUMMIES 101

Disclosure and Discovery and a Motion to Strike and Dismiss the fraudulent charges and Judicial misconduct of Judges McNally Sinclair who targeted two innocent women by Falsely and Maliciously Prosecuting them. Read and Learn!

Written by Melissa Diegel and Karla Johnson

The court has decided to not let us submit our audio as evidence. Yet they are using audio displayed on our You-tube as evidence against us in court. Therefore, we are submitting our audio to you, our Facebook and You-tube followers to share away, in order to be able to submit our evidence into court, since this seems to be the only way to get it into the record.

Judge Joan Sinclair committed fraud by placing her wet ink signature on a minute entry, stating “All attendees of the hearing are admonished by the Court from disclosing any personally identifiable information mentioned in the proceedings and that doing so shall be deemed in contempt of court.” (Both recordings are from the same day and the same hearing, “It’s not a matter of evidence Ma’am”.)

The audio recording from that day clearly show she did not say that. She committed fraud under her judicial oath in order to maliciously prosecute Karla Johnson and Melissa Diegel in order to stop them from continuing to speak out about the atrocities of the Arizona judicial system.
Listen to audio here, showing the judge only said she would close the proceedings next time:

I filed multiple motions for Judge McNally to recuse herself in both that case and the case of Karla Johnson and I and she has refused. Even though Arizona statue demands it when there is such a conflict as we have been able to legally show.
We have disclosed multiple judges audios to our legislatures, Sheriff Arpio, the District Attorney Bill Montgomery, and to the Attorney General’s office. There are licensed attorneys who are also legislatures and as such they would legally need to report crimes to the bar association or risk their license themselves. As far as we know they have not reported any of this fraud.

The legislatures by a 2/3 vote can vote a judge off the bench. They have refused to get involved.
We have over 6 audios of Arizona judges committing crimes.

The following is an excerpt from a motion that was filed to Dismiss the Contempt charges:
Now comes Karla Johnson and Melissa Diegel, residing in the State of Arizona with all the rights, privileges and immunities thereof, who does not knowingly or unwittingly relinquish any of our natural and constitutionally protected rights hereby submits this “Motion to Strike and Dismiss” “DCS’ Motion for an Order to Show Cause” filed by AAG J. W. H. on Feb. 3, 2015 pursuant to 16 ARCP 60 (c) “fraud and error, FRCP Rule 60 (b) (4) and pursuant to 18 USC §1028 “Fraud and False Documents”.as this case exhibits a reprehensible example of this Court preying on, disrupting, harassing and victimizing Karla Johnson and Melissa Diegel.

AAG J.W.H. knowingly filed fabricated ‘contempt of court’ allegations against Johnson and Diegel based upon the fraudulent and altered Minute Entry of Jan. 6, 2015, which is contrary to the irrefutable electronic recording [Exhibit 2 Disclosure and Discovery] in addition this Court utilizes an electronic recording system for the Court’s record.

AAG J.W.H. was present at the court hearing of Jan. 6, 2015, therefore he had first-hand knowledge Judge Joan Sinclair did NOT admonish “all attendees from disclosing any personally identifiable information mentioned in the proceedings and that doing so shall be deemed in contempt of court” [Pg. 2 line 15] in violation of his professional oath of office pursuant to AZ R. of Professional Conduct ER 3.3(a) (3) “A lawyer shall not knowingly offer evidence that the lawyer knows to be false….” and ER 8.4 (c) “engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation”; (d) “engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice”; (f) “knowingly assist a judge or judicial officer in conduct that is a violation of applicable Code of Judicial Conduct or other law.”

Judge Joan Sinclair committed misrepresentation, fabrication and fraud when she provided her ‘wet ink’ signature attesting to the validity of the contents of the Jan. 6, 2015 Minute Entry, knowing the statement contained herein: “All attendees of the hearing are admonished by the Court from disclosing any personally identifiable information mentioned in the proceedings and that doing so shall be deemed in contempt of court” was maliciously added contrary to the irrefutable electronic recording utilized by this Court, which exhibits overt defiance violating her oath in office pursuant to the AZ Constitution Article VI Item 26; the U.S. Constitution; 28 USC §453 “Oaths of Judges” and 5 USC § 3331 “Oath of Office. Oaths of office are a statement of loyalty to the Constitution, as well as an oath to the state… It is considered Treason, Perjury, a high crime to betray a sworn oath of office pursuant to 18 USC §1621 “Perjury”; 18 USC §2381 “Treason”; and 18 USC §2384 “Seditious Conspiracy.”

The US Supreme Court states: “Any judge who does not comply with his oath to the Constitution of the United States, wars against that Constitution and engages in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land.” In re Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888) “No man in this country is so high that he is above the law. NO officer of the law may set that law in defiance with impunity. All the officers of the government….are bound to obey it.” Butz V. Economou, 98 S.CT. 2894 (1978)’; Unites States v. Lee, 106 U.S. at 220, 1 S.Ct. at 261 (1882). “State courts, like federal courts, have a constitutional obligation to safeguard personal liberties and to uphold federal law.” Stone v. Powell, 428 US 465, 483 n 38, 96 S.Ct. 3037, 79 L.Ed 2d 1067 (1976).

Ms. Johnson and Mrs. Diegel stand firmly on their First Amendment right to exercise their “freedom of speech” as the First Amendment prohibits a government official from retaliating against an individual for protected speech. E.g., Hartman v. Moore, 547 U.S. 250, 256 (2006). The First Amendment prohibits retaliation taken to chill future speech. E.g., Skoog v. County of Clackamas, 469 F.3d 1221, 1232 (9th Cir. 2006).

AAG J.W.H. and Judge Joan Sinclair’s actions reveal overt acts of obstruction of justice pursuant to 18 USC §1503,” which contains an omnibus provision directed towards “whoever** corruptly** obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due administration of justice***.” Falk v. U.S., 370 F.2d 472, 476 (9th Cir. 1966). “The omnibus provision is all embracing and designed to meet any corrupt conduct in an endeavor to obstruct or interfere with the due administration of justice.” Falk, 370 F2d at 476; U.S. v. Lester 749 F.2d 1288, 1293 (9th Cir. 1984). “No fraud is more odious than an attempt to subvert the administration of justice.” Hazel-Atlas Co. v. Harford Co., 322 U.S. 238,251, 64 S. CT 997, 88 Le.d. 1250 (1944) (Roberts, J.dissenting.) Black’s Law Dictionary defines ‘corruptly’ to mean with ‘a wrongful design to acquire some pecuniary or other advantage,’ meaning the act must be done with the purpose of obstructing justice. See U.S. v. Rasheed 663 F.2d 843, 852 (9th Cir. 1981).

Wherefore, for the substantive reason detailed herein this Court must strike “DCS’ Motion for an Order to Show Cause” and dismiss this action pursuant to 16 ARCP 60 (c) “fraud and error;” FRCP Rule 60 (b) (4) and pursuant to 18 USC §1028 “Fraud and False Documents.” This Court cannot continue these proceedings using threats, intimidation and coercion to maliciously prosecute Karla Johnson and Melissa Diegel based upon misrepresentation, fabrication and fraud in violation of our Due Process rights guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment “The State shall not deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal Protection of the laws”, U.S. Constitution, XIV § 1 and other harmful treatment prohibited by state and federal statutes and codes.

We could in essence put duct tape over our mouths, crawl into the corner and be quiet and never say a word again. We could in essence let the State of Arizona gag us unconstitutionally, proceed to sit us down, shut us up and we could just take it like Woman. BUT we WON’T!
Our nation, our children and our families are at stake here and we won’t sit by and remain idle. We won’t tolerate the medical kidnappings from Phoenix Children’s Hospital or the unjust removals from the families here in Arizona – Over 17,700 children that are now in the Arizona system. Children are dying, some children are going 3 days at a time without eating while in the system and they are ignoring the facts.

No we won’t be quiet, it is time you start to listen…..and it is time for some of you to go to jail because in case you hadn’t noticed fraud isn’t o.k.!!!!!

AZ DCS Lawsuit: Pellerin vs. Wagner, et al.'s photo.
AZ DCS Lawsuit: Pellerin vs. Wagner, et al.'s photo.
From the Shoars Family addressing the allegations/lies in the  “EMERGENCY PICK UP ORDER” signed by Pineda and “ordered by McNalley”!
1.) The new report that was filed on June 6th of this year apparently by our son that was adopted out. With the information that we got from his adopted mom that he hasn’t talked to anyone since 2015, also it was reported specifically to avodale police and he lives in North Phoenix which is across town.
2.)The dam domestic violence issue, my wife never came at me with a knife and there is no domestic violence of any kind between us.
3.) They are saying that I induced Tabitha labor, first off I was at work when she went into labor thats a fact and can be proven, then all of a sudden they said I punched Tabitha in the stomach to have her miscarry during the last dependency, which is the dumbest shit I have ever heard, I have never punched Tabitha and Tabitha was never pregnant with twins during this so I have no fuckin clue where this came from
4.)They keep saying that the kids where in a dependency case after the case was dismissed, and we weren’t supposed to be around them unsupervised, key word here is dismissed, the whole case was dismissed and all agencies where relieved of their duties, so there was no case
5.)They reactivated a dismissed case, I’m not sure how the hell that can even happen or how it is even legal.
6.) Referring to our daughter being murdered in our care when the autopsy was ruled undetermined. Also she wasn’t in our care she was in the care of the babysitter which was a adult.
7.)These are all allegations nothing at anytime was proven, then they say in our paper work that they are verified allegations so how can you verify something without any evidence. It’s all hearsay and fabricated bullshit.

DCS report Klohe Shoars

Medical risks for child born prematurely. which Arizona  CPS/DCS is trying to cover up which is why judge McNally ISSUED A GAG ORDER…hoping that this information would be made public so as to understand what happened to Klohe

Family and Child Advocate Steven R. Isham, MA, LSBW, met with the Shoars and found a number of discrepancies pertaining to the actions of CPS. Among them:

— The court documents and child protective services documents misrepresent and conflict with the facts.

— There is documentation that has been added to reports that did not occur.

— There seems to be documentation of threats made to the children by the Foster Parents, and by CPS workers to elicit certain behaviors and language.

— [Isham] was unable to discover in the records or through conversation exactly what the accusations are that drew the conclusion of imminent harm and immediate removal of the children from the Parents and from the Grandparents.

— It appears that the Parents and Grandparents participation has already been discontinued if it ever was actively sought during the reunification process.

— It does appear that Parents and Grandparents have actively participated in every condition asked of them. There is nothing that shows they have not fully participated when asked to do so by the court or by Child Protective Services.

Court issues a gag order

To add insult to injury, the Shoars, who are originally from Minnesota, said that in December a state judge issued what amounts to a “gag order,” instructing them not to talk to the media and to others about the ongoing case.

Don Naylor, producer for The Robert Scott Bell show, said he and Bell interviewed the Shoals on Wednesday, and that the couple was taken aback after being informed recently about the order.

“As it stands right now, they’re basically being bullied and intimidated by CPS because people are aware of the situation” and have been making their opposition known to the court, Naylor told Natural News.

“They’re being strong-armed… and the judge and CPS are trying to get them to stop talking because, obviously, they don’t want people to know what’s going on,” he added.

In addition, according to an email provided to Natural News, an Arizona detective is requesting that Genesis Communications Network, which syndicates Bell’s program, be subpoenaed for the audio file of the Shoars interview.

NAMES OF PAST AND PRESENT INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED IN THE SHOARS CASE Amie clarke is the old and new guardian at litem.

(480) 547-0419 is Amy fox number she is the supervisor for Victoria Jones who man handled the children. is the old AAG and new AAG is Chrystal with the courts for duncan and her assistant Is new case manager as of 9-2-16  name is Corey wolter this is Deb and another for Judge Duncan and was a nasty and rude and a LIAR!

This is Karen Wagner’s number> She was the old case manager supervisor who was assigned on 8-25-16 and swore under oath for the new petitions. (480) 294-3789 and (623) 333-7920. is a 3 Rd head supervisor before case was dismissed. is current attorney who is a conflict of interest because before the case was dismissed he filled in for Amie Clarke the guardian at litem and also jeff contacted him first and has not received nothing from him since 8-26-16 .. he is removing him self on 9-8-16 is our old cps workers supervisor before our case was dismissed

(602) 372-0686 is judge Cohen number he was the good judge that DISMISSED our case

Jamie Jenkins is the old case worker as of 8-25-16 who also signed off on the petition and lied along with her supervisor Karen wagner. They both promised to email us and keep us informed and never did plus more old case manager before case was dismissed this was the last case manager we had right before our case was dismissed and she filled in stuff after my father in law signed and more is our old case manager is tabitha attorney who is removing himself from my case because he said he don’t like beinh told how to do his job

“NaziZona” AKA Arizona Government Upholds Rogue Judges Attacking Shoar Family Connected To Pedophile Protector Janet Napolitano

Image result for nazis sexual abuse of children

Stop CPS and Court Corruption

In 1988 George Miller, the original architect of P.L. 96-272, and Chairman of the congressionally appointed Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families, recognized the fraud being committed in the name of child “protection”, and stated:

“What has been demonstrated here is that you have a system that is simply in contempt. This system has been sued and sued and orders have been issued and they just continue on their merry way. And HHS just continues to look the other way. You have a system that is not only out of control, it’s illegal at this point. What you are really engaged in is state sponsored child abuse.”

Image result for nazis sexual abuse of children

Stop State Sanctioned Child Abuse

“There is something bad happening to our children in family courts today that is causing them more harm than drugs, more harm than crime and even more harm than child molestation.” Judge Watson L. White Superior Court Judge, Cobb County, Georgia

The Arizona DCS aka “Devils Chosen Servants” will not allow the Shoars children to talk to their parents on the phone and the “Catholic Lesbian Custodian” Kim M. Planchard has filed a “Restraining Order” against the parents! She abused the children before and one child while being kidnapped screamed “SHE WILL KILL US”…

One of the SS/DCS workers who had to be DEMON POSSESSED after the order of Janet Napolitano  LAUGHED at the children SCREAMING!

Hey DUCEY…you are one hell of a Governor…complicit in this abuse by your feral employees and with YOUR Judiciary ruling in favor of every law broken by!

FYI Ducey…expect to get a phone call from one of the most AWARD WINNING Wall Street Journal reporters who has ALL the information…read my lips…say fabricated charges (dismissed) made up new LIES and the trail of EVERY broken law by your DCS and Judiciary which translated…will be the EVIDENCE in a law suit that will cause your carrer and Arizona’s bank account to be bled dry.

You have ONE WEEK to get have the Shoar children released to their parents Ducey or the the citizen TAX PAYERS will make sure you are HISTORY when the fullness of the truth is published outside your circle of controlled media!




Image result for shoars family medical kidnap

Family Links and Shoars Family Links Exposing The Unconstitutional Kidnapping and Subsecquent Documented Abuse Of The Shoars Children and Family

Why Arizona Judges and DCS/CPS Reinstated Charges Dismissed By Jewish Judge Cohen Then Brutally Kidnap The Shoars Children

Freedom and Justice For The Shoars Family

Jeff Shoars


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Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Judge Susanna PINEDA

Judge Susanna PINEDA!


Judge Colleen MCNALLY

Judge Colleen MCNALLY

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Judge Sally Schneider DUNCAN

who set free MURDERER OF A CHILD!

FOREWORD: Time to connect the dots to the Rouge “NaziZona” AKA Arizona State Judiciary as seen in their treatment of the Shoars children and family and to the protection of child abusing pedophiles in the Judiciary by “appointment”!

My insight is…when a Judge is appointed by a documented protector of an ADMITTED “pornographer, pedophile, and raping sodomizing abuser of children”, then that Judge is likewise a “pornographer, pedophile, and raping sodomizing abuser of children protector” by “association with because that appointment in the act itself of Arizona Judges Susanna Pineda and Sally Duncan by then Governor Janet “Pedophile Protector” Napolitano had to be the direct result of the “meeting of minds and bodies” in the course of numerous face to face in closed chambers meetings where they were interviewed by this HomoHero of the embedded in the United States of America city of Sodom and Gomorrah which is why Janet chose them and for NO other reason. (The Nazi Party was run by SODOMITES and PEDERASTS/PEDOPHILES!)

Sexual abusers of children in “NaziZona” control is historically documented in THIS article…where you will read about those children removed from their homes and placed in Arizona “chosen” homes where pedophiles are doing what they do best but…if they were “GAY”…never had a worry when Napolitano was Governor and more so now because the Arizona DCS is run by “NapoitanoItes” including the present Governor and most of the Judiciary. Scary huh?

Read THIS to see that NOW in Arizona…there is a movement among “SHRINKS” to say feelings of “pedophilia is NORMAL” which might explain why “NaziZona” DCS “FemiNazi’s” hate families like the Shoars…and pick “Single” so called “mothers” like Kim M. Planchard to have ABUSIVE custody of the Shoars children…and…AND…this woman is a member of…the NOT Holy Roman (pedophile infested) Catholic Church!

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So it should not be a surprise if a family is a FAMILY such as the Shoars family who’s view of life is after the the Creator’s order of Adam and Eve (only the demon possessed who suffer from “sexual dyslexia read Adam and Steve equate a anus with a vagina) with a man and woman being married with children and who are “heterosexual” to be targeted by the “Femi-Nazis” in “NaziZona”/Arizona like DCS “SS” worker Bonnie Platter who dresses and acts like she is playing in a movie!

After all…we have to remember who appointed the ONE Judge who followed Platters “orders” to activate a lie filled “reinstatement” of original charges dismissed by JEW Judge Cohen who by the way…was conveniently out of town so this could be done (with Judge McNally’s approval…Good Job McNally!) and that was for Platter to run right into the waiting arms of that Judge “Appointed by pedophile protector and former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano” …the one and only Judge Susanna Pineda who gave the DCS the green light for the illegal DOUBLE JEOPARDY KIDNAPPING of the Shoars children living peacefully and happily in Nevada!

There were signs of sexual abuse of at least one Shoars child after being returned to the family after their first kidnapping …being away from them for over 600 days and this was observed by members of the Shoars family besides the father and mother. Of course they are not going to report this to “NaziZonaFemiNazi DCS workers” given their past experiences…are YOU crazy! So in the VERY best interest of that child knowing that the abuse of that child was in FACT the direct result of the illegal removal of the Shoars children in the first place, Jeff and Tabitha Shoars would never again trust NaziZona in anything concerning their children because they knew from reporting to them in the past of/by “foster care Kim M. Planchard abuser of their children” that it would never investigate her let alone hold themselves responsible nor would they seek and find those guilty of the sexual abuse of their son.

So after the original DCS charges were dismissed by Judge Bruce Cohen, the Shoars moved to Nevada not only to make a fresh start but also because the Arizona pedophile protecting Judiciary and DCS would of course fabricate and lie if they knew that family knew about this child. The fact they jumped the gun and came to Nevada to steal their children IS PROOF they knew about the sexual abuse of the one child if not more because of their history of their placing children in documented pedophile infested Arizona group homes which is why they reactivated charges to escape their culpability in the abuse of the Shoars child and therefore HAD TO in order to hide the truth and protect themselves…falsely accuse Jeff Shoars of sexual abuse of his children in the reinstating the “dismissed charges” by Cohen!

MORE coming later…am “tired” at the moment but for now…

read my lips NaziZona…

As a combat Veteran I will honor my commitment to the Constitution to no end by exposing each and every one of you in your individual and collective violation of both the law of the land and God’s laws as the “domestic enemies” that I identify you as being until you release the Shoars children to their parents! Just know this that I also consider you being the very “sons and daughters of Satan” which God identifies you also as being which assures you of your place in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone!

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U.S. Attorney in hot seat as politics and law clash – Janet Napolitano

Insight on the News, Sept 2, 1996 by Jamie Dettmer See Source
Serious questions have surfaced regarding a bus driver, a Clinton appointee and a search warrant.

Apartment manager Jenni Burk is fuming. Five months have not cooled her anger. “I thought about marching down there to her office and giving her a piece of my mind! ” the angry mother of three says. “I was amazed. I couldn’t believe that with all the evidence they had they couldn’t get a search warrant. I can’t understand why that woman with all her power wouldn’t stop children from being hurt.”

“That woman” is U.S. Attorney Janet Napolitano.

And the 56-year-old Burk isn’t alone in wondering what led the controversial Clinton appointee to refuse investigators with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, or USPIS, a warrant to search the one-bedroom Phoenix home of one of Burk’s residents, James Moore, an admitted child pornographer and molester. Republicans, including presidential candidate Bob Dole, also are demanding to know why Napolitano declined to act against Moore, and the Senate Judiciary Committee is investigating claims aired in May on the ABC program 20/20 that she refused the warrant because it was part of a sting operation targeting homosexuals.
As far as Burk and USPIS Inspector Karen Cassatt are concerned, there were clear grounds for searching Moore’s apartment: He was receiving suspicious-looking videos from known child-porn and adult videomakers such as Spartacus, an overseas distributor, and the Hollywood-based IVC. The specter of frightened-looking Mexican boys, some possibly as young as 9, who frequently were spotted with Moore also was troubling. On several occasions Burk asked the openly homosexual Moore who the children were and where they were from. “He always said they were the children of friends,” she tells Insight. “I knew he was gay I had no problem with that — there are a lot of gay men living here. But I was worried about the children. There was one boy — he must have been about 13 or 14 — and I could see he was scared to death.” Burk also noted that Moore’s apartment was full of photographs of young boys, most of them nude from the waist up.

The Phoenix Police Department agreed there was “probable cause” for further inquiry and, after Napolitano refused in January 1996 to have anything to do with the case, a state judge was approached and promptly granted a search warrant. A motherlode of child-porn evidence was discovered and Moore, a bus driver, admitted to having had sex on numerous occasions with boys. He was charged with sexually exploiting minors by a local county prosecutor, a charge that under Arizona state law carries a sentence of 10 to 24 years on each count. He is awaiting trial on a vast variety of charges, some of which he is contesting.
In a press conference the day after 20/20 broadcast an interview with an outraged Cassatt, Napolitano flatly denied that she had blocked the Moore search warrant on the grounds that it was part of a nationwide federal undercover operation targeting gays. She labeled the Cassatt allegation “fundamentally offensive,” declaring: “It’s just not true. It’s just flat wrong.” According to Napolitano, there were clear legal grounds to decline the warrant.

Attorney General Janet Reno and the White House have defended Napolitano. They maintain she has become an election-year political target and that Republicans are using her in a bid to knock President Clinton’s crime-fighting credentials in the run-up to November. Napolitano supporters also argue that conservatives have been keen to get the US. attorney ever since she served as one of Anita Hill’s lawyers during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings in 1991. Indeed, Senate confirmation of Napolitano’s appointment as Arizona’s U.S. attorney was extensively delayed in 1993 when Republicans raised questions about her role in the Thomas hearings.

But previously undisclosed evidence obtained by Insight, including an audiotape of a tense hour-long conversation between Cassatt and Napolitano assistants Mary Murgea and Sharon Novitsky, raises new questions about Napolitano’s decision to refuse the Moore search warrant. It provides support for Cassatt’s contention that the U.S. attorney was unhappy with undercover operations that include as targets homosexuals suspected of illegal acts.

Other documents obtained by Insight detail USPIS discussions about the Moore case and, with the audiotape, add to the impression that ongoing child molestation or not, Napolitano would not countenance a sting operation against homosexuals.
The Moore case was a small part of a much larger, two-year USPIS probe called “Operation Special Delivery.” The operation has been highly successful: 45 people nationwide have been charged with a variety of child-porn offences. In an effort to catch potential child molesters, USPIS inspectors set up a scam child-porn business and contacted men whose names had appeared on a customer mailing list of a porn outlet. Moore was one of the men, and the inspectors sent him a solicitation offering him videos of “hot lads.” Moore then ordered two tapes: Young Teen and Young Men. At the same time, apartment-manager Burk’s suspicions about her tenant were aroused. She was concerned about the stream of young Mexican boys visiting Moore’s apartment, she says. Burk also was worried about the videos Moore received and coincidentally contacted the USPIS just as it was about to swoop on the unsuspecting bus driver.

But when Cassatt asked for a search warrant, it took Napolitano’s office nearly two months to decide whether to grant the request. Eventually, it turned Cassatt down on the official grounds that Moore wasn’t “predisposed” to buy child porn and that the evidence against the 55-year-old homosexual didn’t meet probable-cause standards. In their argument about legal flaws, Napolitano’s assistants cited one case in the 9th Circuit Court, which encompasses Arizona, in which a judge threw out a search warrant on entrapment grounds.

Insight has learned that the Justice Department’s antipornography unit, the Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, or CEOS, disagreed with the position taken by Napolitano. It volunteered to send a prosecutor to Arizona to take on the case, only to be met with a strong “no thanks” from Napolitano.

Justice Department sources say the CEOS believed Napolitano and her assistants were wrong to argue that judges in the 9th Circuit wouldn’t be happy with the warrant. The sources, who asked not to be identified, say several Operation Special Delivery warrants similar to Moore’s were served without any problems.

At the request of the USPIS. at the time of the interdepartmental arguments, Justice Department trial attorney Georgiann Cerese even wrote an opinion analyzing the constitutionality of sting operations such as Special Delivery. She concluded: “A number of courts have discussed and reviewed the permissibility of utilizing such undercover operations in the investigation of child-pornography offences. The courts have uniformly held that undercover operations are justifiable and permissible.” She added: “Undercover operations have been found to be justifiable due to the nature of the commission of crimes involving child pornography and the evils caused by child pornography.”

How could Napolitano’s reading of probable-cause law be so different from that of the Justice Department and the CEOS? A Jan. 29 telephone conversation between Napolitano assistants and Cassatt may shed some light on the issue. The secretly taped telephone conversation, which occurred after the U.S. attorney’s office had decided to block the search, tends to support Cassatt’s allegation that a political reason was behind Napolitano’s decision to refuse the warrant.
Most of the conversation involves heated discussions between Napolitano assistants Murgea and Novitsky lambasting Cassatt for going to a local prosecutor for a warrant. There also are disputes about the evidence against Moore, with the USPIS inspector insisting that there were ample grounds for action.

Murgea at one point states that Napolitano had “concerns with respect to the lack of predisposition and the potential entrapment.” Cassatt points out that she had had no trouble on previous cases: “I have had these [warrants] approved in Reno and Las Vegas…. We’ve had them approved in different districts all across the country…. I think I am on very strong constitutional grounds because this came from the Department of Justice in Washington.”

Later during the call Murgea states: “Aside from that [the probable-cause dispute], there’s a policy consideration. And for you, it may be the end justifies the means. For us, I think that there is a policy consideration to be given … and that is targeting these individuals and what is used to target them.” Murgea spells out after several more exchanges what she means by individuals: “I’m concerned, you know, on some of these cases … that this is targeting homosexual males and that’s all you have on them.”

Rebecca Even, public-affairs officer for the Arizona U.S. attorney’s office, argues that the Murgea comment should not be taken out of context. “What people don’t understand is that Napolitano only made the final decision [not to proceed]. People don’t appreciate the process behind a legal decision. Other attorneys here looked at this. In all, five legal minds considered it. We had probable-cause problems.”

She claims that under Napolitano, the Arizona U.S. attorney’s office has a record second to none in prosecuting child-molestation cases. From July 1993 to July 1995, the office has prosecuted 249 cases involving child molestation and sexual contact with minors. Many of those cases concerned sexual abuse of boys by men.


Michigan Judge Elroy Brown “Sex Trafficking” Odonnell Girls For Sexual Abuse And Rape At Boys Town Nebraska


It is obvious that the WHITE LIBERAL/AND JEW AS WELL AS THE BLACK MEDIA endorse Brown and have embedded within their ranks closet porno fixated pedophiles as does the government officials that I shared this story with like Jew Carl Levin when a story like this is exposed!

More then likely most if not ALL have CHILD PORN/PORNOGRAPHY on their home computers like JUDGE ELROY BROWN…a demon possessed sick hell bound BASTARD SON OF SATAN!

Any JUDGE (and CPS workers) that would send two young girls to a documented place where “sexual trafficking of to Washington DC for “blackmail child abuse parties” where the raping/sodomizing of children boys/girls is documented to have taken place …has a dark evil filthy perverted heart and that is Judge Elroy Brown and any and all those who do NOT return these girls to their family!

I truly believe Brown is connected to a child porn network where “sadomasochistic” FILMS (including SNUFF) are made of the rape of young boys and girls like the Odonnell twins and which Brown is a “spectator of” along with his “Satanic Brotherhood” he works with. Yes…Brown will burn in HELL if these girls are not returned because what will if not has happened to them at the hands of Michigan CPS and him…will be the reason why they all will be their together including the raping abusers and those complicit…like those who SAY AND DO NOTHING TO STOP THIS CRIME!

INTRODUCTION: My testimony to everyone reading this blog is that I have personally felt Almighty God’s Anger and Righteous Indignation towards those guilty of this act of SATAN from Judge Brown to each CPS worker and each government official in Michigan who has done nothing for these violated and spiritually raped and physically abused young girls and their family. So it is on this day, I will share this story far and wide in every place I can find so as to fully expose these CRIMINALS for who they really are and what they are guilty of as listed and named below and in every newspaper outlet from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times…to reporters…TV networks and any and all other media outlets and publications and I do so as a former USMC combat veteran and “restored” to my ministry by Jesus Christ Himself who I can assure you has given me the GREEN LIGHT to do this!

FOREWORD: In the name of Jesus Christ Judge Brown and as lead by Him…I am exposing your most evil and insidious Satan led actions in what YOU are doing to the Odonnell Twins and know that Almighty God will hold you accountable for what will happen to them if you send them to “BOYS TOWN” and that even now their “blood” is on your hands already in not releasing them to their mother and that I have a testimony from Jesus Christ that the judgement of almighty God will come upon you when you come before Jesus Himself where then He will assign your soul to the Lake of Fire and Brimstone to be with your father the DEVIL as demonstrated in what you are doing to these innocent daughters of Almighty God …even so…AMEN!

Image result for chief judge elwood L. brown st. clair county probate court

“Sexual Trafficking of Odonnell Twins” Michigan Judge Elroy Brown who should be disbarred and charged with FELONY KIDNAPPING! “Adoption” picture of Brown with unsuspecting child who was “stolen” from his family even as the Odonnell Sisters have been by Brown! Just a thought and question…is Brown a “father and married”?????? No bio anywhere…interesting ya think? 

Judge Browns Number is 810-985-2010 for any and all “media” who has the courage and compassion for these girls to “interview him”!

Judge Elroy Brown is extending the abuse and potential “murder in custody” in allowing further physical and mental abuse and inevitable sexual abuse as well as the continued deterioration of the health of Abbie and Alexis Odonnell by not giving them to their mother after the Michigan Child Protective Services-CPS dropped all “charges” (SEE BELOW) by sending Abbie and Alexis Odonnell to Boys Town NE…where sexual trafficking and sexual abuse of children is the documented historical backdrop of and which personally causes me to believe that Judge Brown could very well be a “closet sexual trafficker of children” because there is NO OTHER REASON for him to do this to these girls!

Click HERE to read about the history of BOYS TOWN…just the place where a closet pedophile or one complicit in the sexual trafficking of children and PRETTY GIRLS would send the Odonnell Twins!


CLICK HERE to listen to their mother explain what CPS combined with Judge Browns Satanic actions has allowed to happen to her daughters including the potential of their being further abused and raped if not already in CPS “Foster Care Incarceration” and being “murdered” i.e. to stop them from tell the truth about what has been done to them…say “the appearance of suicide” i.e. SNUFFED after the order of Boys Town “Franklin Cover-up” history!


“The CPS case on the twins has been dismissed. The neglect charges against their mother was dismissed. They were previously under the jurisdiction of both the juvenile system and Child Protective Services. Now, they are solely under the jurisdiction of the juvenile system.

The family learned recently that Amy Bennett is no longer on the case, but it has to do with a jurisdictional transfer to county probation from DHS probation. It is not because of her alleged misdeeds on the case.”

It is documented that “Child Protective Services” children are found in the “Sexual Trafficking Trade”…right Judge Brown? This is WHY Brown is sending these girls to “BOYS TOWN” so as to allow for the “Sexual Trafficking” template to continue with the Odonnell Twins being the latest victims…right Judge Brown? CLICK HERE to see documentation of CPS Sex Trafficking which APPLIES to all CPS jurisdictions in the United States and which Judge Brown is a part of in spirit and DEED in what he is doing…right Judge Brown?

In other words…Judge Elroy Brown is “kidnapping the Odonnell twins for SEX…right Judge Brown? Are you a closet PEDOPHILE Judge Brown? I think your home computer needs to be HACKED…I understand some “Anonymous folks” might be working on that…oh oh! Sure hope they don’t find any CHILD PORN THERE and names of “Sex Trafficking” connections that lead right to BOYS TOWN…what do you think Judge Brown?

CLICK HERE and HERE to read about how CPS…”Child Pedophile Services”…whoops…no really WHOOPS…puts children direct in the hands of sexual perverts…where children are raped…sodomized and even SNUFFED…say SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE and CHILD SACRIFICE and on a WORLD WIDE LEVEL…say WORLD LEADERS!


“The FBI does not track statistics for missing children. Of all the statistics it keeps tabs on, rape, homicide, domestic abuse, what amounts to perhaps the single most important one in terms of citizen safety is ominously missing. Perhaps they simply do not want us to know how bad the epidemic is? It should also be noted that FBI prosecution of major child trafficking rings had been virtually non-existent.”

HISTORY FACTOID BOYS TOWN:  Michael Aquino SATANIST used BOYS TOWN working with the CIA and FBI to traffic children FROM BOYS TOWN to Washington DC for SEXUAL ORGIES! CLICK HERE and HERE TO CONNECT THE DOTS OF SIMILARITY AS TO WHY JUDGE BROWN IS SENDING THE ODONNELL TWINS TO BOYS TOWN…right Judge Brown? So please tell me and the media and Jesus Christ in particular…what the REAL REASON is for you sending the Angie and Alexis to BOYS TOWN Judge Brown? Obviously it is not because you have the pure love of Jesus Christ in your heart for them! No…I can say and repeat the words of Jesus Christ when He said to those who were pure evil…”Your father is the DEVIL”!


Click HERE and HERE to more about what Child Protective Services is REALLY about  in being a “pimping service” to and for sexual perverts  and raping murdering pedophiles with “BOYS TOWN” being a documented “placement service for and to”…say SEX TRAFFICKING!


Here is the list of Michigan Government Officials COMPLICIT IN THEIR SILENCE in what Brown is doing to these girls which says to me…they are LIKE MINDED AND ENDORSE AND DESIRE AS DOES BROWN the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of these girls that has taken place and will happen to them including the likelyhood of they being drugged, raped, used in “sex orgies”, sadomasochistic porn films and and ending up DEAD.

Just for the record…Icalled each one and informed them of the CRIME of what Brown was doing and left my number etc…and guess what…no calls which says to me they are in full “spiritual agreement” with what Brown is doing. I call this the “Brotherhood of Satan”…say PEDOPHILE FIXATED FREE MASONIC BROTHERHOOD and/or CATHOLIC MURDERING RAPING PEDOPHILE HISTORY…same same…all “Lake of Fire and Brimstone” BOUND!

Governor Rick Snyder may be reached at 517-335-7858 or 517-373-3400, or contacted here. He is also on Facebook.

Phil Pavlov is the Senator serving the family’s district. He may be reached at 517-373-7708, or contacted here.

Paul Muxlow is their Representative. He may be reached at 517-373-0835, or contacted here.

Representative Ken Goike serves the district of the Odonnell girls’ grandmother, and may also be reached at 517-373-0820, or contacted here.

Now the story!

Kidnapped Twins in Michigan Physically Abused: Being Shipped out of State to Destroy Family Ties

Odonnell twins before court Friday July 29

Odonnell twins Abbie (left) and Alexis (right) just before court on Friday, July 29. The family was told that Alexis is bruised from “restraints.” Source: Free the Odonnell Girls from cps Facebook page.

by Health Impact News/ Staff 

Laura Odonnell was shocked to see her 15 year old daughter Alexis arrived to court with a huge bruise on her face. Both twins show signs of being abused in state custody.

The Odonnell twins just want to go home and be together as a family again, but on Friday July 29th Judge Elwood Brown has approved a request from the state to send the Michigan teens to a juvenile facility in Boys Town, Nebraska. When Alyssa, 17, learned that her sisters were going to be sent 19 hours away from home for the next 4 years, she stormed out of the courtroom, visibly upset. For that, a bailiff threatened her with a tazer.

The Odonnell children were healthy before they were taken into state custody 2 years ago after allegedly trying marijuana. They were having a bit of difficulty adjusting to a new school, but the pot incident started a snowball of state intervention which keeps getting worse. Now, the twins are reportedly on a suicide watch, and are spending almost every hour of the day in isolation.They never had any psychiatric or mental health concerns before entering state custody, but now Abbie has anorexia and Alexis has bulimia. Abbie seems to be turning the trauma inward, but Alexis, always the bolder of the two, is very angry and has been having meltdowns. Little wonder. Every time there is hope of coming home and being together again, their hopes are dashed. Laura wonders how they are going to hold on.

See recent article:

Formerly Healthy Twins Now Wasting Away in Michigan Care for 2 Years After Allegedly Trying Marijuana

Why Are the Twins Being Sent out of Their Home State?

On the July 22nd airing of the National Safe Child Show with host Tammi Stefano, the twins’ case in Michigan was discussed with a reporter that writes for Ms. Stefano related how she had a telephone conversation with a social worker supervisor within Michigan CPS, a Chris Anderson, who was apparently willing to discuss the Odonnell twins’ case. Ms. Anderson acknowledged that CPS was considering sending the twins out of state, and was considering Nebraska as a place to send the girls, to “meet their needs.”

When Ms. Stefano asked what those “needs” were that Michigan could not provide, Ms. Anderson replied it was their “juvenile justice needs” and the need to:

develop autonomy from the dysfunction of their interaction with their family.

Ms. Anderson stated that the girls were “bonded to their mother” and that “they love their mother, and their mother loves them” and therefore intervention is needed as this was not apparently healthy.

Interestingly, Ms. Stefano talked to another social worker in Michigan CPS right after her call with Chris Anderon, and this person, Erica Quelay, who is apparently a spokesperson for the department, made some general comments about the department’s policy of sending children under the care of CPS out of state. When asked if the department would send children under the care of Michigan CPS out of the state for treatment, Ms. Quelay reportedly stated:

No, for kids in foster care we do everything we can to keep them in the state, in their community.

When asked about some kids being sent to Nebraska for services, Erica Quelay replied:

No, that is not anything I am familiar with at all… I don’t have any reason to believe that would be the case.

The comments about the Michigan story with the Odonnell twins starts at the 20 minute mark in the show:

Twins Restrained and Harmed Under State Care

Big sister Alyssa was able to visit her sisters before court Friday morning for about a half hour. Their mother was verbally issued a “no-contact” order recently. When their mother came into court, Alyssa warned her mom that the twins did not look good.

That was an understatement.

Abbie’s arms are cut up, and Alexis has bruises on her face, shoulders, and ankles. Alyssa was told that this was “from restraints.”

Laura wants to know what kind of restraints they could possibly be using on her daughter for there to be bruising on her face. The children were never abused, beaten, or bruised up in her care. This is happening under the watchful eye of the juvenile system.

Sister Threatened with Tazer

During court, Judge Brown told the family that the twins would be sent to a facility in Boys Town, Nebraska, where they would be spending the next 4 years, until they are 19 years old. At that point, 17 year old Alyssa, who misses her sisters terribly, reportedly got up very upset and walked out of the room, shoving the door to the court open. The bailiff reportedly shouted after her:

You push the door again like that, and I’ll taze you!

The twins’ older brother defended his sister, telling him that he didn’t need to threaten her like that, and the bailiff reportedly shoved him.

Court was very emotional for the close-knit family. They still cannot believe the extreme measures taken by the state, and the state’s neglect of the twins’ health. Understandably, they are upset. Laura is afraid that, as upset as Alexis was today at court, that someone might use a tazer on Alexis.

Separation Devastating

Laura says that the judge has told her that she will be permitted one “good-bye visit” just before they ship off to Nebraska. She says that her children are her life, and that they matter more to her than anything in the world. Her twins are attached to each other (as is very normal) and they are attached to her. The girls have told their handlers that they cannot survive being separated from each other, and, indeed, their current health reflects that assertion.


The family was happy together before state intervention. Source: Odonnell family

Medical Needs Continue to Be Ignored

There is still no plan for the twins to receive treatment for their eating disorders, even though previous court orders called for it. Both girls have low iron, fainting spells, and health issues relating to the eating disorders. Alexis, to date, has never been treated for her bulimia. Abbie asked the court this morning for help, telling the judge:

I need help. I can’t get my calorie counts in.

Her pleas reportedly fell on deaf ears and were not addressed.


Separation is devastating for twins. Source: Odonnell family

Laura Dalton says that she was told in court that the social workers and parole officers have “worked so hard” on the case, but that there has been “no progress.”  But the family has been split apart, their health neglected, twins separated, and they have lost hope. At every turn, those in the system have seemed determined to keep them IN the system. What they believe will help them get better is to be together and have their eating disorders and health needs addressed. But they haven’t been given that chance.

Kangaroo Court, But Probation Officer Off the Case

As they were walking into court Friday morning, they were handed notice of another hearing that also occurred that same morning, which gave them no time to prepare any kind of response. Laura has reported this type of behavior from the court on numerous occasions. Recently, she received a notice in the mail of a hearing that had already passed.

The CPS case on the twins has been dismissed. The neglect charges against their mother was dismissed. They were previously under the jurisdiction of both the juvenile system and Child Protective Services. Now, they are solely under the jurisdiction of the juvenile system.

The family learned recently that Amy Bennett is no longer on the case, but it has to do with a jurisdictional transfer to county probation from DHS probation. It is not because of her alleged misdeeds on the case.

Parental Rights Violated

The judge has reportedly accused Laura of not wanting her children, but that has never been true. He has allegedly accused her of not being able to keep her girls from going AWOL, but Laura reminds us that they ran away from abusive foster care, under state watch. They have never run away from her home. She wants to know how she is being held responsible for what they did while in state care.

Even though the neglect portion of the CPS case is now dismissed, the girls’ mother is still ordered to continue individual therapy, and continue weekly drug testing. Laura believes that the drug testing is a waste of state resources, since she has never taken a single drug, never even smoked a joint, in her life. Every drug test has come back clean.

Laura Odonnell’s parental rights have technically not been terminated (TPR); however, the actions of the court, in effect, have done the same thing, without putting it in those terms legally. Is it because the state recognizes that they do not have, nor ever have had, grounds to terminate parental rights?

She would like to appeal the court’s decisions, but needs an attorney to help with the process.


Comment on this story at

Examples below of CPS placing children in the homes of PEDOPHILES IN CALIFORNIA!

CPS does this in ALL states including MICHIGAN with the ODONNELL TWINS being an example with Judge Brown extending MICHIGANS CPS sexual abuse history by sending them to a HISTORY OF SEXUAL ABUSE AND SEXUAL TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN PLACE called “Boys Town”! 



In Sacramento County, Jack told countless therapists, teachers, doctors, social workers, investigators, and adult friends of the family that he was being raped by his father. Over 40 CPS reports were made by mandated reporters. Jack even called 911 from his father’s house to beg the police to come and rescue him. He was not rescued. Jack endured 7 long years of re-victimization. He was alternately placed with, and removed from, his father’s custody.

His nurturing, non-abusive mother finally died of cancer and the CPS social worker recommended that Jack, age 9, live with his father. The juvenile court referee agreed and placed Jack with his documented alcoholic molester father.

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“I ran away with my 4-year-old daughter when it was clear the court would never protect her from her father.

I didn’t know about the court trap I’d walked into until it was too late. She told me and her therapist that her daddy put his pee pee in her pee pee. She had nightmares all the time, and urinary tract infections. She wouldn’t eat, her stomach hurt, she was afraid of everything, and she would scream and hold on to me when it came time to visit her father. I went to every agency, and got no help.

I ran far away, but forgot I was a criminal and forgot to hide. I called home to my family. After 18 months, the FBI came for me. I think my picture was on a milk carton.

They took my child and gave her to the molester father.

She’s 16 now, promiscuous, and on drugs.”

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“After my son started telling about violent sex abuse by his father and his pedophile friends, my wealthy, prominent ex-husband got an attorney and began to say I was crazy. My attorney said that the court system was not a good place to be, and I believed him after reading a couple of books by mothers who had lost their children.

So we began a series of steps to try to de-escalate the situation, such as having extensive meetings with the therapists, attorneys and children. We negotiated and talked and negotiated some more.

Since the father was not interested in a big and very public trial, he was also interested in negotiating.

I had to make concessions that broke my heart, such as letting my child go with the abuser at times. But I knew I’d lose custody of both children if I went to court, because of the biased reports of the private evaluators and the tremendous power my ex-husband had in the system.

It was Sophie’s Choice, and I made it to save one child. It was the best I knew how to do, and I will live with the pain the rest of my life. But there weren’t many options.”

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“When my daughter began to tell me about the sexual abuse, I grabbed a tape recorder and taped her conversation. She was crying and I urged her to be a brave girl and talk about what her daddy did to her so we could get help. She told all about the abuse. I gave the tape to the police. Family law court said I had put thoughts in her head and psychologically abused her because she was crying. They forced her to live full time with her father and I have to pay $70 to see her.”

“My 2 year old son said his dad put his ‘penie’ in his bottom. He couldn’t talk very well. He wouldn’t let me look at him to see if he had any injuries. So I waited until he was asleep, and took a picture of his poor little bottom. You could even see where it was torn. I took the picture to the authorities. CPS said I was the one who was wrong, because it was an obscene photograph. He was first put in the custody of the state, and then they put him in the custody of his dad. I wasn’t even allowed to see him at all for nearly half a year.”

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Below are links to personal stories, accounts, and letters from and about mothers and children, illustrating the atrocities they’ve had to survive. We hope to list additional links as they are submitted.



Arizona Judge Joseph C. Welty Assigned by Governor Ducey To “Terminate The Parental Rights” Of The Shoars!

You are blocked from following @AZStateBar and viewing @AZStateBar’s Tweets. Learn more

Image result for god is watching you

I take that as a complement…TRUTH MUST HURT…no matter…say GOING NATIONAL! Joke on you you fake Americans and abusers of the Shoars children as well as THOUSANDS OF OTHERS! Pssst….GOD IS WATCHING YOU AND TAKING NOTES !

Image result for laughing avatar

Hey ARIZONA JUDICIARY…any calls from the SECOND MOST READ NEWSPAPER IN THE COUNTRY yet…because none of you will escape being exposed for your crimes against the Shoars children and family! Comprende?

YIKES…looks like another WOMAN Judge went AWOL… say Bachus. NEXT!

Now the Shoars parents have a CRIMINAL JUDGE (for the moment) to oversee their case and terminate their parental rights! Oh really….yep…the one and only Judge Joseph C. WELTY…yep read below. Mr. “Chief of National Security” for Arizona. How about security for the SHOARS CHILDREN and others suffering at the hand of the Arizona Judiciary Welty who freely and willingly have broken EVERY law in what has been done to them?

Here is his history folks…of what I could find for the “Termination of Parental Rights!

Judge Welty….this combat USMC Veteran wonders if you have you burned the Constitution like all your previous peers involved in the Shoars family case? Do you also refuse to salute the flag? And have you like all the others removed “God” from the pledge of Allegiance and is your “God” the god of Freemasonry…say Lucifer?

Have you heard the Shoars children scream Welty? NO???? WOW… but I am not surprised actually.

Image result for shoars children screaming


because Almighty God not only heard but saw what these children suffered and are suffering AGAIN and trust me…everyone…EVERYONE involved in this act of Satanism including you will stand before YOUR JUDGE…even Jesus Christ. Are ready Welty?

So ask yourself Welty, if you listened that is,  did they sound like they welcomed their second NaziZona kidnapping…illegal by the way from a Constitutional point of view but hey…obviously this is Arizona’s modus operandi because in this case the  Arizona Judiciary has burned that document and literally defiled it into non-existence and for MONEY…destroying families…abusing children and sending them by the thousands to whoever or wherever to be abused including sexually, murdered etc. Arizona groups homes are notorious for sexual abuse of children. Children have been murdered by foster parents.

Are you going to be the first Judge to let the children talk in court? NO!

Of course not…don’t want the children to share and tell because what they would say before you would condemn ALL that has been done to them by Kim. M. Planchard and with Aime Clarkes looking the other way (never even met the children!) Don’t want the children and their parents who they love and miss from the very beginning speak…right? Yes…that word LOVE…a spiritual word that originates from God Himself and which it is obvious each one of your peers is devoid of and which is why you in your hardness of hearts deprive the Shoars children of from their parents.

You all for that Welty? Evidently so because ALL of my blog posts sent to the various AZ Judicial sites including the BAR as well as nationally…has been ignored…laughed at…and mocked by ALL your associates which of course makes them and YOU complicit in each act of unjustified and without legal justification in the trauma and abuse of each Shoars child including SEXUAL which is why charges of “sexual abuse” were fabricated targeting the father and to cover your asses! Got to continue you and the Sate of Arizona, the Judiciary and DCS to rake in the millions that you do trafficking children!

You and your fellows make PIMPS and RAPISTS and PEDOPHILES of children look good and you do what you do knowing that there is nothing that can be done about it because YOU ARE YOUR OWN GODS AND LAW GIVERS AND LAW BREAKERS all in one!

This combat veteran has a surprise for you Welty in this context or my “reality show” to use your words and that is when I was being shot at and had my brothers go down…blown to pieces etc. and come home in a body bag…that is was then and there I realized “death” was a reality no one escapes. I have a bumper sticker that says…”Marines Fear God…No One Else”. Do you fear God Welty?

I suggest you seriously take to heart the words of Jesus Christ I quote below since you now are responsible and involved in the lives of the Shoars children and family and the potential termination of their parental rights because right now Welty…His words apply to you PERSONALLY.!

Having had two “Agent Orange” heart attacks I know more then most that we are all terminal and we flat line sooner or later because the heart will stop beating at God’s appointed time…not mine…not yours…but His! Just for you Welty! Read and learn for the consequences of your actions are ETERNAL!

But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. – Jesus Christ

Image result for fear not he that can kill the body kjv
That is all I have to say Welty because God’s words pretty much state your “eternal demise” depending on what you decide to do. Just know YOUR JUDGE is watching you and my counsel to you for your souls sake is that you ask Him for direction rather then continue to follow that path into hell where those before you in this care are walking on…

p.s. Just for you and your peers to ponder and realize this is a “reality show” about to open sooner then you think Welty and the sooner the better so that this land can and will be cleansed by God of the abominations of which you and your fellows are a part of!


Image result for Judge Joseph C. Welty AZ

Judge Joseph C. WELTY is on the left.


Seal of the Superior Court in Maricopa County, State of Arizona Current Assignment:Associate Presiding Judge/Juvenile

Assignment History:

Department: Associate Presiding Judge
Year: 6/2015
Location: Juvenile Court Durango Facility
Department: Criminal Presiding Judge
Year: 1/2013
Location: Phoenix
Department: Criminal
Year: 10/2008
Location: Phoenix
Department: Family Court
Year: 5/2007
Location: Phoenix

Work History:

2006 – 2007: Chief of the National Security Section, U. S. Attorney’s Office, Phoenix
2001 – 2006: Deputy Chief, Criminal Section, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Phoenix
1991 – 2001: Assistant U.S. Attorney, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Phoenix
1988 – 1991: Assistant Attorney General, Arizona Attonrey General’s Office, Phoenix


  • Juris Doctor, 1988, Georgetown University Law Center
  • Bachelor of Arts, Political Science, 1985, Loyola Marymount University


  • State Bar of Arizona

Community Involvement:

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Member of Board of Directors, lo


The Dupree Connection to the Pte Hincala Cannunpa Kin, her Birthright.

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

The Story of Looking Back Woman
The Pipe

Looking Back Woman
Connection to the Sacred Buffalo Calf Pipe




Among the Green Grass Band, I finally came to meet Martha Bad Warrior and had my first acquaintance with the Sacred Calf Pipe.

Standing Hollow Horn, as we have said, was one of the two hunters and the first to see the Beautiful Lady; she came from the sun as she approached the earth. He was the good one at heart. (See Martha Bad Warrior version of The Coming of the Pipe –The Legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman.)

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Dupree-Dupris-Dupuis Family tree for Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree

Truth destroying proof Arvol Looking Horse is a documented FRAUD…does not have the sacred Canupa and never has or will. Add to this his connection to the raping murdering pedophile infested American Indian Movement led by soon to be dead and in hell pedophiles and murderers Dennis Banks and 1/64th blood quantum bastard Clyde Bellecourt who have been protected by their employers the US GOVERNMENT…you now have “The rest of the story”!

Read my blogs about well as Suzanne Dupree’s who was raped by murderer and now in hell serial rapist Russell Means. Read JP WADES… and free yourselves from this Satanic inspired illusion called AIM!

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

Staring with Fred Dupris and Good Elk Woman and their children Marcella, Vetal, Josephine, Cunkagipa, and Alma. The remaining children are shown on Part 2.


Starting with Fred Dupris and Good Elk Woman and their remaining  children, David Xavier (the Great Great Grandfather of LBW), Edward, Estella, Maggie/Mary, and Peter/Skaska.


   This shows the Dupris/Dupree family names corresponding with Wilbur A. Riegert’s book (Quest for the pipe of the Sioux: As Viewed from Wounded Knee), as protectors of the Pipe.     Starting with George Red Horse and Nellie Blue Haired Horse, showing the marriage of Frank Dupris( Grandson to Fred Dupris) to Sarah Red Horse and ending with Belva June Dupree’s (Suzanne Dupree, LBW) generation.

This Dupuis-Dupris-Dupree family tree information originated from Wilbur Riegert, former curator for the Wounded Knee Museum 196os-1970s, and the allotment agent at…

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Understanding The Psychopaths and Pathological Narcissistic Women Running Arizonas Child Health Services



“In any society in this world, psychopathic individuals and some of the other deviant types create a ponerogenically active network of common collusions, partially estranged from the community of normal people… Their sense of honor bids them to cheat and revile that ‘other’ human world and its values at every opportunity.”

  Andrew Lobaczewski, Political Ponerology, p.138)

While criminal justice and mental health systems are slowly beginning to take seriously the nature of female as well as male psychopathy, this pathogenic disease distributes and propagates the same essential evil in our world regardless of gender.Fundamental legal reform must be initiated if there is to be any hope of tackling this problem – a problem, as we shall see, goes to the heart of the human condition.

Is it possible that we can detain those with severe personality disorders in mental institutions even if no crime has been committed?  Our first reaction might be that such a measure is wholly outside what we would consider to be some of the basic tenets of a moral society that enshrines human rights and civil liberties as cornerstones of pluralistic and democratic visions. Ghandi wryly observed when a newspaper reporter asked “what do you think of Western civilisation?” I think it would be a good idea.”  And there lies the rub. Without preventative measures that would reduce and eventually eliminate the complete control that psychopaths and anti-social personalities now exert over almost every facet of our lives the hope of a more equitable and just society will remain a pleasant theory.

If it is true that the prevalence and widespread nature of anti-social behaviour exists primarily due to the increase in psychopaths at certain nodal points of power, then it is surely a logical step to accept that such dominance could only take place by first establishing fertile conditions so that their genetic code is propagated with ease. This may be what we have cyclically faced in the past and which we must now confront in the present.

Barbara Oakley reiterates the Machiavellian nature of anti-social personality disorders and sociopathic emergence:

“[T]he effect of the environment on those with a potentially Machiavellian genotype is not necessarily as straightforward as it might seem. For example, a talented boy with an underlying set of problematic genes might, as a result of abuse, descend by adulthood into obviously pathological behavior—borderline or psychopathic—that could result in his incarceration and removal from society. However, the same Machiavellian-oriented child with a mild upbringing might flower into a full Machiavellian as an adult—a charismatic man whose sinister influences could ultimately affect millions. [1] [Emphasis mine]

At the same time, psychopaths shape their environment and the people within it according to a pathological world view, whether in the heart of a family or the channels of government. Therefore, non-genetically predisposed narcissists and sociopaths can flower as a result of being exposed to these toxic influences which have subverted the chances of an otherwise normal personality growth.

psychopath3© infrakshun

Dr. Robert Hare, after decades of study is also convinced that psychopathy has an important genetic component. Could it be that the high rate of sexual promiscuity amongst male psychopaths and the subsequent abandonment of women involved indicate a high fertility rate which increases the probability of children inheriting a predisposition to psychopathy? [2] This means an increase in psychopaths or those with psychopathic tendencies within the population from causative factors which are both environmental and genetic. These somehow provide a feedback cycle that propagates and encourages a psycho-social “fertility”.

The basis for psychopathy having a strong genetic component is gaining ground from new research. One example comes from Dr. Essi Viding of the London Kings College Institute of Psychiatry and his colleagues who have discovered that “…early-onset anti-social behaviour in children with psychopathic tendencies is largely inherited.” The preliminary findings of a Twins Early Development study (TEDS) indicated that: “…within the early-onset group there are at least two etiologically [*] distinct groups of children. Antisocial beha ior in 7-year old children with callous and unemotional traits is under strong genetic influence, whereas antisocial behavior in children without such personality traits is primarily environmentally mediated.” [3]

The finds further showed that anti-social 7-year-olds “with callous and unemotional traits,”… “was strongly genetic in origin” with “a  group heritability of 80 percent”. [4] Dr. Viding stresses the preventative possibilities in achieving a tentative consensus whereby: “If these youths can be identified early, perhaps with a genetic test on cells from a cheek swab, one could target programs for them.” He stated further that: “Genes are not a blueprint that determines outcome,” … “Rather; they act together with other risk or protective factors to increase or reduce the risk of disorder.” [5] The study of East European adoptees makes a strong case in favour of environmental factors producing and selecting for sociopaths.

A psychiatrist working with so called attention deficit (AD) children recounted one experience where he was looking after a six-year old little girl with curly blond hair and blue eyes, who enthusiastically informed him she could: “‘… make the new teacher change colors!” The teacher was taken aback and asked the child to do so, curious as to what this innocent-looking child was talking about:

“We sit down with the teacher and the girl points to me and say ‘That ugly man put his hand down in my panties just now!’ Our new teacher turns pink/red, consuming this interesting piece of information. The girl smiles happily, then looks sternly at her and says ‘I know what you did yesterday to Tommy – I could tell the grown-ups all about it!’ The now quite pale woman had forgotten to pick up a child at the bus stop and had been too embarrassed to tell the other staff members. Thus the girl went on, and after a while she turned to me and triumphantly announced with innocent enthusiasm ‘You see – I can make her change colors any time!’ I told the girl to stop playing with the woman and go play with her bike instead, while I reassembled the teacher. This girl is aged six, and still cannot tell a person from a thing. To her a staff member is an advanced slot machine. A week later the girl hands me a dead pet rabbit which she has just sliced into four pieces with a pair of scissors and says unaffectedly, “It doesn’t work anymore, and it bleeds all the time – can’t you put it together again?’ – So much for happy childhood…’” [6]

What will this precocious child be like as an adult and what implications does it have for her relationships? Other cases depend on the level of exposure to sexual trauma, violence, neglect, etc.  which would indicate the need for counselling and psychotherapy rather than incarceration. The passage above is telling in its implications of mis-diagnosis and potential for accusations of abuse from psychologically deviant children. **

What seems to be a vital component in the awareness of psychopathy is the understanding that some children are born psychopaths. Evidence strongly suggests a genetically inherited factor is at play for essential psychopathy as opposed to conditioning by environmental factors. (i.e. the sociopath). Sometimes it is not the fault of a narcissistic family, parenting and social traumas but simply that the essence of the child is a psychopath. The hope is that those children with psychopathic tendencies psychological and psychotherapeutic “buffering” may be enough to ameliorate the severity of the effects against the rest of society in the future. [7]


The film Joshua (2007)  charts the rise of a disturbed child in a typical family setting and how his deceit and manipulations destroy the family unit whilst elevating his status to that of victim. Acknowledging dramatic licence, it is an instructive piece of film-making offering a window into the mind of a child psychopath and the cultural and medical ignorance surrounding the possibility the cause of the chaos stems from the child alone.

As psychopathy becomes more clearly defined and when scientific research reaches an unassailable consensus that a t least an epigenetic factor is strongly indicated, (a fact that seems to be fast approaching) it ironically raises questions of how society will deal with these people without falling into a Brave New World mentality. Certain limitations would have to firmly enshrine in law. But how to do so when psychopaths and pathological narcissists are already ensconced within our institutions with the power to enact those ethical laws?

One journalist posed some related questions:

Once psychopathy as a genetically caused condition becomes accepted and genetic testing and genetic engineering becomes possible do you favor or oppose the use of either genetic testing (for selective abortion) or genetic engineering (perhaps delivered in utero) to prevent the development of psychopaths? Consider your other choices. Early and lifetime institutionalization of kids who are bad to the bone would prevent them from preying on others but conflict with the assumption of “innocent until one has committed a crime”, let alone “innocent until proven guilty”. The other option is what we do now: let those kids grow up and victimize people before being caught committing crimes. That latter option consigns some people to future victimhood and, worse yet, not all psychopaths are ever caught by the criminal justice system. “Successful psychopaths” with an increased corpus callosum but with a symmetrical hippocampus are much less likely to get caught by the police than psychopaths that also have an asymmetrical hippocampus. [8]

If psychopaths determine the socio-cultural, and by extension, political and geo-political standards for behaviour in our world, then it behooves us all to begin to join up the dots and develop some creative solutions that would provide an inoculation against their pervasive and damaging influence. It is the accumulative effects of psychopathology taking place at the global level of international relations which demands attention and which have enormous consequences for the ability of normal people to successfully establish and maintain genuine relationships and a truly civic society. Underestimating the importance of this trans-millennial problem has brought our world to the brink of collapse and promises new forms of servitude. It is for this reason we must begin to wrest back the propensity for the human spirit to bond, share, create, love and network by grounding our survival in the knowledge of the psychopath and its hold on humans with conscience.

Let’s return to Andrew Łobaczewski’s enormous contribution to the understanding of institutional psychopaths and in his book: Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes. [9]

ponerology2edThe author has created a compelling hypothesis from his own experiences and that of his colleagues in psychology as to why such horror and destruction continues to plague the earth and it inhabitants; accounting for the effects of a systemised pathology within our societies.

Having suffered greatly himself under the Nazi regime and then communist Poland, Łobaczewski sought to understand why it was that pathological social systems come into being and how easily they distort and deform the purity of the initial concept or ideology.  He was well placed for this type of research and was able to “ascertain the possibilities of understanding the nature of evil, its etiological factors and to track its pathodynamics,”where his personal experience and “refined methods in clinical psychology permitted reaching ever more accurate conclusions.” [10]

Due to the inadequacy of the conceptual framework within social science which do not seem to take into account biological, psychological and pathological premises, Łobaczewski and his colleagues introduced the science of ponerology from the Greek:poneros, meaning “evil.” This is a new branch of science arising from and utilising the disciplines of biology, and clinical psychology in order to study the causes and effects of the emergence and growth of evil. According to the author: “It clarifies unknown causative links and analyses the processes of the genesis of evil without giving a short shrift to factors which have so far been underrated.” [11] This process or “genesis of evil” was called, correspondingly, “ponerogenesis”. Biological, and psychological terminology were used “to bring into focus the true nature of the phenomenon” and to discover the core reasons for the wider formation of psychopathology under any system of beliefs.

To remind ourselves what globalisation is veering towards, Łobaczewski uses the termpathocracy: “a system of government … wherein a small pathological minority takes control over a society of normal people,” and where “… a certain hereditary anomaly isolated as ‘essential psychopathy’ [is] catalytically and causatively essential for the genesis and survival of large scale social evil.” [12]

Or more simply put: the inmates take over the asylum.

Psychopathic activity seeds itself in governments and other institutions of power, developing exponentially into  destructive processes which eventually kill both the “host” and the progenitors involved. The carriers of these pathological factors are persons that are analogous to pathogens or biological agents that can cause disease and characterised by negative psychological deviations. This would explain why certain countries which have adopted the extremes of political ideologies and the authoritarian structures that accompany them result in a natural state of adaptive psychopathy. [13]

Thanks to Łobaczewski and his research colleagues, many of whom paid for their ground-breaking efforts with their lives, they were able to shine a powerful light on the reasons why it was that Western society repeated the mistakes of the past. Łobaczewski believes the qualitative analysis of such a phenomenon and their causal relationships can give rise to a new understanding and thus the possibility of ameliorating the effects by introducing protective measures which would offer a natural immunization against the growth of evil.


In order to get to grips with some of the different pathologies, the author lists the primary categories of psychopathy which effectively form a hive mind of connections and which act as “worker bees” for the national and international Pathocracy. These acquired deviations include:

Characteropaths – These are individuals who have suffered brain tissue lesions as children or adults. The condition is irreversible and manifests emotional violence, egotism, insufficient control of emotions and academic or behavioural difficulties. They can act as pathological agents for ponerogenesis with sub-categories of drug induced, paranoid, frontal characteropathy. These pathological symptoms can be covertly transferred to the population at large and which can be likened to a “tenderizing” of normal persons for the later stages of ponerogenesis. Characteropaths are often dispensed with by the Pathocracy once their job is done. Entire generations of people can grow up “with psychological deformities regarding feeling and understanding moral, psychological, social and political realities.” [14]

Paranoid characteropathy – includes adherence to beliefs which have been nurtured and nourished in order to maintain their specific worldview. They are often egoists and spurn true reasoning and logic.  The power of the paranoid stems from their ability to “… enslave less critical minds, e.g. people with other kinds of psychological deficiencies, who have been victims of the egotistical influence of individuals with character disorders, and, in particular, a large segment of young people.” [15] Not all paranoid individuals have brain lesions some are functional and behavioural.

Frontal characteropathy – defined as perinatal brain tissue lesions occurring at the frontal areas of the cerebral cortex. The author states that such damage occurs frequently in the past, usually near birth, but also later in life. It plays a less dominant role in present societies mostly due to improved health-care. The condition is distinguished by manifesting an overall blanket of hysteria which develops as the individual ages, encompassing an overdevelopment of the psychological functions that were not damaged. This overcompensation leads to the dominance of knee-jerk reactions and instincts. Charisma, brutality, ruthlessness, pathological egotism, cunning and debased intuition for selfish gain are the net results. Anomalies in personality development can eventuate from being exposed to the pathology of such people over an extended period of time i.e. parents effecting (“infecting”) their children. Disregarding these characteropathic pathologies allows further extreme manifestations of the ponerogenic process to appear.

Spellbinders have pathological egotism as the dominating attribute. Such people are characterized by fanaticism and charisma to garner the converts and supporters they need to keep their ideologies and belief systems strengthened and thus their chosen denial of objective reality. They can be found in both characteropaths and psychopaths.

Inherited deviations include Schizoidia, wherein the characteristics of this anomaly include hypersensitivity, pessimism, distrust, intellectual arrogance and a lack of emotional foundation. They are prone to stress which causes them to collapse easily, though a low sensitivity to true emotional feeling allows the development of the reasoning faculty. A lack of empathy and disdain for psychological realities leads them to erroneous interpretations of others’ activities and intentions. They are hyper-reactive which can lead to psychotic states, often mistaken for schizophrenia. A condition of obsessive compulsion appears to dominate the intellectually centered types. They gravitate towards activities which have a moral foundation a description of reality that is dangerously simplistic and prone to what the author calls “double-talk” from Orwell’s “newspeak” and “double-think.” *** The use of “paramoralisms” **** and conversive thinking ***** occur across the smorgasbord of psychopathological deviancy.

Essential psychopathyPsychopaths are characterized by an absence of conscience which affords them the ability to hone their predator sense to a very fine degree indeed. After all, without the encumbrance of conscience, where are the limits on manipulation and deception? Due to this fact, psychopaths have no checks and balances on their predatory behaviour, therefore, no domain of society is immune from their workings.

Though essential psychopaths are statistically small in number in any population, their psychological footprint is large. When combined with other sub-categories of pathology such as narcissism, addictive personalities and authoritarian followers the influence is exponentially increased as those with an evolutionarily normal “psychological substratum” are targeted as fair game.

Łobaczewski identifies 2 per cent of the population as having sub-categories of psychopathy which cannot be classed as essential (primary), though at this later juncture it is likely to be much higher. These include asthenic psychopathy, which is a form of weak or partial psychopathy found in individuals that exhibit a high degree of variation and intensity. They are characterised by hypersensitivity, fervent idealism, a less sexually focused “appetite” and superficial displays of conscience.

Other psychological anomalies are designated as carriers of schizoidia or schizoidalpsychopathy for whom hypersensitivity, lack of trust and self-obsession mean that the feelings of others are seldom recognised. Their hypersensitivity causes them to assume extreme positions and react to seemingly trivial transgressions. They can be eccentric, strange, with a limited capacity to understand their own psychology and that of others. They project their often warped ideas of reality and self-importance onto others’ intentions whilst coloured with their own pessimistic view of human nature. They frequently believe themselves to be mentally superior to others and sometimes excel in intellectual activities and the capacity to exercise reason. This is due to their lack of emotional foundation and understanding.

Spheres of activity that require mental calculation and cold examination are attractive to schizoidal types or anywhere where humanistic qualities of emotion are not required to be at the forefront of activities. Consequently, parenting skills are poor and the “black and white” version of reality they inhabit tends to get them into trouble through their reliance on simplistic and moralistic evaluations. Łobaczewski tells us that “… their ponerogenic role can have macro social implications if their attitude toward human reality and their tendency to invent great doctrines are put to paper and duplicated in large editions.” We can also find clues to their psychology in their statements and writings. The author gives the following example, the typical expression of which he names the “schizoid declaration” where: “Human nature is so bad that order in human society can only be maintained by a strong power created by highly qualified individuals in the name of some higher idea.” [16] 

Thus elitism, fascism, synarchy and all forms of authoritarian rule are highly appealing to such types. Schizoidal types are the book-keepers, academics and ideologues who comprise any emerging pathocracy.

Skirtoids are recognized as tough and hardy individuals with strong constitutions, inflated egos and good psychological and physical endurance. Consequently, they are attracted to the military and ill-suited to peace-time. This is not your average family man, though they will defend and seek to protect conservative or fascist principles as an inverted declaration of “family values.” Hence we may look to America once again for a probable high percentage of drafted Skirtoids within the US Army and law enforcement. Judging by the listed recordings of police brutality currently rising in the United States it is easy to conclude that Skirtoids are thick  on the ground.  One study places the incidence of this psychopathy as 5 percent much higher than Łobaczewski’s estimate of around 1.5 percent. [17]

This also brings to mind intelligence and “black-ops” cannon fodder that Łobaczewski calls Jackals which would categorise some of those who work for private security firms, mercenary units, as well as assassins and hired thugs; those who delight in the “armed struggle” rather than the freedom they claim to follow. They are in a category all their own, defined by the lack of emotional feeling, though often endowed with mental alacrity and organisational ability. Łobaczewski believes that these individuals could be examples of a “hybridization” stating that: “A jackal could then be imagined as the carrier of schizoidal traits in combination with some other psychopathy, e.g. essential psychopathy or skirtoidism.” [18]


*     Etiology:  the study of the causes and origins of diseases.
**   For an instructive look at the reality of child psychopaths and the havoc they can cause have a look at the film Joshua (2007) and We need to talk about Kevin (2011).
*** Łobaczewski refers to components of Double-talk or Double-think in the following way “The main ideology succumbs to symptomatic deformation, in keeping with the characteristic style of this very disease and with what has already been stated about the matter. The names and official contents are kept, but another, completely different content is insinuated underneath, thus giving rise to the well-known double talk phenomenon within which the same names have two meanings: one for initiates, one for everyone else. The latter is derived from the original ideology; the former has a specifically pathocratic meaning, something which is known not only to the Pathocrats themselves, but also is learned by those people living under long-term subjection to their rule.” (Łobaczewski ; Chapter 5; p.207)
**** “Paramoralisms: The conviction that moral values exist and that some actions violate moral rules is so common and ancient a phenomenon that it seems to have some substratum at man’s instinctive endowment level (although it is certainly not totally adequate for moral truth), and that it does not only represent centuries’ of experience, culture, religion, and socialization. Thus, any insinuation framed in moral slogans is always suggestive, even if the “moral” criteria used are just an “ad hoc” invention. Any act can thus be proved to be immoral or moral by means of such paramoralisms utilized as active suggestion, and people whose minds will succumb to such reasoning can always be found.” In searching for an example of an evil act whose negative value would not elicit doubt in any social situation, ethics scholars frequently mention child abuse. However, psychologists often meet with paramoral affirmations of such behavior in their practice, such as in the above-mentioned family with the prefrontal field damage in the eldest sister. Her younger brothers emphatically insisted that their sister’s sadistic treatment of her son was due to her exceptionally high moral qualifications, and they believed this by auto-suggestion. Paramoralism somehow cunningly evades the control of our common sense, sometimes leading to acceptance or approval of behavior that is openly pathological.” – (Łobaczewski Chapter 4; p.151). The editor’s note referenced from the same passage is also worth including in this context: “Many examples of recent years include children beaten to death by their parents for “religious reasons”. The parents may claim that the child is demon possessed, or that they have behaved so loosely that only beating them will “straighten them out”. Another example is circumcision, both for boys and girls by certain ethnic groups. The Indian custom of suttee, where the wife climbs on the funeral pyre of her husband; or in Muslim cultures where, if a woman is raped, it is the duty of her male family members to kill her to wipe away the shame from the family name. All of these acts are claimed to be “moral”, but they are not, they are pathological and criminal.”
***** “Conversive thinking is highly contagious and acts a dangerous infection entry for truly pathological material. People who have lost their capacity for logical thought (and thus the ability to distinguish between truth and lies) are thus more prone to accepting the paralogic and paramorals of psychopaths and characteropaths. For example, observe the behavior of the ‘Christian Right’ and their uncritical acceptance of war propaganda.”



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Greetings Amie! How are you doing? Keeping up with the work load? Enjoying your job of lying, committing perjury in order to continue targeting the Shoars family and children in the process with unsubstantiated allegations that Judge Cohen dismissed? And most importantly Amie….how’s your bank account doing? (By the way…please give my regards to Greg McKay, AG Brnovich, and Governor Ducey.)

Your DCS is a for profit company where you get 4k for every child you remove from the home and more and more the longer the child is out of the home. DCS does not even take a case to trial unless they know for sure they are going to win the case which because it’s done in family court and not civil court cases are prolonged and too…

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